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ONLY ON 3: BSL resident claims husband caught in mayor's vendetta for police department

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: BSL resident claims husband caught in mayor's vendetta for police department

BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) -- One Boiling Spring Lakes resident is simmering mad at the city's mayor and says she has many reasons why.

Natascha Yarolin says Mayor Richard White has a vendetta for the Boiling Spring Lakes Police Department. She says her husband got caught in the crossfire, and she won't stand for it.

Yarolin says this is not the first problem Mayor White has had with the police department, and she is afraid if she does not say anything, it will not be the last.

"Everyone's gonna know what this man is really about and all his skeletons he's tried so hard to hide in the closet," Yarolin said. "I'm gonna reveal them."

Yarolin says she will not stop until justice is served. She says White is corrupt and spiteful, and she has had enough.

"He overstepped his boundaries in his position," she said. "He has a lot of people snowballed into thinking that he is out for the public, for the citizens of Boiling Springs, but if you read this, he obviously does not care. It's a personal vendetta for him."

Yarolin says when she made requests to the city for public e-mails from the mayor, she was given blacked out copies. When she compared those copies to e-mails she had gotten in 2010, she saw that the section that was blacked out was about her husband and how the mayor did not want him considered for a job with the city's police department.

The older copy of the messages shows White says Yarolin's husband Paul has a criminal history and that the city didn't need any bad press. He continues that Paul Yarolin has a probation violation, so he should not be considered.

Yarolin says her husband has never had a probation violation and that he was even cleared by Training and Standards in Raleigh to serve as a police officer anywhere in the state, so the mayor's reasoning is hollow.

She says the mayor continually tries to attack the police department, from attempting to get the police chief fired for misusing his vehicle to stating that the department misused funds. Yarolin says this is the icing on the cake. She says White is abusing his power as mayor, and she will work until something is done to stop it.

"I came up with all of this in a week. One week," Yarolin said. "Imagine what I can do in a month, 'cause it's there. I've already got phone calls out. It's there."

Yarolin says she is going to the Boiling Spring Lakes City Council meeting tonight to confront the mayor and pass out information and documents she has found.

We spoke with Mayor White by phone today. He says he has nothing against the police department and is not aware of the issues with Yarolin and her husband.

We are going the meeting tonight and plan to speak with the mayor.

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Former police chief of BSL?

Why yes he is!! One and the same!

The verdict

Understand everyone when you try to work for a law enforcement agency. Your application can be rejected for any reason. It is there discretion. Fail a poly your done fail a background your done. Have crap in your background they don't like your done. Say the wrong thing in a interview and your outa there. So he didn't get the job because of his past tuff shat. Shut up and move on. Grow up already.

He is definitely one of the

He is definitely one of the (GOOD OLE BOYS)... He has been known to be shady in the past and I don't think he has changed... If I'm not mistaken he is one of Jon David's puppets now...

Cause I'm a Redneck Woman"

She seems like a class act... Why is she doing the talking? If he feels that strongly about it wouldn't he have a lawyer for defamation? Unless, she is a control freak, that loves attention. Does anyone else think the song "REDNECK WOMAN" by Gretchen Wilson should be playing in the background? Why would this poor guy want to position himself as the laughing stock of the department now after being humiliated by his wife?

Poor Husband...

I'll take ignorant, controlling wives, that emasculate their men for 500 Alex!... If they have some perinent evidence, the southern Snookie is going to ruin his chances. Thank you WWAY for the entertainment! Get her a TV show ASAP!

Poor husband

What are you talking about??? How could she ruin his chances when your wonderful Mayor has already done that? He has a job and isn't afraid to work like some of the welfare people...his goal was to be a policeman who helps and protects people and was certified to do so! Too bad for BSL your Mayor is a coward and jealous of him!! As for his who won't return to Brunswick Forrest if she is there, shows what YOU can do in an uncomfortable situation! Maybe there is room for you to stand behind one of Whites buddies with him!!! Further more, if she had her own tv show, you might do well to tune in....

Red Neck

Actually I don't think of the song you quoted, I think of the oldie but goodie from Tammy Wynette titled "Stand by your Man". Funny we see things so differently!

If I am not mistaken does

If I am not mistaken does she not work at Brunswick forest....If it is I would take this with a grain of salt. She always seems like she has something to complain about. From what I have witnessed she is rude and the reason why I have not gone back.


