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ONLY ON 3: Occupy Wilmington's media blackout leaves many questions

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Occupy Wilmington's media blackout leaves many questions

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading across the country and making its way to the Cape Fear.

If its purpose is the same here as it is in the Big Apple, then the mission of the event is to end what protestors call the greed and corruption of the wealthiest one percent of the country.

We tried to catch up with an organizer of Occupy Wilmington, but without much luck. As we tried to find out more about this popular movement today, we were shot down in a very strange way.

Based on the Occupy Wilmington NC Facebook page, Jim Natale is one of the movement's local organizers. We called him and even visited his Hampstead home, but he did not answer.

As the Occupy Together movement continues to sweep across the nation, there is a growing interest in its cause. We simply wanted to talk with Natale or anyone involved in our area about the movement and get more information about an event planned Saturday at Greenfield Lake in Wilmington.

Natale posted on the Occupy Wilmington NC Facebook page that we were outside his home, but that he would not talk. Members of the group posted comments saying he should stay strong.

One comment from a member of the page says: "We can't allow the media to dominate the message. It's our message and it's not tidy, and it's not in sound bites."

Protests in other states have turned into sometimes violent clashes with police. Although Wilmington's movement shows no signs of that, it does not indicate much of anything.

In a Facebook conversation between Natale and WWAY's Kevin Wuzzardo, Natale said Occupy Wilmington NC is "a leaderless movement," and that there would be no communication with the media until Saturday's event.

On a separate page he goes on to say that "main stream media will always portray things into there own light. We the 99% are not disorganized......."

At this point we still do not know what Occupy Wilmington NC is doing, if it will protest in the city or what its true purpose is.

We have tried to let the group know if anyone wants to talk about the movement, we'd love to hear from them.

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LOL's USELESS to try to put out facts to these idiots...just listen to some of their drivel from yesterday! They have NO REAL grasp of what drives's all flowers and puppies to them!

Think It Through

1. The Occupy Wall St. protest and the coinciding protests being planned or underway in over eight-hundred cities across the globe to stand in Solidarity with OWS have in no way, shape or form made an official declaration advocating for the redistribution of wealth or for raising taxes on "those who dare to be successful." (,

2. Let's examine the phrase you used, "those who dare to be successful" a little closer. Making the inference that the aforementioned quotation applies to the top 1% of tax payers, it is not an entirely accurate statement. In fact, 32% of the 400 wealthiest Americans did not even earn their fortune as the entirety of it came from inheritance. ( One cannot exercise daring in being successful when it is dumped into their lap irrespective of their efforts.

3. You also mention that the top one percentile of taxpayers were responsible for paying 38% of our country's cumulative personal income tax. While this certainly paints a rather majestic picture of these individuals as inveritable saints, it doesn't actually equivocate to their having paid an absurdly larger portion of their earnings in taxes compared to the lower 99%. One also has to consider the fact that the heads of 500 largest companies had a collective income of $5,100,000,000.00 in 2005.( I'll assume you are capable of basic mathematics and can thus understand that a small percentage of a very large number is quite often greater than a considerably higher percentage of a very small number (unless one were to irrationally take either percentage to an extreme in an attempt to use logical fallacies to counter-argue.) Thus, stating that the top one percentile of taxpayers payed 38% the total income tax collected does not do anything to advance the argument of the same top one percentile paying their "fair share."
3.A. Regardless of who payed their fair share of taxes or not (what authority decides what constitutes a fair share with 100% certainty anyway?), the Occupy Wall St. protest and its companion protests have never even raised that issue. Why then are you attributing this political stance to the movement? At best this is a logical fallacy called a Red Herring; an attempt to divert attention from the original issue with irrelevant facts.

4. Though I can, I don't think I need to go into the tax giveaways of which 40% flow right back into the hands of the wealthy. And please don't argue this created jobs as only $.32 of every dollar went back into the economy.

Its generally best to fully research your facts before forming an opinion.

Think this through

Even if they inherited their money, IT'S THEIR MONEY.

In a country founded upon the equality of man and possessing a Constitition that guarantees "equal treatment of law," how can anyone legitimately argue that we should tax Mister Smith at 39% and Mister Jones at 10%?

If OccupyWallStreet is not advocating raising taxes on the rich, then just about everyone being interviewed on the news is out of touch with your goals. You'd better tell them to shut up and stop talking to the press. (The guy interviewed on CNN, who didn't know about the bank bailouts being already paid back with interest was quite impressive, too!)

Face it - it's a staged movement with one intent: To re-elect Obama.

Its not about redistributing anything.

