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Update: Saturday night's murder victim identified, family claims gang was involved

READ MORE: Update: Saturday night's murder victim identified, family claims gang was involved

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The victim in last night's fatal shooting has been identified as 22-year-old David Terrell McPhatter, of Riegelwood.

Family members did not want to speak on camera, but they told WWAY McPhatter was in Wilmington visiting when a group of men affiliated with the Bloods gang came looking for him. They say the gang members also live in Riegelwood.

Wilmington Police say a fight broke out between two men in the 800 block of Castle Street just before 11 p.m. Saturday. The fight apparently led to a shooting. McPhatter died at the scene due to multiple gunshot wounds.

The shooter took off. He's still on the loose.

WPD investigators welcome information from anyone who may have witnessed the shooting or have information about it. Witnesses have said there were at least 100 people in the general area at the time of the murder.

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Look @ the Pic now summitted

Look @ the Pic now summitted by his family, David Was a good kid that graduated from Miliatary school that became a victim of a senseless crime against him that caused him his life . David was a hard working young man that worked everyday for a living. David will truly be missed by family and friends. May God show you Mercy on judgement day.
Grieving family member

I did look at the picture...

The family submitted a picture of him that will shine a better light on him. However the rest of us did not fail to see the picture of him throwing up a gang sign. He was not a victim, he was an active participant. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Pretty simple.

This HAND SIGN goes out to you GRAND OLE PARTY

@GRAND OLE PARTY I dedicate this hand sign to you in remembrance of David McPhatter & all the other innocent young black men who lost their lives & their story was published here on WWAYTV3 & you ridiculed & passed judgement on them!!! FYI: Grand Ole Party.. YOU ARE A BLOG STALKING RACIST!!! What makes you better than a "THUG"??? GET A LIFE!!! SMMFH

Buh bye

Good riddance. Another drain on society is gone

Words of the Queen

"Another one bites the dust"
Bloods killin bloods...I love it.

Another low life off the street

Another low life off the street, one less thug on the street. He knew what he was getting into when he left the house. I have no sympathy for him nor his family. They all knew he was involved with gangs and they did nothing to stop him or point him in the right direction.

I am sure the family will now want all the sympathy in the world, my baby is gone. Yeah he is gone, he caused his own death, by being involved with a gang and being a low life thug.

One less mouth we have to feed, one less thug off the street. They keep it up Wilmington will eventually be safe with them killing each other!

Thats so ignorant..nobody

Thats so ignorant..nobody deserves to die I knew david and yes he was in gang bt he wasnt that type of person he was cool and goofy DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE!

Yes he did deserve

He did deserve to die, gangs are no good, and everyone knows that. He chose to get in the gang he knew the consequence's of a gang but didn't give a care in the world due to like most young people these days they think they are invincible. Well his luck run out and he got what was coming to him.

He didn't care so why should we, he chose his life not us. He chose the change, his family knew about it didn't do anything about it. So one low life gang banging thug off the street!

yes he did deserve

Well abby you said the young man deserve to die.Well just like every one that is born on this side of glory will see death will gang life kill you sure it will, do we think that the familycrossing 17th that they deserve to die let me know how you feel when death comes knocking

If he was in a gang. He was

If he was in a gang. He was that type of person. I'm sorry, but your friend had a choice and he chose poorly. Use this tragedy as an example and find better friends that will build you and your neighborhood up instead of tearing a neighborhood down. There are good, upstanding families that work and raise their kids that live less than two blocks from there. They have to deal with the junk that your friend brings into an area. All that ignornace and stupidity on S.9th street is because of people like your friend. They are what makes Wilmington downtown a terrible place to live.

Good luck....

Thugs killing thugs...100 people there and I guarantee no one saw a thing. This will never end....only getting worse. Where was the WPD when there was 100 people gathered in a notoriously crime ridden part of town and a fight was brewing? I'm sure this was someone's his life around...yeah right. Get ready for the onslaught of the textually challenged blasting out unreadable posts about (we think) how we should show respect for the poor guy who just got mixed up with the wrong crowd and was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Guns in the hands of thugs that have no respect for's the scariest thing I know of.


If WPD had come by everyone would have complained about being harassed by the man!

If you live like....

If you live like a punk thug, you die like one. No sympathy from me. How long before he would have been the one pulling the trigger?

if you live like

grand ole party i knew you would jump on this.I am quite sure the family did not ask you for your sympathy.We know the good old boy network has no sympathy for people of color or thugs as you say.When death knocks at your door let me know.One thing about life death will come and it doesn't matter how you go or what people think its hard for the family No i didn't know the young man or his family.I do know for sure a family is hurting.One day you will understand that pain or when they throw the dirt on you your family will know that pain .God bless you or whomever you believe in.


"I am quite sure the family did not ask you for your sympathy." Well guess what dear, I didn't ask for your opinion either, but you gave it and I gave mine. You judge me to be a racist, because that is all your narrow liberal mind could come up with, and I judge him to be a thug. See how it works? At first I assumed you were just another hypocrite, tree hugging, bleeding heart liberal. But the more posts I read of yours, the more I have come to the conclusion that you are just full ^%#% all together. However I really liked the line "One thing about life death will come and it doesn't matter how you go or what people think its hard for the family" How very deep and insightful that was. I would have never known that death would follows life. What a surprise! By the way can you please learn to use some punctuation? It doesn't have to always be correct, just readable would be nice.

Did take long

OK, I went back and read the post again. I never saw anyone but you say anything about race. Black or White if you screw around with gangs long enough this is what can happen. He most have really done something pretty bad if his own gang killed him..

did take long

I assume you meant to say Didn't take long.It doens't matter if you read or so race anywhere the world we live it its always about race just look at the words and how they describe young black men or hispanic men and how young white men.Its all about race.Was it wrong for him to be in a gang sure it was that was a choice he made.But to be hateful.Can't see it

Typical response

Do you liberals have any other response other than the race card? I mean really it gets old. He was a wanna be gang banger, as noted by his picture throwing his gang sign. Real cool huh? He lived a thug life and died like the thug he longed to be. You are correct, it was his choice, and in the end he his choice led to him being gunned down. No pity on my end at all. Still can't see it? Then maybe it is time to take of the blinders and wake up. It was not in fact about race, it is about stupid choices. You can assume I am a racist all you want. No worries. I assume you are just another ignorant, blind liberal. C'est la vie.

Talking with a weapon

People will just never get it: 'right'. When you "talk" with a gun or any weapon -- somebody will either die or be seriously injured by that weapon. Add the use of ILLegal Drugs or Alcohol to it and the crime becomes 'less painful' to the attacker.


Just a thug thinning.