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FIRST ON 3: Mom says five-year-old son raped by classmate at school

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Mom says five-year-old son raped by classmate at school

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A Tabor City mom says her five-year-old son was raped at school. But it's who she says attacked the boy that you just won't believe.

Sherri Loika says her son was sodomized in a restroom at Tabor City Elementary School by a five-year-old classmate. She found out the night it happened after his teacher called.

"She told me that the boys were taking a long time in the bathroom, so she went in to hurry them along, and that's when she noticed another boy's penis was on my son's leg," Loika said.

But that wasn't all. When Loika asked her son what happened, he says a different boy raped him.

A doctor examined her son, but Loika says there was no physical tearing or scrapes because of the boys' ages and their physical development. Wednesday, she says a psychologist confirmed her fear.

"Most kids, she said walk in there and give her short yes or no answers," Loika said. "He spelled out exactly what happened to him and drew pictures of it. She told me there's no doubt in her mind that this incident did occur with him."

Since the attack, Loika says her son lays in bed in every morning refusing to go to school.

"He used to get up every morning before the alarm clock would go off and get his clothes on, and he would be ready to go to school," she said. "Now, all he wants to do is lay there. He doesn't want to go there."

Loika claims the school threatened her son with truancy for staying home, even though the school would not remove him from the same class as his alleged attacker. Loika says Superintendent Alan Faulk called her today, finally agreeing to transfer her son to another school. Faulk did not want to comment because of sensitivity of the situation.

Loika showed us a letter from DSS and the investigation report from the Columbus County Sheriff's Office. Both said nothing could be done about the situation and the investigation has been closed. Under state law a child under six cannot be held criminally liable.

"Nobody is trying to investigate anything," Loika said. "They're trying to throw their hands up, throw it under the rug like it never even happened."

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I agree! People should get

I agree! People should get all the facts before stating their opinions on such a sensitive subject. Why would the mother be putting all of this in the public? If she had a true concern for her child she would be seeking anwers privately, not publicly. She seems more concerned with putting "her" story out there instead of helping her son.

the reason

the reason i put it out there dem witts is because i also have a true concern for the other children in this school system that may be being bullyed, raped, and what ever else god horrible things are happening in this school system that the adults turn a blind eye too if you do have children in this school system i pray that your child hasnt been harmed because seeing the way your reacting to this i know he or she or they wont get the support they need at home.if you call your child a liar will they ever trust you to tell them when somethings wrong again probably not i never once doubted my child because his story was consistant the teachers was loopy the principal who was not even supervising his school that day was loopy and further more the whole system is loopy because some speak of buddy systems some speak of only one child being aloud in the bathroom and this school allows 3 children to go in unsupervised wtf?????????????


This situation is so sad! Children, especially this age, act out what they see or hear. The child has seen this at home, on tv, or at the movies. The school needs to be more diligent about watching these kids, especially after something like this happens. Their response would be that they don't have enough people to watch over these children, and can't afford to do so, but in my opinion, they cannot afford not to do so


I hope that WWAY offered the mother of the boy to remain anonymous. Why would you publish her name? This takes away any privacy from the 5 year old.


You never can tell whats going on with our children when they leave us for 8 or more hrs a day we hope they are in good hands but you never can tell when something like this happens the first reaction is shock then anger then despair especially when you see the child scared and hurting it does not help when they know it happened and everyone calls them liars and protects their attackers to cover their own behinds.I hope god can forgive every one of them because I don't know if I can my little man has never hurt a soul.

I think that the ppl that

I think that the ppl that think it didn't happen on here needs to think if their child had this done to them...Kids these days will surprise you about what they see @ home....I think the teacher and principal need to be fired and the attackers need their home life looked @ very closely and taken away. They all are going to need help to let them know it is wrong cause if they don't get it, it just might happen again to someone else's child....It's bad enough it happen to this sweet boy. Also the school trying to cover up before the news got it..WOW and we send our kids to school where we THINK our kids are looked after..Not @ that school and others as well......

Weird !!

Man oh Man whats in the water aroud Tabor City. Almost every day there seems to be something crazy going on. This is too Weird even for Tabor City.


My Grandchild is 5, I cant see this at all. She has no idea about sex only that shes a girl and there are boys. If this happened there is a MAJOR problem at the attackers home !!!


Children are a mirror of their family or lack of.


Of course there's a major problem at the house. I hope DSS has removed him from his house (it's not a home) and put him somewhere where he can be guided properly.


All children should be removed from the home and raised by the State. It is obvious that parents do not know how to raise a child properly and only the State can do this.

Let the state raise the kids?

Are you serious? Have you seen how a lot of those situations turn out? Making a statement like that tells me why you didn't list your name. You really are clueless..

