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River search suspended for missing Lejeune Marine


Wilmington, NC (WWAY) -- Crews have suspended their search for a Camp Lejeune Marine reported missing in the Cape Fear River.

The Public Affair's Office at Camp Lejeune has confirmed he is Lance Cpl. John J. Pruitt of Fontana, CA. He is assigned to 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division.

Police say Pruitt either fell or jumped in the Cape Fear River late last night. A search for Pruitt resumed around noon today.

Wilmington Police, EMS, the Wilmington Fire Department, Water Rescue, as well as the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office and Coast Guard assisted at the scene. Crews also used helicopters and sonar to search for Pruitt.

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I'm sorry but this doesn't

I'm sorry but this doesn't have anything to do with Azalea don't try & blame that!!! People, individual's or Marines need to learn how to control their alcohol consumption. Nobody made that guy drink or act as he did.....rather he choose!!

Show some respect.

Everyone has an opinion but maybe you can show a little respect. John is my 1st cousin and in my family we are all so close. Maybe you should stop and realize we are devastated and then we see people talking shit online! You've made bad choices and so have I. My cousin is a marine that just got back from afghanistan and spent a year of his life fighting for your freedom so you didn't have to. Sincerely ALYSSIA PRUITT! We love you John!

Most of us in Wilmington are

Most of us in Wilmington are very sorry for your loss.

So Sorry

I am so sorry for you and your families lose. Please don't let the opinions of a few of Wilmington 's loud mouth busy bodies spoil your opinion of our town. Some people just have nothing better to do than voice their opinions without stepping back and seeing the tragic end to a young life of a hero and how their words hurt. Your family will be in my prayers. RIP JOHN - I hope they recover him soon so that you can have some sort of closure to this tragedy.

Can't believe some idiot

Can't believe some idiot didn't blame the fact there weren't "enough" taxis downtown as to the reason this guy was rolling around on the ground before he fell/jumped.


Alcohol and water do not mix. Sad that these people keep dying downtown of such preventable stupidity.

I saw this guy rolling

I saw this guy rolling around (literally) on Front St a couple minutes before jumping (falling) into the river.

Did he jump or did he fall?

Did he jump or did he fall?

Can we confirm that someone

Can we confirm that someone who knows him personally saw him jump in? or did someone just report someone jumping in the river? and why couldn't the person who reported it determine if he jumped or fell in??? did they just hear a splash and assume someone went in?

if someone did jump in the guy could have drifted down river 200 feet and climbed up on the bank and went on down the road.

The article states that the

The article states that the search was suspended due to strong currents. It's unlikely that he could have survived 200 feet of drifting.

I was right nearby.. I

I was right nearby.. I didn't see him fall in, but i did hear the big splash of him falling and a thud, & his friends were frantic, yelling for him and crying. He fell between the riverwalk and the dock in that narrow space, could have easily hit his head. A girl said he had been "heavily drinking" ... I don't think he could have got away/run off. The current was also strong


Wow that's really sad. Sorry you had to witness this.