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Life Chain holds anti-abortion rallies across Port City


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- On Sunday afternoon, Wilmington joined more than 1,400 cities as a site for an pro-life rally.

The event is called Life Chain, and it's in its 21st year. Life Chain is one of the nation's largest pro-life rallies. People who participated say it's a way to communicate their opposition to abortion.

“We're not standing against abortion,” said Deborah Benson, a spokeswoman for Life Chain. “We're not throwing condemnation or guilt on anybody. It's not where our hearts are. Our hearts are to give a voice to the babies who don't have a voice.”

Life Chain participants stood along busy street at three different locations in Wilmington from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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"if your mama chose to abort

"if your mama chose to abort you when you were a cell, you would agree with her decision, right?"

What a dumb question. If my "mama" aborted me, I wouldn't be around to agree with anything. I also wouldn't be here to listen to people griping about non-issues. This is my body, I should be able to do to it as I please. If my mom had aborted me, it would have saved me from this world filled with war, poverty, greed and hate. I wish I would have been aborted.

A few cells not visable to

A few cells not visable to the naked eye? You must really be out of touch, late term abortions are performed every day. Ever heard of partial birth abortion?