Its the fact a CEO can make well over 6 figures a year and possibly even above 7 figures yet justify laying off 10's of thousands of workers to appease the shareholders. Its the fact we currently have funding for some form of military operations in over 70 countries on any given day yet cant afford to help out the less fortunate. Its our for profit health care system. The millions of dollars we give away to other countries while public education fails our children and the roads around us collapse. And when the top 1% controls over 40% of the wealth in a nation I would say 38% of all income taxes taken in sounds about right. OPEN YOUR EYES. Becase if you have time to comment on a lowly news thread you are certainly being screwed over just like the rest of us.

I'm not being screwed at all

I'm quite comfortable because of Wall Street. I do my own research and invest based upon my own understanding and predictions of world markets.

You don't get it, do you? A CEO is ONLY obligated to the shareholders. He has an obligation to maximize their profit and if laying off 5,000 workers makes the stock go up a dollar, THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT. A corporation is not created to be a social welfare program - it's created to maximize profit for the owners.

How can you people be so ignirant and/or naive and expect to run the world? You don't even know why a corporation is created!


The shareholders are YOU AND ME...IDIOT!...OMG..the socialists have REALLY WON..they have succeeded in making us STUPID! If you believe in this EVIL CORPORATION thing...I apologize for my parents not stopping the socialist movement into our schools hard enough by putting bullets in their heads in the 60's and 70s!


Too bad they don't know the real cause of America's collapse.

When Barney Frank decided Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac would give loans to millions of people that could not pay back money lent to them thru Banks and Mortgage companies, the economy stumbled.

Yes, the evil banks lent the money. They were required to. You see, everybody wanted twice what they could actually afford, and thus the downfall of home values."We'll flip it in a year". All that was needed to get a home loan was a pulse.

This "movement" stands for nothing. This "movement" stands for everything. That's why no one is talking. "Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna eat some worms. Quit bellyaching and work to fix it. But, alas, that takes WORK, not a light class schedule.

Look closely at the signs protestors are holding in NYC. Everything from save the whale, to don't add anything to my sugar pops.

Many are students that, instead of protesting the grossly overpaid college professors, they want Joe Taxpayer to pay for their college education.

That's OK. If I pay for your education, you pay for my house and car.
Oh wait, that's not a deal for you is it. The reason college is so expensive is that Uncle Sam pays the bills.

They want the nanny state.

They voted for Hope and Change. Now that it's here, they have to blame anyone other than the Congressmen and policies that have put us there.

What really gripes me is that "Stars" show up to show solidarity with them. These "Stars" have promoted the policies that have caused the mess we're in. "We are one of you", as they get on the private jet going to their home in Monaco.

They say the crowd in NYC will be there during the winter. I hope so.

This is the slow season for watching idiots on tv. They will have a successful mini-series.

They know it all, all being how to make a "double-decaffeinated half-cafe latte" with a percodan jelly filled doughnut.

So bring all the i-pads, i-phones, and all the i-stoops you can find to the lake.

I hope no one falls in, that would be water pollution.

So your answer to the

So your answer to the problem is to ensure that this happens over and over again by deregulated the stock market? You do realize that is what caused the mess? You do realize that the bankers panic of 1907 happened in an unregulated market and JP Morgan ran away with other peoples money? Then he used his crime to set up the Fed as a fake regulatory agency he could use to bail himself out. Enron pulled the same stunt in 2001.

It's amazing these liberals

talk all about the "greed" of Wall Street and the elite "rich". Let me get this straight. As long as you haven't worked as hard as those evil, filthy, rich people and you want their hard earned money it's not considered greed. I am placing a challenge here and now to the occupy wall street crowd. First of all I want you to define for me what amount of money makes a person "rich" and/or "poor". Secondly I want you to find me a "poor" person that is capable of starting a successful business and hiring several employees. Finally I want you to research the names of the richest people in America at this very moment. Don't think it will suprise you much to find the majority of them are registered Democrats....... PS. This is coming from a "middle class" person as you would define it........

Hard earned money? They sit

Hard earned money? They sit in their board rooms think tanking about how they can lobby the government for higher tax returns and produce more or the same amount of goods with less employees. Corporations are laying people off right and left while their profits soar and you're saying these folks without jobs are lazy?


like someone is jealous b/c they did not study hard enough to get a good education and job skills that were relavent to the surrounding environment. If unemployment benefits were cut off, I would be willing to be that people would develop a new business or gain skills that would make them viable in todays society. We would then be able to see who the lazy unemployed are.


they are laying of people for SURVIVAL of the company idiot! Guess who PROFITS from those soaring profits?!!! ANYBODY with a 401K or stocks...if you covet what they make...GET OFF YOUR ARSE and work your way up to take their spot! You are trying to make corporations sound like a single evil invididual...corporations are owned by their share holders and run by boards and CEO's that are some stock and profit for yourself...NOW is the time to buy into the market if you aren't in now!

