Protest held in response to commissioners turning down family planning funds

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Just days after New Hanover County Commissioners voted against state funding for contraceptives, the response has been incredible.

A few hundred people came to Riverfront Park in downtown Wilmington Thursday in protest of the vote. The board's vote Monday has since made national headlines, even getting a response from the ACLU of North Carolina. Though commissioners will re-examine the funding at their April meeting, they are still catching backlash from their initial decision.

"It's just a shame that they are having to waste the time that was such a no-brainer in the first place," protestor Page Rutledge said.

"I couldn't really believe we were talking about 2012," protestor Carol Chappell said. "We're talking about something I stood up for 40 years ago."

Commissioners Jonathan Barfield and Jason Thompson showed up to listen and take questions, but Thompson found the gathering unproductive.

"Mostly it was people name calling and pushing me and spitting at me," Thompson said. "There are just some really nasty people down here."

The commission will take another look at the family planning funding at its April 2 meeting. Commissioners and the Health Department plan to be fully prepared for the second time around.

"Based on the information I had on Monday, I made the correct vote," Thompson said. "We're going to hear it again in April, and of course the Board of Health has already given new information. Some commissioners are getting new information."

However, some wonder if a change of vote will mean a change of heart.

"I think if they vote it through, it's to appease the people. I don't think it changes anything in reality," protestor Melissa Robon said.

"I can tell you that I will put my money where my mouth is and make sure more women get elected," Rutledge said.

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Well said Common!

You have no idea about the merits of the case and your last sentence is blatantly false. Try to compose a well thought our post that makes some sense next time. TIA.

Fasle? So you claim politicians are held to the same criminal justice standards as regular people? Suuuure they are and I have a bridge to sell you.

You should go back and re-examine (or perhaps examine for the first time) the details of that case. Your comment doesn't make any sense.

outsourced stated:"It is hard to believe we have a society that cannot accept responsibility for it's own actions...."

My reply was that people not accepting responsibility for their own actions started with the coffee lawsuit.

"Keep your "Special Purpose" in your pants...and quit hoping for Government Grants!"
I'm on a fixed income...have to have blood pressure meds...and cough up the money every 30 days for my pills. Why don't I get freebies for my "life saving" medicine as opposed to recreational prevention?
Our Government turns a cheek to those in real need...and time has come to carve back funds to what they probably consider "cosmetic needs".
So be it!

Just looking at these posts and other on this topic makes me wonder just how many misogynists there really are in Wilmington.
For Common, Guesty, and Slurp City Tom, I know that word is big for you but you can look it up.

Are you for free lifetime supplies of condoms for men..ON YOUR DIME?..if not you just hate men!..after all..its for our HEALTH!!

Just because you had to look it up doesn't mean any of us have to. Keep on trying, you will be a winner one day.

We post facts or opinions substantiated by facts.

You respond by calling us names.

VERRRRRY impressive.

I should be so ashamed because none of you have ever called anyone a name on here. Are your feelings hurt? WAAHH! WAAHH! For people that have no qualms whatever about what they say to or about someone else, you sure wear your feelings on your sleeve. Why don't cry on Pantano's shoulder since you love him so much.

It's the total lack of a rebuttal argument.

It gets really old when your best response is, "You're a doodie-head."

that you think your level of discourse is so high since in the last week you have called people "stupid", "Nazis", "Commie", and "paraplegic from the neck up". You are, as the country song says, "a walking contradiction". I prefer to call you other things and if "doodie-head" is appropriate, so be it.

What part of "the name calling doesn't phase me" confuses you?

The difference between us is that I can formulate a logic-based argument, and reserve the name calling for people who are governed entirely by emotion.

So go ahead and try it - after all, your opening volley was simply calling me a mysogynist. Why don't you propose a logical, well-thought-out argument as to why a state that is facing continual budget deficits should give over one-half million dollars to private organizations when county DSS/DoH already provides contraception to low income women on government assistance?

Try to address the issue of "redundant waste of money" in your reply.

The drug Depo provera that you seem to tout so much has very serious side effects in some women. If you had done your research, you would know they can manifest themselves as abdominal pain, depression, hair loss, migraines, arterial cardiovascular disease, and irreversible bone loss. This drug has a "black box warning" from the FDA, which is the strongest warning they put on a drug without removing it from the shelf.
Maybe, you would rather they got pregnant and had another welfare child?

What about birth control pills THAT THEY CAN RECEIVE FOR FREE?


You stand as testimony to what I have ALWAYS claimed, that liberals ignore the truth when it conflicts with their idiotic views.

Get better at making your point or get ignored. Your choice. Right now, I feel like I'm beating up on a crippled kid.

I believe you would beat a crippled kid with some of the hate posts on here. I was commenting to your enamoration with Depo provera and some of the consequences. Do you feel impotent when you are wrong? BTW, if you had not noticed, the IUDs were for people that couldn't take the pill. Or were you so busy TRYING to be smart you didn't notice that one little fact?

They can't use condoms?

Try to cover ALL the bases, and stop leaving out critical elements of information to try and blur the picture.

You liberals can't deal with facts, so you choose to ignore them. It's the one weakness you can't overcome. Simply calling someone a "hater" is a pretty weak response for facts that shoot your argument right out of the water.

You've got to be a masochist....

Once again, try to stay on point with your love of Depo provera and the fact that this is not a good drug. You're the one to try to end every conversation with obfuscation of your own words. "Walking contradiction, partly fact, partly fiction." And yes they may have allergies to latex; some people do. So about your love of stuff you know nothing about... Your mysogenic posts about what is best for women confirms what everyone has suspected. You're an idiot.

Indigent women already have three options for birth control, free, from the county. There is no need to give $9k to a private NGO to offer a fourth. Absolutely nothing beyond that has anything to do with the issue.

You can go ahead and call me names now. (It hurts me so.....)

Your argument(?) here is nonsense. Why can't you admit you don't know what you are talking about, as usual?

I was there, with my husband and children and we certainly would not have stayed. I thought journalism entailed confirming facts before publication but apparently if you are Jason Thompson this is not necessary. There were plenty of cameras down there, if anyone has an image or footage of this "Mostly it was people name calling and pushing me and spitting at me," I know I'd love to see it.

Instead it just seems like an extension of Mr. Thompson's condescending attitude. Too bad we don't have recall elections in the county.

Now Thompson is just lying. At the rally, a constituent read her letter to all the County Commissioners and then read Thompson's sarcastic response to her. (He wast the only one to respond, by the way) There was no name-calling that I heard. And if there were any incidents of "spitting" and "pushing", why didn't the news cameras capture and report it?


Use Your your real name coward

Yes You lack courage

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Yes you lack common sense.


Real name... D. A$$

Not my job to pay for birth control for anybody. Not my job to pay for the mistakes that come from mistakes/irresponsible sex either. This isn't about women's rights either so gtfoi. Women have the right to all the birth control they want but they should pay for it. Really simple..... guess that's what trips up so many....

Jason Thompson needs to withdraw his comments about this protest since he lied about being pushed and spit upon. Calling citizens of New Hanover County, "...some really nasty people..." after having lied himself is quite ironic.
Where is the film documentation of these assaults, Mr. Thompson? The burden of proof lies upon you. Why didn't you call the police to have whomever pushed and spat upon you arrested? That is assault.
Our county commissioners ALL need to go, every last one.

Were you one of the uninformed individuals that ridiculed me, scoffed at me at told me I was ignorant because I advocated condoms for true women's health?

I support and believe Mr. Thompson and he will get my vote.