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Commissioners vote 3 to 2 in favor of accepting family planning money

READ MORE: Commissioners vote 3 to 2 in favor of accepting family planning money

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- After weeks of public and even national outrage, New Hanover County Commissioners have voted in favor of nearly $9,000 in family planning funding. Last month, the board unanimously voted against accepting the money.

“When there is public outcry, when people are frustrated about a choice that local government has made, then the board of commissioners took another look at it and voted in the correct way,” said Patty Dillon, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood.

Public outcry is an understatement. Since Commissioners voted against accepting grant, the opposition has been incredible, even being reported on several national news sites.

“It's unfortunate that they had to revisit the vote, but I really respect commissioner Davis’s decision to do that,” said Brandie Stork, who spoke during the public discussion portion of the meeting. “I think it was a good decision and just a good day for everyday.”

Commissioners voted three to two in favor of accepting the money to be used on IUD’s, a long-term form of birth control and the initial use proposed by the New Hanover County Health Department. Commissioners Jason Thompson and Brian Berger were the only ones who voted against accepting the money.

“It sends a message that the government, the board of commissioners respect women and allow women to make family planning choices for themselves and their families,” Dillon said.

Chairman Ted Davis, who was originally very vocal about not accepting the funding, apologized to all the people he offended and says the board did the right thing by reconsidering the vote.

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Free Money?

"This is grant money, free money". Nothing is for free. Where do you think that money came from? Did it coming raining down from the sky? It could have been used for a better purpose, instead of now giving these ladies the idea that having sex is OK, since they won't get pregnant. An IUD doesn't stop STDs. So then people will be going to the "free" clinic to get treated with I guess more "free" money.

free money

Does the Bureau of Engraving and Imprinting (paper money) or United States Mints (coins) just print this money and give it away. I believe the money that government gives in these grants or programs does have to come from someone paying for it, so who is paying for it?
I still believe that they make the right decision the first. Get a job and buy your own birth control. I had to, because no one gave me free birth control.

Failure of Leadership

Guest 1040, perhaps it is you who should wake up and take the wool off your eyes. There is no such thing as free money. Somehow, some way, shape or form, we have paid for this either through donation or taxes.

Free money...bah, you are foolish to believe in such a novelty. You do know that Santa Claus is fake, right?

The only true form of birth control is abstinence, which can be practiced by both man and woman. Takes more than just the ladies to have a baby. Don't want the life long responsibilities of kids, then utilise all forms of birth control, and not just this one.

Since no one, but me, is paying for my contraception, why should soceity be forced into paying for yours? Where is your responsibility in the matter?

The only thing this vote demonstrated is the failure of leadership on some of the commissioners part. Good job guys. Way to represent all the people and not just a select few.

Free Money

My apologies to you all for utilizing the words "free money"... I realize this was a poor choice of words. My intent was to indicate that this money did not originate solely from New Hanover County, from a sales tax, property tax, etc. The fact is, if NHC hadn't accepted the money, it would have gone to another county in NC for family planning services.
I also apologize if my comment led you to believe that I was one who was in receipt of any type of government assistance. I do not, never have, and would never feel like I was deserving of some type of "entitlement." I do realize though that there are some instances when people need to use the health department for their family planning needs. The IUD is a viable option for those who may have adverse side effects from hormonal birth control and/or may be allergic to latex condoms. These may be folks who are married, single, promiscuous, or any combination thereof. Regardless, this provides another option for our citizens. Whether or not you morally agree with the program, the money will prevent a number of unintentional pregnancies. That is the bottom line. Again, my apologies for upsetting so many with my word choice of "free money."

"This is grant money, free money"

"if you knew anything about this specific incident, you would know it's not your "tax dollars paying for this", as your heading suggests. This is grant money, free money, given to the health department because of outstanding performance."

Great, where's my "free money" for a new BMW?

I want some "free money" so I can get a nicer "free house".

"I'm trying really hard to respect you, but your moronic statement is making it difficult."

Where does this "free money" come from? The "free money" fairy?
Maybe it's a golden goose?

Using your "brain" would mean taking care of your needs without taxpayers giving away "free money".

I'm sorry, but I can't respect you at all if you really think this money is "free". I guess if you don't have to pay for it, other peoples tax dollars are considered free to you.

THERE IS NO FREE MONEY WHEN IT COMES TO GOVT PROGRAMS! Think about it, it's only free to the ones taking it out of "TAX DOLLARS THAT ARE USED FOR GRANTS".

Your thinking is exactly why this country is in debt up to our ears.

Before you call people MORONS, you should know of what you speak.

Tax dollars / Grant money

"This is grant money, free money, given to the health department because of outstanding performance" Now really, where do you think grant money comes from? It doesn't grow on trees. And when the grant runs out and the program just can't be cut, it will be the NHCOUNTY tax dollars specifically asked to make up the difference.

You know what they say...

"If women want respect they need to use their brains."

(Dictionary - see oxymoron)

On the other hand, there are no ugly women at closing time.


And no handsome men at closing time either....sounds like you're always the last one there, aren't you, Beer Goggles?


... let's hope the women in your life show some respect and choose not to have sex with you.

It IS using our brains to

It IS using our brains to seek birth control

Existing doesn't Entitle You to Free Birth Control

Use your Brain. Use Birth Control. However, do not threaten society to pay for your pleasure - merely existing does not entitle you to Free Birth Control.