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Dozens march in protest of Trayvon Martin shooting

READ MORE: Dozens march in protest of Trayvon Martin shooting

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Tensions are rising nationwide because of the case of an unarmed black teenager shot to death by a neighborhood watch captain in Florida. Marches have been held throughout the country, and Wilmington is no different. Dozens of protesters gathered Thursday, marching from City Hall to Riverfront Park.

Though it wasn't quite a "Million Hoodie March,"organized in cities like New York and L.A., those who marched in downtown Wilmington still made their voices heard.

“I think we need to stop this thing from going on,” said Jerome Whitley, a protester in the march. “We need justice.”

“I mean, he had skittles and tea in his pockets,” said Jeremy Mage, also at the rally. “He was just walking the streets.”

It's been more than a month since Trayvon Martin's tragic death, and new details from the investigation continue to surface. The teen's alleged shooter, George Zimmerman, claims self defense but police surveillance video shows Zimmerman with no apparent injuries or signs of blood.

“We are at a crossroads in America, where we either decide we want law and order or we have vigilante justice,” said Ron Sheckelford, who spoke at the rally. “We cannot have vigilante justice in a country of laws.”

The reaction to Trayvon's story has been anything but silent. His death has become a catalyst for social activism, calling for justice and peace for all races.

”We need something to happen to show us our children are safe, no matter what color they are,” said Roxanne Kirtright, who helped organize the rally.

Another rally is scheduled for this Saturday at 8th and Red Cross Streets in Wilmington.
Protesters plan to wear black hoodies that say "I am Trayvon" in memory of the teen. The rally starts at 5 p.m.

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yawn......going to be fun watching the backlash when the truth finally slaps all these racist up side their heads. First OJ, then Tawana Brawley, and Duke....on and on. One of the best was a few years ago when Rock Hill, SC police had to shoot 15-year-old Yvette Williams after she pointed a BB gun at police. The whole black community held vigils and demanded "justice" against the police....till finally they showed a pastor and her family the dash cam video of her after she had robbed a store at gunpoint. When it's finally realized that George Zimmerman is the REAL victim wont find a sole to take responsibility for this REAL lynching!

Ha! Dozens! Boy what a

Ha! Dozens! Boy what a protest. All of the protesters are sheeple and useful idiots. The reason why this is being so hyped is it serves a purpose for the administration. Class warfare, race baiting, and demonization are the only tool/tricks left this administration has. This is just a way to shake the right hand so that you don't watch what the left hand is doing.

And don't get me started on the twins of nasty, Sharpton and Jackson. If it were not for inserting themselves into situations like this they would have been forgotten long ago. Anyone who is a self proclaimed leader is no leader at all.

Get a Job

If these people would get a job, they would not have time for all of this stupidity. Some of us have to work for a living.

Protesting IS a job for

Protesting IS a job for these people. They get paid by local organizations like ACORN (or some group ultimately funded by George Soros) to hold a sign and scream. These people are one step removed from the people you see dancing on the side of the road in a statue of liberty costume during tax season. Did anyone see the free pizza and sandwiched delivered for them?

Love the biased report

"The teen's alleged shooter, George Zimmerman, claims self defense but police surveillance video shows Zimmerman with no apparent injuries or signs of blood."

What exactly does that prove? Absolutely NOTHING! That video was taken several hours after the incident AND after EMS checked and cleaned up Zimmerman. I love how the news media, including our local media, only report half the facts just to stir the pot and increase their sales

First of all the police

First of all the police video was not taken "several hours" after the incident but just a little over an hour. As for Zimmerman's so-called "head wounds," I don't know if you've ever suffered a head wound such as Zimmerman claimed he sustained, but those things bleed like you would not believe and EMS alone may well have been unable to stop the bleeding. If his head had been banged on the pavement the way his family is claiming, he would have been taken to the hospital. And even if you allow for that, he would have had BANDAGES ON HIS HEAD. No bandages, no blood, no wounds.

"Self defense" MY ASS. That bastard got out of his car and HUNTED DOWN an unarmed kid AFTER THE 911 DISPATCHER TOLD HIM SPECIFICALLY NOT TO FOLLOW HIM.

Do your homework next time before you spew more nonsense.

