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Wrightsville Beach Police Chief responds to investigations of officers

READ MORE: Wrightsville Beach Police Chief responds to investigations into officers

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- We told you this week that investigations of three Wrightsville Beach Police officers have led to them being placed on administrative leave. Thursday the Board of Aldermen held a special meeting and went into closed session to discuss the personnel matter.

We spoke with Police Chief Daniel House afterwards about the progression of the investigations and the next step in dealing with the officers.

"The only thing that we've done in the closed session tonight was just to update the board on what has happened," House said. "We're still in the process. All three of our officers are still on administrative leave, and they will continue to be until we get all the way through the process."

House says investigations into the three officers started back in December, and they have been on paid leave for about a week.

"It has to do with incidents that may have violated our policies and procedures and had potential of impacting some cases that we were working on the beach," he said.

House says the names of the three officers cannot be released because of a state statute. He says the investigations do not reflect on the integrity of the department.

"For the most part we don't have problems. We don't have a lot of these investigations," House said. "Every once in a while you have one pop up, and it's my job to make sure it's investigated and the people are getting the service that they deserve."

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you need a foot up your a@@

"hope some day you need a police officer and they don't respond to your call"

really! protect and serve my a@@!

more eliminations are needed of the good ol boy network

good job chief!

you need to be hired in Duplin County....... !

Hey disgusted reader...when

Hey disgusted reader...when is the last time you heard about a WB cop saving anyone's life? These fat bastards just drive up and down the beach all day, taking the occasional break to give someone a violation for some harmless traffic offense. I've seen these scumbags in action. Your statement that they put their lives on the line everyday is laughable! When is the last time a WB cop was killed in the line of duty? Not all cops are heros, they are just ordinary people and just because they have a badge doesn't mean they always do the right thing. Hopefully it comes out that they were letting people off of possible offenses by accepting sexual favors...

Hey Disgusted

Really? Purhaps that officer that made the last DWI arrest saved yours or someone you care abouts life? Maybe that last domestic dispute an officer responded to stopped someone from being hurt and even better if they helped stop the cycle of violence. And just maybe that speeder they stopped in the school zone kept someone's little one from being mowed over by a unobservant mototist? Just maybe the LACK of high crime in the area is because the officers are so vegilent? Just maybe you don't know what you are talking about, because you don't hear about everything they respond to and deal with, the kind of stuff that most people would just rather watch on TV. Thank God WB isn't like those places, but it could be. I will agree with you that they are people, but no cop is ordinary. And they will make mistakes and sometimes not to the right thing. But that is not MOST of them. And the ones that do should not be allowed to hide behind the badge. Once they are found out they should be terminated, but this will only happen if real people with real names will come forward and give honest and truthful information about them. So shame on anyone that has been apart of any bad practice just to get out of thier ticket or DWI, you are just as much part of the problem as the bad cop.

Last Time

Kimberly Munley

I guess WWAY readers forget really quickly.


Couldnt have said it better myself. WB cops actually ironically have been known to harass employees of the at least one resort in WB Beach that may or may not be on Waynick Blvd by pulling them over without any real cause looking for any excuse to write tickets (the employees all have parking permits with said resorts name so they are easy to spot). Additionally there was at least one issue in which WBPD was called out for suspicious person in a parking lot and the individual was caught with his pants down being serviced by a professional woman yet the only thing done was to get this person to take pictures with the PD officers and give a couple autographs (yes it was somebody somewhat famous) had this been any normal personal they would have been arrested on the spot and thrown in jail for soliciting prostitution as well as public indecency and other assorted charges. WBPD has basically 2 sets of rules and regulations. One for the famous/well known and the rest for everybodyelse (to include harassing tourists who actually do bloody well help pay for the towns needs via parking fees and spending money in the town). Seems WBPD has somehow been infected with the same cancerous type growth that has nearly killed the Leland PD except the Town Chief is 180 degrees from former Chief Jayne and is trying to clean up the mess. Good luck Chief you may need it Im afraid

First hand knowledge huh?

I am guessing you provided some sort of sexual favors and one of the fellows cut you some slack for it? No use crying about it now. Oh and in case you forgot cupcake, it's there job to drive up and down the beach all day.

RE: GuestOfWB

Do you honestly believe a cop needs to Die in the line of duty to be a hero? That statement you made in itself is absolutely ridiculous. Does a Firemen have to die in the line of duty to be a hero? Does a soldier need to die in the line of duty to be a hero? I understand that depending on where a cop works some expierence more dangerous types of calls and yes I agree that Wrightsville Beach cops appear to be driving around and probably do not respond to a large quantity of calls. I am not defending the actions of any of these officers. I cant because I dont even know what those actions are/were. I am 100% in agreement that if they fail to uphold their oath they took as an officer they should be sent packing. I am just not sure how all the assumptions arose when apparently none of us citizens even know what they did or did not do. I am curious to know for sure. Aalso you seem to be naming specific things like "letting people go for sexual favors" if you had knowledge of this you should have reported it to the State or Chief of Police at the time.