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ONLY ON 3: Occupy Wilmington's media blackout leaves many questions

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Occupy Wilmington's media blackout leaves many questions

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading across the country and making its way to the Cape Fear.

If its purpose is the same here as it is in the Big Apple, then the mission of the event is to end what protestors call the greed and corruption of the wealthiest one percent of the country.

We tried to catch up with an organizer of Occupy Wilmington, but without much luck. As we tried to find out more about this popular movement today, we were shot down in a very strange way.

Based on the Occupy Wilmington NC Facebook page, Jim Natale is one of the movement's local organizers. We called him and even visited his Hampstead home, but he did not answer.

As the Occupy Together movement continues to sweep across the nation, there is a growing interest in its cause. We simply wanted to talk with Natale or anyone involved in our area about the movement and get more information about an event planned Saturday at Greenfield Lake in Wilmington.

Natale posted on the Occupy Wilmington NC Facebook page that we were outside his home, but that he would not talk. Members of the group posted comments saying he should stay strong.

One comment from a member of the page says: "We can't allow the media to dominate the message. It's our message and it's not tidy, and it's not in sound bites."

Protests in other states have turned into sometimes violent clashes with police. Although Wilmington's movement shows no signs of that, it does not indicate much of anything.

In a Facebook conversation between Natale and WWAY's Kevin Wuzzardo, Natale said Occupy Wilmington NC is "a leaderless movement," and that there would be no communication with the media until Saturday's event.

On a separate page he goes on to say that "main stream media will always portray things into there own light. We the 99% are not disorganized......."

At this point we still do not know what Occupy Wilmington NC is doing, if it will protest in the city or what its true purpose is.

We have tried to let the group know if anyone wants to talk about the movement, we'd love to hear from them.

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You welcome Marxists. No thanks, I'll pass. Have you visited the Soviet Union lately?

It isn't called the Soviet

It isn't called the Soviet Union anymore.

Yes, it collapsed. It's gone.

They built their economic system around the ideals espoused by these ignorant little leeches and it blew up in their face.


So, Saturday there will be a group of trust fund kids out at Greenfield Park......

I'm sure none of them will be out there with their iPhones and iPads, wearing name brand clothing, while denouncing greed and capitalism. That would never happen right?

Oh yeah, I forgot. It's happening right now in NYC. Great job.


Are you saying that greed is a necessity to produce goods and services? If so, then maybe you should reconsider the thought that global food and gas prices have shot up due to "high taxes". Ya know the ones that don't exist. Tell me what you know about Wall Street and the Bolshevik revolution? Anything? Let's see who's the naive one.


At 53, I'm not a trust fund kid. Thanks for not even bothering to read the documents put out by OccupyWallStreet. I am a tax payer, employee, parent, offspring, middle-class member (but not for long, probably!), who refuses to stand by while the corporations purchase the country right out from under my feet.
It's so nice of you to point fingers when you know not of what you speak.


At age 53, you should be able to see that the problem is in Washington, not on Wall Street.

Exactly - most of these 99%'ers are guilt ridden kids of

privilege who are so ashamed of the massive carbon footprint of their pampered upbringing that they feel like the must half halfheartedly atone in some way. The ones in NY are hysterical. "We're stickin' it to da man! Take! Oh by the way dad, when you leave your Wall Street investment bank for lunch, can I have some money from my trust fund to buy Starbucks coffees and Che Guevara t-shirts for me and my anti-establishment friends?" It's funny these anti-wealth protesters are using Facebook - a multi-billion dollar company which charges money for advertising. I guess when you've had it ridiculously easy for your entire life, you have to invent things to gripe about.

too bad

Too bad you have no clue on what this movement is about, but go ahead and continue to spread your incorrect information...those who spend a few minutes reading the documents from OccupyWallStreet will understand. We are the 99%. YOU are the 99%. You are raging against yourself. Join us on Saturday.
Signed, a 53 year old "kid" (not) of privilege.


When you guys say that Marxist socialist have a've LOST ME...they want to DESTROY this I have NOTHING in common with guys thing that a sense of feeling good moves innovation you think Steve Jobs would have taken Apple as far as he did for a sense of feeling GOOD...if you say yes...YOUR AN IDIOT! People work hard to BETTER THEIR LIVES...and that takes CASH!


bunch of misguided IDIOTS in this group....OH MY the EVIL RICH!! All the while 50% of Americans pay NO TAXES AT ALL!!! WHO are the evil here...the people MOOCHING off the system thinking the government OWES them...or the rich out there creating JOBS....

Its called COVETING people...

If you want to be's an idea...WORK FOR IT!!!