Don't be mad

Just because you have never held a job where you were paid by what you can do with your mind vs paid by what manual labor you can do. Want more money in your pocket, get smarter and work smarter.


You have the typical liberal response to my questions. You change the subject. Where in my post did I mention anything about being lazy? Your response is typical of the wealth envy crowd. You and your ilk are the greedy ones. You want to determine how much a company can or cannot make. Instead of a gun you use the goverment to take the business hostage and steal from them. How is that different than walking up to someone and demand them to hand over their wallet? What is stopping these protesters from getting a better education, working harder and taking risks to start up a business? See that is where the lazy part comes into play. Personal motivation and sacrifice usually yields rewards. When the goverment steps into the mix to take those rewards it is legalized theft...

Here Is My Challenge

I, Fouche, formally extend an invitation to engage in intellectual discourse to Guest5150, Guestsomeskills, Guest7969 and guesty in regards to the subjects established within this sub-thread. As you have referred to the crowd of people I whole-heartedly represent as "ilk", "liberal", "lazy", "jealous" and referred to us as supporters of theft (" use the government to take the business hostage and steal from them.[sic]") it should not be all that difficult to prove your superior intellect and knowledge of economics, politics and the general functioning of the world. As I desire for this to be discussion with some degree of intelligence behind it, it will of course be necessary to back arguments with sources and refrain from name calling.

1. (Guest5150) The first problem lies in the fact that you have somehow managed to pull the Liberal political view into this. On its own this wouldn't be a problem but, you issue a challenge to the "occupy wall street crowd" a few sentences later within the same paragraph. If you simply forgot to start a new paragraph when you changed subject matter then you have attempted to use a non-sequitur to support your assertion and therefore nullified its validity.(Public Speaking Handbook, 3rd Edition. Allyn & Bacon, 2010) If you did not intend to start a new paragraph and thus were remaining on the same subject when challenging the Occupy Wall Street members then you attempted to use a hasty generalization fallacy to endorse your point and therefore rendered it moot.(Allyn & Bacon, 2010)

2. In terms of your initial challenge to define, in terms of income, what constitutes rich and poor, I can only give you the government's legal definition of the poverty threshold. In 2010, a single individual under the age of 65 was considered living in poverty if they had an income below $11,139.00. ( As far as determining what income level constitutes being rich, my best quantification would be at a level higher than the 2010 median salary for full-time, year-round workers. Men made an average of $47,715.00 a year and women made an average of $36,931.00 a year, so it would have to be above those levels.( I cannot further refine the definition as that is drifting dangerously into the arena of opinion.

3. Asking me to find a poor person who is capable of starting a business and then hiring several employees to staff it doesn't accomplish much as a sentence. If you're trying to assert they don't have a lot of money...well, yeah, an overwhelming majority of the US population understands the definition of the word poor. If, though hopefully improbably, you are implying that a poor person lacks the ability to to profitably manage a business than you are demonstrating classissm. ( Whether or not I did find a person of low income who could run a business capable of hiring multiple employees it doesn't prove a point at all. At best you are engaging in use of use of the bandwagon fallacy which would render any point you were trying to make obsolete.(Allyn & Bacon, 2010)

I'll stop for now and allow any of the aforementioned individuals respond or for someone else to respond in their defense. But, before you automatically try to point to me as any of the labels you've previously used I'm going to head that one off. I work full-time on third shift as a shift supervisor and have done so for over 2.5 years. I do so to put myself through college where I am finishing up earning my Degree in Middle Grades Education with a Minor in History. Oh yeah, on top of that, I live below the poverty line for New Hanover County and I do not receive food stamps nor welfare assistance.


I support the protesters. For those of you who do not believe in a large protest movement, you may stay home and remain apathetic. No one is asking you to leave the comfort of your arm chair, so you need not feel threatened by the possibility of change that may benefit you. The First Amendment of the Constitution gives citizens the right to protest and redress the government, and the 99% are simply exercising their right. There is a huge majority that consists of a variety of educated and skilled individuals who are hurting and jobless through no fault of their own, feeling disenfranchised and unheard. They have no one representing their interests -- you have no one representing your interests, either, from what I have witnessed. I believe their goal is to make their presence known and speak intelligently, without vitriol and soundbites and without the media deciding what is to be heard by the general public, and then telling them what to think. If you, the apathetic and against protest movements, who criticize in a vitriolic manner others with whom you do not agree, it will not help you to criticize from a position of ignorance. State your case with some facts and intelligence, otherwise, you are just making noise that is mean-spirited. Part of the protest includes a desire to be treated with respect, not just during the protest, but as a matter of regular practice; I know I am weary of the name calling and mean spirit towards the protesters, liberals, progressives. Can't we have a constructive conversation without stereotype, i.e., calling people bums and losers and even worse than that? Yes, you are exercising your First Amendment Right to free speech, and I would fight for you to do that. But, please, before you make these knee jerk statements, actually READ the Mission Statement from OccupyWallStreet, then tell me you find common ground in that statement. I'm glad that people are getting into the streets. Normally, change only happens with an occupation, a soldier and a gun. Perhaps, it might happen now through peaceful action of us occupying our own streets. Hopeful.


