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Davis, Barfield fire back after Berger says 'I will come down on you like a hammer on a nail'

READ MORE: Davis, Barfield fire back after Berger says 'I will come down on you like a hammer on a nail'

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- It seems that New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger's tardiness is not just affecting his schedule. Berger was late again today, which caused him to miss a crucial vote that will greatly affect his future on community boards.

At Thursday morning's New Hanover County Commission meeting, Berger was late and missed his chance to discuss and vote on the consent agenda. It including approving a list of new committee assignments made at thursday's Agenda Briefing.

After a 4-0 vote, the commission moved on until the open comment section when Berger brought the issue back up.


"If you rip off the tax payers, undermine the rights of all citizens, the constitution, which justly limits the rights of the government and politicians, if you abuse your position, regardless of what position that is, to corrupt government in any way or deceive the people, you will not meet anyone more committed and fearless than I am," Berger told fellow commissioners. "I will do everything in my power and abilities to come down on you like a hammer on a nail."

Commissioner Jonathan Barfield shot back. He told Berger his constant tardiness is a major issue that paralyzes his voice and vote.

"It's incumbent on all of us, Mr. Berger, to show up to our meetings on time," Barfield said. "And the citizens who watch our meetings, you can go back and look at all of them in our archive, you can see any county commissioner meeting for the past six or eight times or better, commissioner berger walks in late, so I don't think he's serving the citizens when he's not here to vote the items on our agenda because he's late."

Chairman Ted Davis also called Berger out saying he needed to be truthful to the public.

"Part of being a good commissioner and someone in the community that they can look at with respect and credence is someone that straightforward and honest," Davis said.

Davis says Berger scheduled a meeting with him before the Agenda Briefing Thursday. He says Berger never showed and was late to the regularly scheduled meeting.

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Just Do It

Because of events that have occurred between Mr. Berger and his ex-girlfriend, the police, the courts, and other city commissioners, he will never succeed in the office to which he was elected.

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. Mr. Berger has tarnished his reputation to a point that it is beyond repair. He has become an ineffectual politician who doesn't even listen to cry after cry of RESIGN from the very citizens who voted for him.

He has serious mental issues which need immediate treatment, but he is in total denial that he even has a problem. Event after event, he has always blamed someone else for his own failures. It's time to man-up, acknowledge he needs help, and resign from public office.

"A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was." Joseph Hall

Less on the take???

On the take? Or as you said less on the take meaning he's on the take in some form. Oh yeah he lied to get unemployment and took a county car as his personal vehicle.



Hard To Tell

Aren't you the same Guest111 who wrote below, "I totally agree and I worry about his ex-girlfriend"? Hard to tell which side of the fence you're really on.

I said amen to that to the

I said amen to that to the response further up in the comments that he was and still is a better choice than Bill Caster. And I do agree. Does that tell you how I, and evidently Many Many Many other voters, felt about Caster? That's what I referred to but my comment got taken way down the list before it was posted.

Berger...again...and again

I don't think much more can be written about Berger that hasn't already been said in previous posts. So I'll just repeat what I've been saying all along......R-E-S-I-G-N!!!!!!

A look at 2012

Here's a prediction for New Hanover County in 2012.
When this guy snaps in the upcoming year it will be the biggest news story in the entire state.
It's just a matter of time.


You might not have to wait that long. The DSS board meeting is tomorrow, and Berger has been saying he's not going to respect the fact that he's been voted out. He may show up...but I also heard that a sheriff's deputy may be there also. Should be interesting!

matter of time

I totally agree and I worry about his ex girlfriend.