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Wife of outgoing Carolina Beach police chief charged with assault

READ MORE: Wife of outgoing Carolina Beach police chief charged with assault

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- Election Night held some drama in Carolina Beach. It's only now come to light with the arrest of the outgoing police chief's wife.

Darlene Younginer is accused of communicating threats and assault on a government official.

Alicia Lachance resigned last week as the Ocean Rescue Director for Carolina Beach. That may have something to do with an incident that happened a week before.

On Election Night Police Chief William Younginer's wife Darlene allegedly confronted Lachance in front of town hall.

"From what I understand she became very agitated, threatened to strangle her, kill her, and then when she was leaving, as the chief was standing there, hit her on the left arm, leaving bruising," Lachance's attorney Julia Boseman said.

Lachance was on duty when it happened, but she didn't go to the magistrate to get a warrant right way. She waited until Saturday, 12 days after the alleged assault.

Boseman says there's a reason lachance waited so long.

"She was told, her superiors had asked her to wait and they would handle it internally," Boseman said. "And then nothing was done, then the resignation happened."

Town Manager Tim Owens confirms that the town attorney was investigating these allegations, but ultimately the town did not take any action.

Wednesday Lachance resigned and Chief Younginer retired. The town reportedly investigated allegations of an affair between the chief and Lachance, but found no evidence.

Boseman says Lachance is not commenting on the affair allegations. She's just focusing on the assault right now.

Darlene Younginer was served with a warrant for the charges yesterday. Her court date is December 12.

We tried to get in touch with Chief Younginer and his wife, but we were unable to reach them.

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Real Housewives of the Wilmington area

What the heck is going on in these Wilmington area suburbs? The debacle in Leland combined with this makes for great journalism drama for the local media. And I saw the mugshot of the former police chief's wife. She is not a bad looking middle aged lady. Can I be of any particular service to you dear?

They found no evidence?

Really? They couldn't find any evidence of him "screwing" around with her? There was enough evidence that Stevie Wonder could see it pile up. She was hired into the department and the chief decided to be her training officer. The two were always together, she was his personal chauffeur. She was quickly promoted through the department and any officers that spoke out about it or her were either repremanded, disciplined or quit/fired.

In other news, I hope Mrs. Younginer sues Lachance for alienation of affection if the affair happened before they were separated. Lachance is nothing but trash and this might make it harder for her to work in law enforcement anywhere else.

I also hope all the officers that were silenced, shut down & removed from the department bring suit against the town to let them know this kind of behavior isn't acceptable.

I believe that in today's

I believe that in today's society, the word EQUAL means just that, EQUAL! The Carolina Beach Police Department is composed of Caucasian white males and NOW only one caucasian white female.

What a coincidence! One cannot, in this day and time assault, abuse and refuse someone of a job they did in great manner. The only time LaChance was reprommanded was for working too many hours and suffering from heat exhaustion. OK, so, she's a horrible person for working really hard for the tax payers of Carolina Beach. Damn, she worked too many hours to do an above par job on the beaches of Carolina Beach.

OK. And none of her officers went with her to the hospital... Huh, looks like they were trying to get rid of her to me...

Bottom line: An on-duty police officer can not be assaulted by anyone. Not a police chief's wife, nor anyone else, and if it were you, your child, or a family member, you would feel the same way.

So, regardless of the rumors... What do you think is just?