NOT 99%...maybe .01% of the 99% are spewing out crap they don't know anything about...please don't include me in your drivel!

I think you're missing a key point

The reason that sane people say mean, bad things about liberals is because we hate you. All you want to do is TAKE what is not yours. You expect the successful members of society to carry the lazy and the incompetent. You picture life as some great big Barney show where we all love each other and share everything. Even if you don't work the government should ensure that your life is wonderful.

Meanwhile, people with their feet planted firmly on the ground reject your notion of the government playing Robin Hood. Those of us who have studied history and economics know that wealth redistribution invariably leads to economic collapse because everybody stops trying to better themselves.

So if I treat you with no respect it's because I don't respect you. You are thieves who want to take what is mine, but don't have the intestinal fortitude to approach me with a gun. You want the government to do the muscle work.

Basically, you ARE all bums and losers....or total suckers...and I'm sure a few of you sincerely believe that Communism will work if we only give it a bit longer than the Soviet Union's seventy-five years.


Obviously, from the comments and the reporting, you aren't reading the documents provided by OccupyWallStreet. Try again, please.
Signed...a 53 year old, who is NOT a college student, NOT unemployed, IS a taxpayer and IS one of the 99%.

ps. Education is a good thing. You should use it.

Missed the hippy movemnet by a few years, did you?

Hoping to find some young Marxist chick to help you regain your youth? (Hint: They don't know who the Jefferson Airplane is, and they don't say, "Groovy" any more.)

Don't forget the Cialis, pot, and condoms. Whatever you do, don't forget the condoms! They're cute, but they're like little Petri dishes.

Now, on a serious note, if you're fifty-three and truly believe the we need to get rid of Capitalism and confiscate wealth to redistribute it, I can only imagine what a financial disaster your life has been.

Hey SMG, you're missing an

Hey SMG, you're missing an important point here. There are folks who really think that shuffling paper on Wall Street is in fact investing... When these "investors" make money, they expect to pay taxes at a discount rate on these trading profits. Some of them even believe that they should pay no taxes at all on these profits. Talk about "entitlements"....


just as I thought..against the EVIL CORPORATIONS..blah blah blah...

The evil rich

Yes, we should take away from those that worked to earn money and just give it to those that didn't lift a finger to earn anything. These losers expect to be paid because they mastered the ability to take up space and breathe.

Most of these cockroaches are too young to remember....

...the collapse of the Soviet Union and global Communism, which proved their naive, childish ideas simply don't work.

They are bums who produce nothing, but simply feel entitled to the success and wealth of others.


Commonsense, I agree. When I saw Van Jones, a self proclaiming Communist heading up the group on Wall Street, it didn't take much to figure out the agenda. There is an effort in this country to overthrow our government. They will not be happy until they do. One has to question why President Obama had him as one of his czars if he didn't feel comfortable with his agenda. They are seeking total government control over our lives. In order for this to happen, they have to destroy the free market.

If Wall Street is communist

If Wall Street is communist then why are you supporting it?

We welcome everybody to come

We welcome everybody to come join from all spectrums! From Tea Party conservatives to Marxist socialists, we'd like everybody to join. Everyone has their own voice of why they'd come down to join and we think everybody's voice has a right to be heard. Something has to be done to fix things and we think everybody can get involved to do so!


you STUPID!? There is NOTHING a red blooded TAX PAYING American has in common, EVEN REMOTELY, with a my book..the Socialists and Marxists...can EXIT STAGE LEFT! This is a republic built on freedom and capitalism...we the people...the ones who ACTUALLY PAY THE it the way it is...I EARNED every penny I have...and the moochers STEAL from my children every pay check!

Sorry, I have no desire to pad your numbers

This obviously contrived protest movement is simply a desperate attempt to deflect attention from the real problem in this country; a president who wants to destroy America and its way of life, and the foolish, naive little Sesame Street graduates who think we all need to share the cookies.

I EARNED mine. Go earn yours.


Where is the "like" button on this comment???