I think a more fitting song would be STAND BY YOUR MAN by Patsy Cline. I would not imagine the husband being "humiliated" at all. Some people are rather quiet and reserved while others are more open. I'm sure, being that he was there during the entire interview with TV-3, if he had any objections to anything that was being said, he wouldn't have appeared beside his wife. I know if my husband were the quiet type, I'd go to bat for him if I felt he was unjustly treated. And in this case with Richard White abusing his authority and defaming someone's character, why, you betcha I'd do something about it!!!!!

You must be retired or just

You must be retired or just an idiot! Us in the working world have
To keep a job,would u stand in front of the camera and call out the mayor
Of a small town who thinks he is highly connected to the local da and
District court judge?? Good for this lady...takes a lit of gumption
To stand up To the local good ole boy. Talk about a redneck...lets talk about
Richard white! I have met s lot of redneck women in bsl and this woman is not a redneck!!!

Who is Jack Diddley?

Who is Jack Diddley?

Jack Diddley wants to run

Jack Diddley wants to run for council.Jack Diddley has connections.Jack Diddley designed the dam for Boiling Spring Lakes.Jack Diddley drives diesels.

It's in the nature of the

It's in the nature of the job...sure he can get hired doing something else but going into a law enforcement position isn't as easy to do with a misdemeanor drug charge. Yes, mistakes happen and people learn from them but just because you do, it doesn't mean you will get hired by certain companies with a criminal record. What's the big deal? If her husband couldn't get a job before now, he certainly isn't going to be able to get one in Brunswick County after this. And skeletons in the closet? A criminal background check conducted on the husband revealed his skeletons-why complain because he wasn't hired? Pick yourself up and move on. If it's just Mr. Right discriminating then why couldn't he be hired on with another Brunswick County department?

This is just bad publicity. It looks bad enough complaining about not being hired due to reputation/background but when your wife has to do it for you, it's even worse.

Black and White

Yes, it's in black and white. Richard White would not hire him because of his background. Whether the charge was dropped or not, it is still on his record as him being charged with it. Either way, many departments require a lie detector test and can decide to not hire a person based on their background if it contains drug use/selling amongst other things. Even if the charge was dropped, it could still be means to keep him from getting hired as it obviously did. So what's in black and white besides the fact that he has a record and was not hired? Casey Anthony was cleared of murder charges...does it mean she was not guilty? Who knows. Does it mean it could keep her from getting a job with a reputable company? Certainly! Joe Dirt with a drug charge could most likely not even get hired at companies such as ADM or Progress Energy--do you think he would get hired on as a Law Enforcement Officer? Well, the case proves..most likely, not!

I would be thankful for a job. If there's so much more to it, why is it not out by now?

It's in the nature...

Which do you believe?....Richard White or black and white? It is all on paper in black and white....the husbands charges being dropped and Whites actions! Take the copies, cowards, and stand up and face the truth......

You're right

She needs to stand by her man... And let a lawyer do the talking. She makes Roseanne look like Princess Diana! I feel so embarrassed for the husband. Let it go lady, if you care about your husband then shut up, and let someone with a college education talk for him.

pretty simple

It's black and white... Times are tough and you have more people than ever applying for the same job. When I'm hiring someone I throw out the people with criminal records. That doesn't mean people can't change, but why should I punish the other hundred applicants who don't have a record?... It's not personal just business, and if she loves her husband she will stop embarrassing him. In the interview he looked like he was moving his lips like he wanted to say something, but she wouldn't give him a chance to speak. With interviews like this no wonder everyone thinks Brunswick County is nothing but a bunch of hicks.

White Skips

Well I really like how Richard White handled the public forum last night. He tucked his tail between his legs, like he always does when he's confronted with the truth about him, and ran like a scalded dog. He laughs and jokes when he's slinging the mud, but don't think he is man enough to stand in the way when its coming at him. The people Of BSL need to really look into the man himself, sure he will assist you when he thinks he can look good, but don't let adversity come your way. He will throw his mother under the bus to keep from getting caught up in anything that will expose his past or the things that he has done to people that have crossed his path to his 5 minutes of fame. Ms. Yarolin has the right to confront him, not only for her husband, but all people who have been are wronged. Some people dont like what is being said about him, the truth really hurts, but it will all come out and its about time.

I agree. It's so much harder

I agree. It's so much harder to get a job right now and with a criminal background of any sort, you can almost forget it!

Actually for all of you who

Actually for all of you who already think they know everything . There was alot more to the interview and he did speak I watched them give . But the news reporter only have a short period of time to get the story out there . They chose to go with statements she made.. Why is no listening to the issues. It's not about if her husband did or didn't get the job and for what I understand it was an unpaid position it's about what Richard white did and has done to many citizens . And this is the very reason everyone else is to afraid to come forward . Just listen to the facts before you are so quick to judge.