It is ashame what has

It is ashame what has happend to the child. I do agree that the children has seen this either at home or on TV. Parents should beaware of what their children are seeing on the TV or computer.
It sad that supervised bathroom breaks are needed for 5 year olds.
Children need a good foundation and it all begins at home.

disgusted and SICK of reading things like this...

Previous post is correct about there being a MAJOR problem at the attacker's home. Let me add that IF this happened, there's also a major problem at the SCHOOL. And whether happened or not, it reflects a major problem with society, in general...which is having absolutely no regard for other individuals.

That being said, I hope to God this isn't true. If it is, that child (the attacker) should be removed from his parent, parents, or whoever is pretending to raise him IMMEDIATELY. Whoever it is has failed this child miserably. There IS no excuse for this.

CPS needs to investigate

The family of the attacker needs to be investigated. A child of that age would only know rape if it had been done to him. Poor little things!

This Is A Crock ........

Come on! Two five year olds playing doctor. I will bet that there are millions who have played this game. Rape at 5 years old? give me a break!

Boy! You are an idiot!

You are really a cruel idiot to imply that this was only a case of playing doctor. Was it your child that was caught raping the other child? Is that why you are trying to play this off as something minor?

Children act out what they see adults do. Maybe the alleged rapist watched something on tv. Maybe he is being sexually moelested and raped at home and thinks that it is okay for him to play this game with another child.

The matter needs to be investigated, not swept under the rug!

Dung Head! If this was your child you would be singing a different tune!

I doubt it

This is crazy. People are loony. 5 year old kids dont rape each other. Playing, maybe. I highly doubt anything happened. Psychiatrists are looking at this all wrong. They are kids and do really strange things, don't always jump to the worst.



I can assure you this is not

I can assure you this is not a crock. It happened to my grandson and I am so glad WWAY came to put the story out there we want these other kids to get help so it doesn't happen to someone else's child yes my grandbaby is going to have to seek help the rest of his life. I just hope and pray that he is young enough to grow into a healthy young man and we are going to do all we can to lessen the damage.I love my grandson and it hurts my heart to know what he is facing in the future.To know the people that are suppose to watch and protect our children have failed once again i want to scream from a roof top but my health won't let me get up there.


A 5 year old can't be raped maybe someone should investigate you small children are raped all the time and it goes undetected! You are nuts! This poor child has been harmed he is scared and he is afraid now! I guess Wade you probably think if a woman has a short skirt on and get's raped she probably was asking for it. It's mentality like yours that causes some major issues in our society!

anyone who see's no harm in

anyone who see's no harm in this or thinks that its a joke must not have children, because whether it was playing or not ITS A BIG DEAL. If in fact the boy accused of being the one who done the rape was just playing then he needs better guidance of right from wrong, because its obvious he's not getting any at home either way he needs removing from the care he’s under now and getting some real help just think if he done this to another child at 5 years old and thinks its ok what will he be capable of doing at 18 and thinking its ok? Before just brushing this story off like it doesn’t matter, try putting yourself in this parents shoes. Even if the child wasn’t harmed physically , think of the emotional damage that has been done to this poor 5 year old and think about how hard it must be for his parents while they are trying to explain to their son why this happened to him.

I pretty much feel the same

I pretty much feel the same way. Probably harmless play. I assure you, the big to-do over this will do a lot more damage than the act itself. Could have been a girl playing with a boy........everybody assumes the instigator is a male.

it is true it was my

it is true it was my grandson he is 5 years old 2 boys molested him in the bathroom at was all boys no assuming everyone hopes it won't happen to their children and i hope to god it doesn't but it did to him and im tired of people assuming that its lies because of age do research you find out it starts at birth. may god be with each and everyone that has a child and knows what we are going through



a girl? really?

A girl with a penis? The story said: "She told me that the boys were taking a long time in the bathroom, so she went in to hurry them along, and that's WHE SHE NOTICE ANOTERH BOY'S PENIS was on my son's leg," This is what the TEACHER said so I dont understand how people are doubting this.

its no longer a matter of if

its no longer a matter of if it happened my son seen a psychiatrist this morning and she said it did happen.


Psychologists can be very good at implanting ideas into peoples heads and leading a child to say things that are not actually the case. I am not saying this did not happen to your child im just saying that psychologists can skew things.

Old men should keep their mouths shut.

I am almost 73 and should know better than to comment, when I did not have a dog in that fight.

I did, however serve 4 years in the service of my country. I do, also have the guts to sign my real name to my posts. Something that I note most of you not do.

Just Because...

Just because your an older gentleman and just because you have served our country 4 years doesn't give you the knowledge to dismiss this! For all that matters my husband has served our country 18 years almost 19 and I have been with him for a fair amount of that time. That doesn't make me knowledgeable however I do have a Criminal Justice/Psychology degree that does give me knowledge and the ability to know and see that things like this DO HAPPEN it isn't playing doctor ugh!