So what if two eyewitnesses

So what if two eyewitnesses confirmed that Martin was the aggressor. So what if he was given medical treatment on the scene, and he was processed at the police station, several hours later. Were you expecting to see a bloodbath in that grainy video ? Lets look at the crime scene photos for the truth.

better get the whole story

better get the whole story before you start marching for may turn out like the lacross case. get your naacp leaders down here to to stoke the fire then leave, where were they at when the lacross case turned south on them and the women lied??????? ya dont hear bout that. what about the white boy that was set on fire last week as his mother watched by black thugs at a gas station. where is the outrage on that???????? just a white boy died, not enough drama on that one i guess! the blacks want someone charged , thrown in jail whether or not any evidence backs up the charge! now what sense does that make??? these hoodies are often associated with thugs! that is just a known fact, not fiction. if it looks like a thug, walks like a thug, acts like a thug, well it probably wants to be or is a thug!! be careful who you take up for before saying Trayvon was an angel. why was he in a gated community anyway where he did not live?? a cup of tea and skittles look the same as a weapon in the dark!!

No signs of injury?? Get it right.

You must not have seen the video. After frisking him, the cop can clearly be seen inspecting the back of his head. Then as he's walking past the motorcycles, when paused, you can see a mark several inches long on the back of his head.

Remember that paramedics treated him at the scene.

I'm not saying what he did was right, I'm just saying that the video clearly showed that he had an injury to the back of his head.

Isn't the march on Saturday?

Oh, NOW I understand! This was an additional march for guilt-ridden White liberals to attend safely!

What does a march calling

What does a march calling for law & order vs. vigilante justice have to do with liberals or conservatives? These people are simply wanting a complete and transparent investigation of a fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager by a neighborhood watch "captain," rather than it being swept under the rug, as it apears the local PD did in Florida.

I personally don't see how an armed person pursuing an unarmed kid minding his own business can claim self defense. Sounds like the neighborhood watch guy is the one who instigated the confrontation. A jury really ought to decide this one, instead of the police just letting it go, which is what they were doing before the parents went to the media. Amazing what they did when no one was watching. Now that the world is paying attention, law enforcement is apparently conducting investigation at the local, state, and federal levels.

What would all the gun rights conservatives say they would do if they were the ones being pursued by an armed man? In my mind, they would have shot the armed neighborhood watch guy and claimed they were defending themselves. This dead teenager may very well have been defending himself. However, he only had a box of skittles and jar of tea against a guy with a gun.

It is only because of the public uproar, like the march here in Wilmington, that the authorities are taking a serious look at this shooting. Why are you finding fault with this, and blaming it on the liberals. I would think that people of any political party would want this thouroughly investigated. Or do you simply think it's ok to shoot black kids because they look suspicious?

What I think is that you should wait....

...until the investigation is over. Justification for deadly force is still required and if the DA decides that Zimerman was too free with his weapon, the case will be presented to a grand jury.

The absence of an arrest never impinged upon the requirement for a DA's inquiry.

The problem is, you people want to convict Zimmerman without due process, simply because this is now a political event instead of the rather inconsequential, isolated local crime it truly is.

Right wing

The march for right-wing a##holes will begin right after and the at the head of it will be Common.

Just because

Just because people don't buy into the slanted national news organizations spinning the story doesn't make you a right winger.

I think you'd be surprised at the number of marchers commonsensenotcommontoday would have.

Definitely more that 2 dozen, bongo beating, bleeding heart, jobless.

Public education hasn't made everyone and idiot.


The number of marchers would not surprise me for obvious reasons that even you can probably figure out. No, public education has not made everyone an idiot, but, you sir, are not the exception.

Hey Common

if they truly want to accomplish something maybe they could all march through Creekwood or some of the other projects. Start checking plate numbers and ownership on some of the higher valued vehicles present; ask some of the young teenagers why they are not in school; and by the way, where did you get that $6,000 chain around your neck? But then, that might not get the media attention; and they might actually get a first hand look at life in a thug's world.

Me, if I were marching, I'd have a friend on my right hip and my permit in my wallet.


Surf City Tom, I couldn't agree with you more...

Hey Slurp City

You would leave there on a board

You assume too much

First, you assume I would march.

Second, you assume I am a bad shot.

But you may be right; on that thought I would not leave alone.

Of course, your comment also proves minds like yours move to the media drum beat; and would not think of marching to achieve something constructive.


Like Travon?

LMAO As sick as it is

As sick as it is sometimes you cannot help but laugh at the truth
Thanks for speaking what everyone else is thinking. People are such odd creatures riddled with contradictions.

The people at the rally

The people at the rally better make sure they have Mr Martin's Mothers consent or she will sue you. She is getting a patent on any slogan's associated with her son's death.

Not a patent...

but a trademark. You cannot "patent" a name.