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ONLY ON 3: Council candidate Fulton originally leaves election money to Brian Berger

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Council candidate Fulton originally leaves election money to Brian Berger

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- They say politics makes strange bedfellows. A candidate for Wilmington City Council is finding that out the hard way after we've uncovered a campaign record that says if he died, he wanted to give his campaign money to a controversial county commissioner.

Among the many documents candidates have to fill out is the Candidate Designation of Committee Funds, which says where any leftover campaign money would go if they die. Some council candidates want their funds to go to non-profits or political parties. One candidate, though, originally designated his funds to New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger's campaign.

Joshua Fulton is the youngest candidate for Wilmington City Council. He's a fiscally-conservative graduate student at UNCW who says he re-designated his funds after Berger became the center of numerous controversies.

Fulton refused to talk on camera, but in a statement to WWAY said: "In February, I designated Brian Berger's campaign as the beneficiary of any campaign funds I might have in the event of my death. At that time, like the more than 30,000 people who voted for him, I thought Brian was going to be a voice for limited government and fiscal responsibility. As a result of his personal and political actions, I thought it was best to disassociate myself with him. I wish Brian well and hope he can be a voice for fiscally responsible, limited government on the county commission."

Fulton made Berger's campaign his beneficiary in February. Between February and July, when Fulton changed the designation, Berger was arrested, was involved in a car accident with questions about his insurance, got into arguments with fellow commissioners and was late or did not show up to several meetings. It was also discovered that Berger, who claimed to own his own consulting business, was collecting unemployment.

After all of the public drama, Fulton said Berger was not who he thought he was. His funds would now go to the United Way.

Fellow council candidate Margaret Haynes also chose a charity: the Domestic Violence Shelter and Services.

Ronald Sparks wants his money split between Ephesus Junior Academy and the Red Cross.

Laura Padgett's cash would go to the Making Waves Foundation of the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority.

Two candidates, Frank Meares and Neil Anderson, decided to give money back to contributors.

Napier Fuller would give his funds to the New Hanover County Republican Party.

Candidates Ricky Meeks and Matthew Hinson have not filed a Candidate Designation of Committee Funds form, because their campaign coffers are below the $1,000 threshold.

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All Fulton's web-page

All Fulton's web-page intimates is a calculation that city employees earn on average 61 thousand dollars a year along with a generous benefits package... If his information is so "flawed greatly", here's the opportunity to present proof of your assertion.

I'll be your Huckleberry

I went to his site and...

on the red light cameras page, he noted that nationally, red light cameras cause a 27% increase in rear end collisions. As of a few years ago, Wilmington actually bucked that trend. Even if we hadn't, I've been rear ended three times at non-red light camera intersections and it sucked. But it didn't suck nearly as badly as being t-boned. I used to know someone who was t-boned - emphasis on the used to know portion. WECT recently ran a story indicating that the cameras caught 18,000 red light runners at only 13 intersections last fiscal year. The WECT story also showed video of crashes and close calls. One person who was the victim of a red light runner said that the driver who hit him, along with two witness, told the police that the victim ran the red light. Without those cameras, the victim would have been falsely blamed for his own misfortune. Those cameras are worth every penny. I remember driving here before those cameras were installed and it was much, much worse. At College and Oleander, red only meant "Hurry! Ten more can make it!" As the population of Wilmington surged, by the mid-90s, it was frightening to be the first car to pull out of a green light.

On his zoning page, he said he'd cut the city's development regulations by about half. Tell that to all of those folks who were passionately arguing how weak the county's development regulations have been at the recent commissioners meeting. A rather vocal crowd was there to encourage the commissioners to strengthen their weak regulations. It seems a number of those folks were city residents so that might not go over in their eyes for a new councilman to weaken zoning regulations. I believe he is correct in that overly strict zoning can cause sprawl but let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.

I registered to vote at age 18 and never miss an election. Ricky Meeks is the only candidate for whom I'd even consider voting this election year. Kudos to Joshua Fulton for desiring to be involved in his local government at an age when most people can barely name their mayor but he's not the candidate for me.

" At College and Oleander,

" At College and Oleander, red only meant "Hurry! Ten more can make it!" "

Exactly. Green lights are generally not green long enough in Wilmington, causing driver frustration and forcing this mentality. I sit through two light cycles on my way home from work at College and Gordon - each green lets a maximum of 8 cars through at a time. I was the 10th in line, with nobody behind me. Seriously?

This is example of what kind

This is example of what kind of misleading info this guy is spreading - no better than any other politician. Called the city - salary average for city employees is actually about $43,000 if you count even the top-paid people. He's misleeding because he's including benefits in that - everybody who's a full-time employee gets benefits like insurance but they don't say that's what they earn because it's not take-home pay. But he doesn't tell you that, he makes it sounde like thats the salary. City said health insurance for workers went up 22% last year and more the year before that. Don't know if this guy is confused or deliberately misleading, but it sure sounds like misleading.

From Fulton's

From Fulton's webpage:

"Would you like to make $61k a year? If you would, you should consider working for the city, because that is what the average city employee makes with salary AND BENEFITS." (Emphasis mine)

Sorry to break it to you, but he clearly mentions that the $61k includes salary AND benefits right there. He never says it's just salary.

Full of it

And sorry to break it to you, but I've been working for the city a long time and I'm nowhere near $61K, even including benefits. He needs to talk with the sanitation workers who barely make minimum wage and are able to draw food stamps because their salaries are so low. Or the poor secretaries who only make half that salary, including the benefits, and are the sole support of their families.

It's all BS. Council can find money for whatever agenda THEY may have, but they never take care of their employees. Then they go and switch to a new health plan 2 years ago that's 3 times more expensive for the employee than the last one, and no salary increase. This particular council has failed city employees time and time again. But hey, as long as they get their cell phone allowances and travel increases, who cares, right?

How is this for proof Im

How is this for proof Im city employee and my salary is no where near 61 per yr, more like 40,200 and I have given the city over 10yrs of hard work. We city employees have not had a raise in over 3 yrs and as for his benefits, well lets see 2 yrs ago my health insurance for me,my spouse, and one child went from 200 per month to over 400 per month and thats money out of my pocket remember we havent had a raise in over 3 yrs. I know city employees who have worked for the city more then 25 yrs and still dont make 61 per yr. Hope that is proof enough for you.


I've worked for the city for over 15 years, and make nowhere near that salary, even including benefits. The city keeps taking away from employees and expect them to work harder with less. During the last 3 years, no salary increase, but job responsibilities have gone WAY up. Everything has gone up except our salaries. I know some folks who have been working for the city for quite a while, but they barely make minimum wage. City council doesn't give a sh*t about city employees. All they care about is getting their travel allowances increased.