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Wilmington council considers $1.2M for bonuses, employee party

READ MORE: Wilmington council considers $1.2M for bonuses, employee party

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- It's been nearly three years since Wilmington city employees have received a bonus, but tomorrow night council could approve $1.2 million to give workers a boost.

The city says the money for the bonuses largely comes from vacant positions and the restructuring of jobs.

If council approves the $1.2 million, the majority of city employees will get $1,000 come December.

The city says in the last three years employees have had to deal with a reduction in benefits and have also had to pay more for their health insurance.

Several council members say the bonuses are long overdue. They say the money to pay bonuses is only there because city employees have worked hard.

"Our employees have worked for this bonus," Councilman Ronald Sparks said. "They are working double time, working more jobs because we have not filled open positions. Even though I would have liked to see this money put on road improvements or whatever -- this is a chance to give them a bonus when they have not had a bonus in so long."

The city also plans to use up to $7,000 of the money for an employee appreciation party.

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So you dont think

So you dont think firefighters and police officers need to get paid? time you need help dont call 911.....handle it yourself!

well, let me ask you a

well, let me ask you a question. did you take calls before you found out about a possible raise and bonus?? you sound like the Leland officer who said the same thing. are you in fact a lawman or fireman?? i am a Deputy , went for years without bonuses or a raise, my attitude was that i still did what i held my hand up and my other on the Bible to do according to my oath. nothing was mentioned that i dont take calls if i didn't get a raise. as far as handling it myself, i can and will. the taxpayers who are not getting raises can't keep supporting bonues and payouts. take the money and put in equipment that depts need or a rainy day fund for now. just want to spend money when they got it, cant wait to blow it. r u gonna give me my raise?? i didn't get one, but town does. by the way, how about mentioning that the next time you want your trash picked up, handle it yourself, solid waste needs raises, water depts, sewer depts , town maintenance you are not the only one that serves the town, if you even serve the town???


I noticed you didn't mention how the county gave you a 1% increase about 6 months ago....if you're a New Hanover County Deputy. But maybe you're a Brunswick or Pender County Deputy. Either way, I would think that you would be happy for your fellow officers.

That old green eyed monster is a b*tch, isn't she?

handle it yourself?

So you "can and will handle it yourself"? So you are going to take your trash to the dump every week? If your house catches fire you are going to put it out yourself? If you have a heart attack are you going to give yourself CPR? Good luck with that, let us know how that works out for you. Get off your soap box deputy. Now that everyone knows how great you are, take a minute and put yourself in their shoes. We are all sorry you didn't get a raise, I haven't had one either, but if the county wanted to give you a thousand dollars and put off fixing a road for 1 more year I couldn't see myself crying about it. I am sure if the county wanted to give you a bonus you would be the first to object becuase we need to put that money away for a rainy day right? We are going to pay taxes one way or another and I would rather pay cops, firefighters, and other city workers a little extra to keep morale up and keep the good ones working for us than buy a parking lot somwhere or remodel a road.

first of all, you didn't

first of all, you didn't mention trash pick up and other city workers. i do answer fire calls for free[ volunteer ] i even teach cpr/first aid/aed free of charge to the public and do not get a cent more for it at all!it is called giving back to the community. you dont hear me saying handle it yourself!! i have been in law for 25 years and a lot of times we had no raises and when we did our cost of living was higher than what the raise covered. as far as my soap box, i dont take kindly to threats of city workers saying, fight your own fire or call someone else other than 911. that is not what they took an oath to do!! if you are gonna be a cry baby because people are saying dont spend this money then you need to put your diapers back on and go suck your thumb in a corner somewhere. as far as putting myself in their shoes i have for 25 years and a lot more have before me with little or no pay or thanks, but we did what we wore we would do and with less equipment and technology. the thing is you need to walk in the same shoes and make cuts in your own budget instead of holding a carrot out in front of them to try and get moral up that way. you want moral up, be thankful you even have a job,that should be moral enough for now. until things maybe get better. make do with what you have and quit crying about it. now get off your soapbox and make do with what you have and quit depending on "money" all the time to make things better. spend spend spend, that is all the libs want to do. cant save a dime.they better save it, you might need it later to save some of those jobs and long as what we have in dc are still in there. as far as roads go mr, tell your state reps to take my gas tax money and fix it, that is where it is suppose to go for the police, fire ems to drive down ,lord knows i dont want to hit a pot hole and fall off the stretcher! i have always give to volunteer firefighters even being one myself and teaching cpr/first aid. i supported the fire tax in my district, but dont ask for more or spend what you do have so darn quick just to keep people doing a job they should be doing anyway. we all have had to tighten the purse strings. i haven't asked for a raise and i did vote against a bonus raise. the thing about that is , there are some who go above and beyond and some who dont, but get rewarded for doing just enough. that is what is wrong with this country. something for nothing!