A... reply to a dumb comment

You are seriously retarded. Of that 50% 25% of them are on social security and retiree benefits. The whole 50% of them own a total of 1.4 trillion in assets...which would barely be enough to settle 1 years deficit if we took EVERYTHING they own.

Rich people don't create jobs... entrepreneurs create jobs..most are middle class.

Companies/Corporations are already sitting on record profits and cash reserves and aren't making jobs anyway.

If you want to not sound stupid... try some facts

His was far better than yours

The corporations sitting on those record profits made that money legitimately and it's THEIRS.


For FY 2008, the top one percentile of taxpayers in this country pay 38% of all personal income much for that lying bast**d saying that they aren't paying their fair share, and all you foolish little children who believe him.

Common, where'd you get that

Common, where'd you get that statistic? The top 1 percent pays 30.8% of personal taxes. They also control 49.7% of total investment assets....

If you happen to be one of them, a top one percenter, Common, GOOD for YOU!!! Otherwise, you are doing a great job cheering for their interests.

The rich aren't paying their proportionate share of taxes, corporate interests are gouging the American public, politicians are self absorbed and ineffectual to solve problems and you are none better than a petulant child. If there were the slightest ring of creativity in your name-calling it could be entertaining.

From the IRS - where's you get yours?

"The rich aren't paying their proportionate share of taxes"

That's nothing more than your class-warfare ranting. I think they're being raked over the coals in a country where we promise "equal treatment of law" in our constitution.

Also, I'm very sorry of ytou find my calling Obama a lying bast**d unoriginal and uncreative, but the good old reliables are often best when they're precisely accurate.


one last thing...your assertion that the EVIL corporations aren't making jobs...ever hear of GE...they are about that evil corporation known as...MARVEL AND PARAMOUNT...the ones getting ready to hire TONS of help and spend MILLIONS of dollars in Wilmington...go climb back in you hole and for GOD's SAKE DON'T VOTE IN 2012!


you proved my point...first you can be on SS and be mooching the system...I won't touch retirement because they earned that...WHO do you think owns companies and invests in new ISN'T the 50% on the federal system. I heard a representative of this group say...and this is almost exactly what she said...Is it money that drives entrepreneurship or is it because you want to feel good...I can tell you that ANYONE that invests in a new product isn't doing it because they want to feel you HONESTLY think Steve Jobs would have kept busting his hump to move Apple forward to FEEL GOOD about himself?

You know why companies are making money...BECAUSE THEY SHOULD! You know who is REAPING the benefits that those EVIL corporations....people with 401K accounts and investments!

YOU SIR are the moron...please take yourself out of the gene pool IMMEDIATELY! Your part of the PROBLEM and certainly not part of the solution!

ITS CALLED CAPITALISM...if you want a different system..BUY A PLANE TICKET!

re: entrepreneurs

If this wasn't so serious an issue, your comment would be laughable. You stated that rich people don't create jobs, entrepreneurs create jobs. Most "rich" people are entrepreneurs. Most started small and worked hard and became rich because of it. The same people who are chiding Wall Street are the very ones who use computers, cell phones, etc. The same people who are demonized by politicans are the very people who started small and were suscessful. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates just to name a few. They were entrepreneurs with an idea and you people hate them because they were suscessful. How very sad. Think of how many people Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have did they become evil? I am ashamed of what our country has become. Guess what.....YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE RICH TO BE GREEDY! God help me NEVER to COVET anything I haven't earned thru the sweat of my own brow!!

And it's not just the people

And it's not just the people that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have hired. You have the companies that make the components for computers. You have the companies that have made the software for those computers. And think of all those businesses who exist because of the internet--Amazon, E-bay, Google, just to name a few. That's one thing about capitalism is we are all connected to each other and thrive because of each other.

What goes up isn't coming down

It is very sad that you don't realize corporations spend so much money, that could otherwise go towards hiring workers, on lobbying politicians for more subsidies and tax holidays which is our money. They are using "legal" channels to steal our money. The only reason it is legal is because people like you don't realize what is going on.


BUY THEIR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES MORON!!! If you don't like it...go wilderness and PROVE you mean what you say..until then..get in the back seat!


Companies are not making jobs because our tax structure is so high we can't compete in the world economy. And where do you think entrepreneurs get their money, from rich venture capitalists or the banks. You sound uneducated.


or maybe it's because he doesn't like WWAY and the station's right wing, tabloid agenda and its leadership. that's why i would never do an interview with your station.


matter...I don't care what the left wing liberal nut job has to say anyway!

It is funny

It is funny that right wingers complain that CH-3 is Liberal and left wingers wingers complain that they are Conservative.

I do not own any stock in this company.

Maybe they are just reporting the follies of the Right and the Left.