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FIRST ON 3: 5-year-old put on wrong school bus, dropped off at Walmart

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: 5-year-old put on wrong school bus, dropped off at Walmart

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A Brunswick County family is upset after a five-year-old girl was put on the wrong school bus and dropped off at the Walmart in Leland. Relatives say it happened at Town Creek Elementary Monday. A school district spokeswoman confirms the incident happened.

The school district released the following statement this afternoon:

"On the afternoon of September 12 a kindergarten student at Town Creek Elementary School boarded the wrong school bus and later got off the bus at a stop near her parent's place of employment. Fortunately, the student was reunited safely with her parent. Brunswick County Schools deeply regrets this unfortunate incident and accepts responsibility to ensure incidents of this nature do not occur in the future.

"Schools actively take precautionary measures designed to prevent situations such as this from occurring. As a result of yesterday's incident, elementary schools throughout the system reviewed their practices to ensure clear labeling either by sticker, head or wristband all young students to ensure bus drivers verify students are on the correct bus. Specifically Town Creek Elementary School designed and implemented colored headbands for all young students corresponding to the driver's colored headband.

"There remains an ongoing investigation into personnel actions resulting in yesterday's incident."

Tune in to WWAY NewsChannel 3 for more on this story.

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What are the damages?

While I agree that the child was put in a very dangerous situation, one must be able to prove real damages to sue another. Since no physical or monetary damages resulted, there is no lawsuit. If we as a people do not get out of this lawsuit-happy mode, insurance will keep getting more expensive. You know who will bear the burden? We, the public, average Joe's/

Damages? There are damages!

As stated by the mother, the child was afraid to get off the bus the next day and the bus driver was screaming and yelling at her until she did. Do you not think a 5-year old can be affected by this? This may cause her to be afraid of going to school and to not fully concentrate in the classroom due to fear. Sure, this too shall pass however, it may take counseling and reassurance. I have never sued but something needs to be done!


what was the discipline for the carelessness and irresponsiblity of the bus driver???? Did he or she even care? Little girl gets off bus not knowing where in the world she is and they just slam door and drive off. What kind of people are driving are children around. Then I heard today when she would not get off the bus today and the bus driver was screaming at her and little girl cried for her mother!!!!
I think they need to go back to TA's driving the kids, they know the children. If its not broke why try to fix it!!!!! Wake up Town Creek. I hope WWAY will follow this story and keep readers posted on the outcome. From all concerned Parents,Grandparents,Friends and neighbors and not forgotten care givers. Thank-you for even taking time to care and to print this story!!!!

I'd love to "NO" too!

If you choose to dump your kid on a bus at age(s) 4-5, BE SERIOULY INVOLVED! Children of this age cannot be expected to reason and resolve the problem-at-hand. The child in question sounds very bright as he/she knew of her parent(s) workplace location. Faced with adversity, this youth chose to take action. This and these children are very vulnerable and ....Scared...? Parents, get more involved. Don't use your job as an excuse. You chose to have a child, NOW work out your schedule to the benefit of your employer and family as nothing is more important than the next generation.

Thank god that the STRANGER

Thank god that the STRANGER that found her roaming around behind walmart was a gaurdian angle and not a child molester!!! The child life was definetly in danger!!!! This could have been a tragic day thank you GOD it was not.

5 yr. old child

The childs life was in danger!! could you imagine being 5yrs old and being dropped off in an apartment complex and then walk all the way to Walmart. Then she was wandering around in the back lot of walmart, a STRANGER found her and then took her to customer service. Her mother had left the store to go home and look for her daughter, that never got off the bus!!!She was frantic scared to death not knowing where her child was....Thank God for that gaurdian angle that found her and not a child molester.

Pre-k-Five year old student

This is truly uncalled for. No person in their right mind would even consider leaving any student of that age group at any stop when there is no parent there to meet the student. This is a good example of neglect on the part of the bus driver, as well as the school. This is grounds for a lawsuit to wake up all who were responsible. The proof is the newspaper article and the school's admission of neglect. When we have an AMBER alert, everyone gets involved. Most are recovered as a body, an apology will not suffice a human life. So Mom, get you a lawyer and do your neighborhood a huge favor. Good luck and I'm so happy for you that your little girl is safe. Thank you God!!!!!

5 year old

look this same bus driver has dropped my daughter a block from her address, and she has had a attuitude with her as well, i also called the school and the board of education about them dropping them off not at the right spot, my concern was getting hit, being picked up, or being bit by a dog but noone listened to me,i even said i was going to call the news. my daughter has even told the bus driver that wasnt her stop and she got smart with daughter is a young adult not a 5 year old. my point is this driver shouldnt be talking to these kids this way and certainly be getting away with this. glad your little girl is safe and sound.