Your right deputy, I dont

Your right deputy, I dont serve the town,I serve a City! and your right again,every worker deserves this as no raises have been given out in years and we all are still here doing our jobs.What I was saying is how people want us there to serve them and they demand it, they just dont want to pay for it.They want it for free.

good use for once

Go ahead and complain people.obviously you are those people who want police and firefighters when YOU are in trouble and you expect people to do it for free. dont call 911 then...take care of it yourselves!

you need to quit!!! we

you need to quit!!! we haven't expected it for free all these years, did you sign an oath, take an oath to do your job unless you didn't get a raise. times are tough, but i do not see the compassion in someone in it for public service. change jobs or quit belly aching. i have worked when not getting a raise for the gub-mint, bonus and benefits were reduced and higher insurance premiums. had to change my home budget to get by and make do until it got a little better. now if you feel the way you do about taking care of ourselves, then you need to quit and let someone who took the oath to do a job go in there and do it. you act just like a spoiled brat not getting their way!!! be thankful you got income and not in the unemployment line like millions of other peole. there are plenty willing to make changes to their home budget to make up for a shortfall and have a job and not complain when we don't get a raise. you sound like an Occupy wall streeter.depending on the gub-mint [tax payer] to keep you up than the tax payers are getting. we pay taxes that work in gub-mint job so your taxes will go up too! i bet you complain about that as well. i better not ever hear anyone around me that is a firefighter, ems or lawman say , take care of it yourselves. because i will take care of it then and there. can you day fired!! i would send them home right then. you dont take it out on someone that has no descision in providing raises, bonues or not when they need services that they have paid for and you swore to uphold. stay home if you dont care before you get sent home for good!

Hey Deputy

Hey Deputy, I have been with this great city for 15 years and will remain for another 15 at least because I am a fire fighter and it is a life style not just a job. I took this job knowing I was not going to get rich. I took it because I love to help others in any way I can. I do this whether I am on the clock or at home. If you work for NHC then you should know that the City of Wilmington raises 80% of all the taxes in the county. And you should also know that we only keep 23% of that money and the rest goes to the county. I am not belly aching about my pay. Of course I would love to make more so my family could be a little more comfortable, but you cannot sit on that soap box and say if you were offered a one time bonus after not having a raise in over three years, as well as having your benefits cut, and insurance going through the roof, that you would turn it down. If you do, then I am scared that you may be one that may have to take a report for me some day because you are not a very smart individual!


Did I miss something? Did this guy say he was a firefighter or an officer? Did you stop to think that maybe he's just a citizen who believes it's time that city workers get a raise?

You assume that because he's FOR an increase for city employees that he's a city employee himself. That's not necessarily so. You sure do assume a lot.


Gosh I think all of us would like a $7ooo party...really! There are many of us who have not had a raise or bonus or whatever you want to call it and there are those of us that are doing more than one persons job because of layoffs or positions not filled. Can you guys not justify this a little better instead of trying to sugar coat it like we should all support this. REALLY! It will be interesting to see if newcomers are the same as the good ole boys or if they will put a stop to this.

$7,000 PARTY

Really.. Do the math. $7,000 for a party for 1,200 people... that is only $5.83 per person. I don't have a problem with feeding our city workers during a christmas party.

As for the $1,000 bonus..... I think $500 might be more appropriate in this economic climate. $500 would buy all santas gifts and them some... Maybe stash the remaining $600,000 for an emergency.

