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New Hanover High student-athlete arrested for Creekwood murder


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A New Hanover High School student-athlete has been charged with murder.

Wilmington Police arrested Tevin Sh'qur Quintell Hankins, 17, for first-degree murder after a shooting in the Creekwood community earlier this week.

Hankins was a junior at New Hanover High School and a starting defensive back on the Wildcat football team.

"I'm at a loss for words & absolutely devastated," New Hanover football coach Kevin Motsinger said in a text message to WWAY's John Rendleman.

A police spokeswoman confirms Hankins was charged in connection to the shooting in Creekwood Wednesday night that killed Jonathan Jones, Jr., 19, of Jacksonville. Police say Joseph Edwards Hanible, 24, of Wilmington was also injured in the shooting.

Police say a group of five or six men chased Jones and Hanible into a duplex and opened fire before driving off in two cars.

Police say the investigation into what happened continues.

Hankins, who made his first court appearance on the murder charge this morning, also has pending drug, trespassing and resisting an officer charges among others.

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I'm sure...

one of his friends will be along soon to tell us what a good guy Tevin is...and telling him to "hang in there"...blah-blah-blah. Thank you Wilmington PD for getting this accused killer off the street.

You damn right! I am his

You damn right! I am his cousin and he is a great kid he is a straight "A" student with a promising future to go to college. Yes he is an accused killer but he is innocent!! Why isnt anybody talking about the the other guys who were in a gang who rob and kill for a living?

"ur cousin"

of course he is innocent just like his gangbanging friends r!!don't forget to add that a white man made him pull the trigger,take drugs' pimp his little sister out or beat the family dog[or grandma which ever is easier]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

key word!: the

key word!: the very least I"m glad u noticed that

I used "accused" because...

at this point, that's all it is...he's accused of being one of the shooters...along with his older brother. If/when he/they are convicted...I'll use the word convicted. One fact cannot be disputed...once the trigger is pulled, the bullet takes one a life of its own...and unfortunately, took another person's life as well.


Oh, and don't forget all his "cousins" who will have their say-so too. After all, he's such a nice guy...and we just don't know him like they do...

Don't forget

You left out the best one; "Don't judge him, you don't know him." And who could forget the other hood favorite of "Shut yo mouf!"

Baby Mama

and don't forget the "baby mama"


What really makes you think that your kid or cousin,brother,whomever in your family wouldnt be charged with murder? why is that everytime something concerning blacks you people that have no lifes have to comment? but soon as a white woman or man get killed or raped. You have nothing to comment on that article. like really what the hell is it? why dont you go comment on the white on white crime and let these families be at peace

Nice race card try but you fail

Check into the Pine Valley murder case and you will see plenty of comments made. It was a white woman that was killed and most people think she was killed by one of the men she was dating. I don't know either of their races but I would imagine both of them are white as well. There goes your fine attempt to play the race card but yet again your argument holds no merit.


Why should I?

Maybe you all have been doing that for TOO,TOO Long!!!

This happened in my own backyard. In our CITY. IN our COMMUNITY.

And, it needs to STOP.

I'm concerned and am not heeding your request to shut my mouf because I HAVE A STAKE in this City and do not like what is happening in BLACK Subsidized HOUSING PROJECTS!
Do YOU????
I can't help that YOUR YOUTH are motivated to this stuff, instead of hanging out at home, having some fun with family and friends, going to a show, staying in to study for the SAT's like White families kids seem to be doing for the most part.

I have a right to be CONCERNED when a VIOLENT CRIME involving BREAKING THRU A WOMANS HOME who was in no way connected to this ACT of MURDER, ends in a gun slinging fest on the second floor of this INNOCENT persons HOME.

Don't you THINK that WE SHOULD BE ENRAGED about THIS????

When the next WHITE boy does this, I promise to be JUST AS VICIOUS and VERBAL. WORD.

We better open the dialog between Blacks and Whites and quit supressing our differences.

If we FIGHT among ourselves, as adults, in these will we ever be able to help these gun-loving, strait A STUDENTS/

STRAIT A STUDENT. Uh, H-E-L-L-O!!!!!!!!!

Guess you haven't noticed....

all the comments every time Berger and his girlfriend get in a fight. That is white-on-white crime.

guestmindyour own business

You are so right. Let it had been someone white, there will be no comments... just sad.
Oan praying for the hankins family.

Yes really...

I will tell you why we don't think our kid, cousin, brother, or as you state, whomever in our family wouldn't be charged with murder.....We raise them right. We do post on white on white crime, it's just not as common as black on black crime. Sorry but the stats don't lie.


there is always concern for any violent crimes white on white or black on black the main concern is that violent crimes are being committed right now as we speak in creekwood drug deals gone bad and stolen guns in criminals hands