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ONLY ON 3: Wilmington man fights for child ex never told him he had

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Wilmington man fights for child ex never told him he had

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Wilmington man is fighting for the right to raise his own child. A child he's never met. A child he never knew existed until the baby was several months old and already living with its potential adoptive parents. So far, trying to intervene has been a losing battle.

There's a crib, books to read at bedtime, toys. Items Greg Johns rushed to buy when he found out he was a father.

He has a nursery ready, but no baby sleeps in it.

"I'm already a father," John said. "I'm just looking to be a daddy."

In April 2011, Johns discovered he had a six-month-old baby boy. A mutual acquaintance told Johns his ex-girlfriend had a baby and put it up for adoption. He confronted her and found out the truth.

"The emotions of anger, sadness, the joy of being a father... I had all that compacted into a five-minute conversation by her just saying, 'You have no rights.' I just kept thinking, 'What is she talking about? I'm the father,' John said.

He found out Christian Adoption Services in Matthews had placed the baby, whom Greg has named "Chase," with a family in the triad.

Johns has spent the past year and nearly $100,000 fighting in court for the right to intervene in the adoption. Last month, a judge in Charlotte denied that request.

"It sounds certainly unfair and unjust, and the law is not being applied favorably in his case," family law attorney Jason Minnicozzi said.

Minnicozzi does not represent Johns, but is familiar with adoption laws.

Johns got a paternity test showing he is the father, which Minnicozzi says should be enough to intervene.

"You would think that the court would be inclined to allow that person to intervene in the matter and be heard on whether or not their parental rights should be terminated or whether or not their child should be adopted by another party," Minnicozzi said.

Johns has paperwork from Christian Adoption Services that shows his name was on the paperwork, but someone scribbled out his last name and put a fake name in its place. The agency says it tried to notify a Gregory James to no avail.

"I can't believe this was even notarized when the last name was crossed off and someone else's handwriting is there," Johns said.

The clock is ticking. Johns has an 18-month-old son he's never met.

To say he is frustrated in the legal system is an understatement. The Charlotte judge ruled that because Johns wasn't there from the beginning, he has no rights.

"I've used that anger in the right way," John said. "Motivation to not give up, to know that I do have a beautiful baby boy, to know that one day he will know the truth, one day I will have custody of him, because I won't stop. He'll know the truth, and he'll know his father did everything possible to love him. He'll know his father."

Now, all Johns can do is appeal, but money is running low.

"In this justice system today, you really need money to have your rights protected, because it's a game within a game," he said. "You have to have money to go. You have to keep appealing and go as high up as you can."

Or until the money runs out. That's is why Johns created a Facebook page called "A Father's Chase" and he website in hopes of getting monetary and emotional support, and to spread the word as he tries to bring his little boy home.

We contacted Christian Adoption Services. Director Jim Woodward would not comment on the specifics of this case. He would only say, "It's in the court system."

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justice has been served. Greg has lost all court cases because the law was followed and this child is with his mother and father where he should be. Thankful from real justice.

"justice has been served"

"justice has been served"

You are joking....right???????????????????? There is NO JUSTICE AT ALL HERE....someone has duped this man in more ways than one...and I am shocked at all of the comments that think the adoption agency is right.....what they did is against the LAW.....and IF the papers were notarized.....then whomever signed them should also be accountable.....This child is NOT with his father.....his father did not *AGREE* to anything....I can only hope and pray that something is done about this.....and those who allowed this to take place should be PUNISHED for what they did....

Wow... Ignorant!

If that's your idea of justice, I'm thankful that you don't make the laws. Let me guess.. you're a woman!

How long did he and the mother date?

I would like to know how long he and the mother dated. They obviously weren't close if he didn't know she was pregnant until after the baby was born. Was it a casual relationship? It said he found out about the baby through a mutual acquaintance, who obviously didn't think it necessary to tell him about the pregnancy before the birth?