As for the water bill... well that is complete BS. I now get a flat rate of about $50 per month plus overages per 1,000 gallons coming and going... We live adjacent to one of the largest rivers in the state and and still have the highest rates around. My sister lives in raleigh and there water bill is much lower than ours. I'm paying approximately $75 per month and she is paying $35-$40 and has two kids.

You're right - get all the

You're right - get all the free water you want - take buckets down to the Cape Fear River and fill them up. Drink/use it and take your chances of contracting e. coli, crypto or some other water borne illness. Ever stop to think you're paying for the treatment process (machines/equipment/pumps = electricity & maintenance; chemicals (so you don't get sick); etc. Not to mention the convenience of having the water delivered to you 24/7.

If you look at your water bill more closely you'll realize CFPUA bills for bi-monthly services which means 2 months. Raleigh charges monthly. You do the math!

Better yet, jump off the CFPUA bashing bandwagon and educate yourself.


I have done the math. And the flat fees were an average for each month. You need to educate yourself and read the study and reasons behind the increase. "Economic conditions have affected the authority’s bottom line because customers decreased their water consumption." This is straight from the study. So what does CFPU do.. they increase peoples rates for using less water all because their interest rate on a bond is increasing.

Prices have doubled since CFPUA has taken over.

The question I want to know is how can the CFPUA allow for the unlimited use of water for irrigation at the first tier price of a very low price while punishing families with second and third tier pricing for essential household use? The answer is simple: There is no explanation.

The bottom line is we have the worst water authority in the state. Mr. Jordan gives himself a raise of $22,000k in 2009 brining his salary to $160,000. Also some of our public should know that According to CFPUA statistics approximately half their customers pay second tier rates. You’ve got the CEO of this organization who thinks it’s OK to charge some families a 50% premium so he can give other customers a break on their bill. In most parts of the world this is called discrimination. It’s unbelievable that this could be public policy in 2011.”

So to the writer called "get a clue" you get a clue and take your buckets and fill them with the crap you wrote on this website.

It is a good thing

Do they pay you above average wages as most of the workers a CFPUA except for the ones that have to the dirty work field hands.

I'm cool with it...

as long as you follow it up with a "tax payer appreciation day" and give us all 1,000$ breaks on our taxes.

The state will not give

The state will not give their employees a raise and may even RIF more employees in January 2012, yet the state gives the city money to operate each year. If the city has extra money to give their employees a raise then maybe the state needs to reduce the amount given to the city so the state can function without RIF ing employees. There are a lot of people that had to suffer these last few years and giving city employees a bonus or raise is just sticking a knife in an open wound.

The money the State gives

The money the State gives the City is actually taxes collected by the State on the City's behalf. All sales and highway tax are collected by the State and then returned to the proper agency even local city and county sales tax. Basically the State collects the money draws interest on the money then decides if they will return it to the proper agency. Sometimes they decide to keep a part or all the money even though it was collected for the local communities.

state employee

state employees have had no raise,bonus leave,or bonus for 3 years. NHCO employees already have received bonus days off and now 1k bonus. Are you flipping kidding me? What about street repairs? Just give all the money to Padgett so she can travel more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Poppycock, this article is talking about giving a bonus to CITY employees, not COUNTY employees. This was the first, in over three years, that county employees were eligible for a 1% pay raise. For me, that amounts to a whopping $8 in my paycheck. Those bonus days off you refer to? Those were called FURLOUGH days. Also known as forced days off without pay. Since 2008, county employees have had to take off 18 days without pay... I wouldn't call that much of a bonus; it was more like a 5% reduction in pay. So, please, shut up.

Of courese, there is some

Of courese, there is some extra money. We better find a way to spend it.

How about putting it in a savings account for next year when you are short somewhere else?

Funny how this didn't come

Funny how this didn't come up prior to the election. WOW!


Idiots. Tax and spend. Tax and spend. Layoff, tax and spend. How many jobs will this cost in the future?

Actually stingrazor. The

Actually stingrazor. The city has yet to layoff employees. Employees have also seen over a 10% reduction in pay in due to more vendors and costs of living.
Take a look at other cities across the US where firefighters and police officers have been laid off. Check out how their cities are burning, emergency medical response has doubled and crime is on the rise.
Alas, you are probably more worried about what YOU get out off all of this.