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Hoggard coach fired after arrest for fight at school, students react

READ MORE: Hoggard coach fired after arrest for fight at school, students react

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Hoggard High School teacher assistant and assistant football coach has been fired days after being arrested for allegedly assaulting several students at school. A New Hanover County Schools spokeswoman said Joseph Brown's termination was effective yesterday.

"All the people that's always been around Coach Brown is just wishing that he never got into that situation," said Durojaiye Andrews, a Hoggard High School football player. "Just wishing he was still here because Coach Brown was a good coach and teacher and a good role model for all the kids at Hoggard."

The school district said Thursday after Brown was arrested it would wait for the results of an internal investigation before moving forward. Brown had been suspended with pay since the fight at Hoggard March 8.

Sheriff's deputies charged Brown with five counts of simple assault and one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

According to the arrest warrants, Brown hit multiple students in the head with a closed fist, grabbed the throat of another alleged victim and even took a yard-long wooden stick and threatened the students with it. The fight was reportedly over a stolen iPod.

"He kind of did take it a little to far, especially when they said he broke a ruler," said Hoggard freshman Lester Jackson. "I heard it was just an all out brawl in the classroom so it was pretty bad."

Students say Brown is the talk of the school and simply got mixed up with the wrong crowd.

"I feel like Coach Brown is a good guy. I've known him for a little while," said Hoggard senior Kenny Lanier. "Things got blown out of proportion a little bit but genuinely he's a good guy."

WWAY called Coach Brown but he has not returned our message. His court date for the alleged assaults is on April 10.

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Thanks Coach Brown for all you did for Hoggard and for the football team. We wish you the best. You are a good man and anyone who has been around you knows that. You’ve made a difference in the lives of many and sorry it had to end this way. It’s hard to see it now, but one day you will look back on this as a blessing. Let someone else deal with their sorry butts.

it will be ok

Just Imagine going to work where you have a 150-300 dollar investment stolen and it is only four 8 other people in the room. When you ask about your stolen property a bunch of 16-21 year olds laugh at you like you are some idiot. The parents feel bad about Coach Being fired because at some point coach has probably taught them how to do math or helped them study for a test, coach has probably bought them lunch when their parents couldnt afford it, coach has probably talked to a fellow teacher that was ready to kick them out of school, coach has probably been one of the few people in the school that will deal with their kids or even give them a chance to better themselves. Do not call a man trash that you have never met. It comes down to this Coach Brown was the father that none of those kids ever had and it is a shame that Hoggard is losing an asset such as him because I'd like to see someone else come in and get the same respect from the Jervey, Hillcrest, and other inner city kids that go there. Good luck!

Football coach out of control.

When I hear about things of this magnitude, it really disturbs me. Let me elaborate, even though it was wrong for one of those children to take Coach Brown Ipod, it was also wrong the way Coach Brown handle this particular situation. It also disturbs me, how other people are quick to defend this type of behavior, I think with all of the things that has taken placed. I believe, there are some critical and very significant factors that has been ignored. Lets not forget, remember, who is the adult, and role model, you have portray him to be. Surely, we all get frustrated sometimes with our children and we will discipline them accordingly. Coach Brown had know business going to their residents playing( Rambo), he should have schedule a meeting with the principal and parents of the allege students. I'm almost sure with positive communication, this situation would have had a more successful outcome. To call our children thugs and criminals is just a way for you to justify Coach Brown unprofessional behavior. As adults, it is our responsibility to make sure our children have the necessary tools to make prudent and rational decisions in their everyday life, sure, they will make mistakes, just as you and I did. But lets hope the mistakes they make will not be detrimental to their well being and others around them.

Coach Brown probably didn't

Coach Brown probably didn't handle this situation the right way but that was probably the only way it could have been handled. Coach Brown is the adult...but some of those other students are also adults. They knew exactly what they were doing when they took the IPod. As it stands right now we don't know exactly why Coach Brown went to those residence. Maybe he went there to speak without the parents or even the students since they wouldn't be around other students. We also don't know exactly what happened in that classroom. Did Brown approach one kid and the others surround him or did Brown just start hitting the kids?

And we called these kids thugs and criminals because that is what they are. Why do you think they were in Brown's class...because they were Honor students? Some had criminal records and ALL of them had school disciplinary records. As an adult it is my responsibility to make sure MY child has the necessary tools needed to succeed in life is not my responsibility to make sure other kids have those tools...especially when those kids' parents don't really care. These kids cause problems all day long and you never hear from their parents but as soon as those parents think their child is getting screwed they are all over the news

Coach Brown's termination

For any High School Coach, Teacher, Whoever -- to get involved in a street brawl with students over a stolen I-Phone should by all means -- be terminated by the School Administration. He should have reported it to the Wilmington Police to investigate. Any Larceny is a Police matter to handle, investigate and then make arrests. There is no excuse what-so-ever for this Coach Brown to have gone off 'half cocked' and then assaulted 4 or 5 students. He's darn lucky nobody was seriously or critically injured. Aparently, Ex-Coach Brown, himself still has a lot to learn.

Coach Brown

I think that you will miss coaching at a great school like Hoggard but you probably won"t miss the students in your class or the whopping $20,000 a year you were getting paid to deal with them. Hopefully some Hoggard alumni will step up and offer you a better job. While the parents of students think nothing of buying ipods and iphones for their kids, it is a pretty serious investment when you make $20,000 a year gross.