Maybe the acquaintance found

Maybe the acquaintance found out after the baby was born. Then told the father when he/she found out, and that is how it transpired. Maybe they were close, or maybe it was a one night stand. Does that mean that state governments should have the control it has in matters like this. The important thing to remember is that he never signed over his rights, and the agency should be investigated for fraud.

Are you kidding?

Do you really think this guy is so innocent?? Please look up the laws in North Carolina and you will see the courts clearly showed beyond a shadow of a doubt this father is not all he's cracked up to be in this video. This is such a one sided video but unfortunately the truth can not be told to the public because this involves a CHILD and his privacy. Please know the whole truth before making judgements. Christian Adoption Services is the most reputable and ethical agency I have ever researched.

Did you really read what you

Did you really read what you wrote??????? There is NO SUCH BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT in any not even know why anyone would put such as this on the internet......Perhaps you need to go and sit in court for a just might learn a lot....I know I did....there is SO MUCH CORRUPTION AND COVER UP in the JUDICIAL SYSTEMS ACROSS THE is really very sad....and probably 95% of the attorneys are CORRUPT too.....there are many judges who do not even know the law....much less follow it...

You have NO IDEA just how

You have NO IDEA just how unfair the JUDICIAL SYSTEM CAN I have been there and know just how CORRUPT our system is... read more about it here....
some NC judges DO NOT EVEN GO BY WHAT THE NC LAWS....I know this from FACT ALSO....

So if I look up North

So if I look up North Carolina laws it will clearly show the father is not all he is cracked up to be? Does that make any sense? CAS or Christian Adoption Services employee whatever name you want to go by, if I were you I would keep researching because CAS or Christian Adoption Services committd fraud. This is a "black" market business, and CAS sold this mans son for a profit. Where is the integrity in the agency? Research Adoption cases and fraud and you find out that more and more adoption agencies have law suits against them because of stuff like this. No one is there to monitor adoption agencies. Especially when they can hide behind the an adoption statute that is clearly unconstitutional. Not real Christian like, is it CAS employee? I think you need to stop playing the bad father card, and know the truth yourself.

Call your State Representative

Stop with the electronic outrage and call your local and state elected officals. The number to the North Carolina General Assembly is 919-733-4111 and give them the county you live in and they will connect you to your representative. The officials we elect have the power to stop these CRAZY judges, however we must make them do their jobs.

If you are going to only post a comment and go on with your day then you best believe that there is a possability that you will be a victim of this same corrupt and unjust system. Make the DAMN call today! Because I am going to make the call on Mr. Johns behalf.

My daughter was adopted from

My daughter was adopted from this agency and they did NOTHING but follow the law to a T. It has taken over 6 months to terminate the birth fathers rights as they have tried to find him and clearly let us know we were in a legal risk until then. They put it in the paper, talked to the birthmother and family and much more. I know this is standard procedure in all of their adoptions. They are not the bad guys in this situation. Maybe the father shouldn't be sleeping around with people he has no relationship with and a woman that would lie to this extent? This is a very sad situation where no one wins. I can't imagine being the adopted parents in this case. How sad it is the whole way around.

Wow..A lot of anger toward

Wow..A lot of anger toward someone you do not even know. Thank God that the law was followed in your case but it was not in his. Why would you be passing judgement about who should be sleeping with whom. It is very sad for all involved but try to put yourself in his position. He is being denied his rights.

There is a lot of anger

There is a lot of anger being displayed toward this agency, many allegations of fraud and a mention of this agency "selling" a baby. Wow. Early judgment on both sides. The person who posted this may not know this man, but the other posters don't know the agency either. It's foolish to jump to conclusions either way.

I'm not going to sit here

I'm not going to sit here and say "job well done WWAY" because this story is so one sided it's pathetic. There's been no mention of the child's best interest, nor what the adoptive parents are feeling at this time (they've been the only caregivers for this child for 18 months). There's been no "real" look at what NC adoption laws really say. Let's get the facts straight and not be so one sided. Is it a sad case? Of course! And to think that people actually are on here saying that the agency crossed out names and re-wrote them is really sad and desperate. They've been in this business for a long time, do your research, they know they would be closed down for an action like that. Let's learn more about what the law actually says instead of just a pity party as a way to get attention.

Father's rights

This is a christian organization that has lied. Legal action needs to be taken. How about the parent's who adopted. They know what is going on and have refused to let Greg even see this little boy. How do they sleep at night. I feel sorry that they are in this situation but why have they not done the right thing. They should know a little of what it feels like to be denied parenthood and yet they have denied a father of his child. It is time for them to do the right thing. When this child is old enough to know what has happened, how will they explain to him that they denied him the chance to be with his real father. The judge should be investigated. The whole situation is an outrage and I hope that it gets the national attention it deserves. We cannot as a country and as human beings tolerate father's being treated as if they don't matter.

This a terrible awful story

This a terrible awful story and just one of thousands that happen annually that we don't here about. Family Law has been made water tight and plus some for women's concerns but a leaky boat for men.

The fact that this type of thing can happen in this day and age is appalling. It ultimately comes down to Government and the DA's offices to have the will to make and enforce laws. There are no counter balancing forces to those lobbying for women and fathers are being run over by a dump truck.

This man will ultimately win his suit. They'll say yes people did wrong here but it not worth prosecuting, and sorry but is too late as your child has bonded with the adoptive parents. And yes the mom has avoided child support.

This is all utterly despicable.

poor guy who wants his child back

I feel very sad for this guy. One of the biggest legal problems facing Wilmingtonians is that we have no qualified attorneys here. These attorneys around here have no spunk, no fight, no experience. They don't know how to talk to a jury or a judge or people in general. They only know how to make silent plea bargains with the district attorney and do a little paperwork. For sure it will help you to go to a bigger city with "big city " attorneys who know what is going on, and have that experience and drive to help you. Very good luck to you.


The attorneys were from Charlotte, NC. They took a lot of Greg's money and didn't do anything.

Oh, they have spunk and

Oh, they have spunk and fight all right when it comes to getting their money up front!! Guess all that energy from the start is what wears them out before they get to the court room. By that time most of them just sit there like they're out of steam and do little to defend you.


true of all attorneys

I think that's true of all attorneys, everywhere. Just like doctors, no insurance, no appointment. And I know for a fact most everything court related is settled behind the scenes before you ever get to court room.


This is so sad that this man is fighting with everything in his power to just have his son in his arms and never let go!!! There are so many people that wouldnt do half of what this man is doing this man needs his son so that he can love him and take care of him as he is only wishing to do so!!! I love my children with all my heart and if someone was to try and take them from me i would be ripped appart.. he has not yet got to spend anytime with his child do to someone's false and wrong doings please GOD give this man his child and let him be the father he want to be to his son...

Why should he have rights?

Why should he have rights? A woman can abort her husband's child without his consent. Had she aborted the baby, done deal, no story.

So if you think he should have rights, you can't be for abortion. You can have it both ways. So put up, or shut up!

I think it is INSANE! The BIT@H should go to jail.

"So if you think he should

"So if you think he should have rights, you can't be for abortion. You can have it both ways."

I think you meant CAN'T have it both ways. I'm for men's rights, but I'm also Pro Choice. They're not mutually exclusive. I don't believe a man should be able to force a woman to carry an unwanted child. I also don't believe a woman should be able to summarily strip a father of his rights to his child as this woman did. See how that works? The issue isn't black and white.

And being "for" abortion is treating a very grey issue as black and white. I'm pro choice but very much anti abortion. Meaning, I would never choose that for my family, but I also don't believe it's my, or anyone else's right to tell someone else that they cannot choose it for their family.


There are many fathers fighting this battle. Try to contact Cody O'dea or John Wyatt. Spread your story as far as you can. The Keep-Grayson Home fb page is a good place to start. Make your own FB page. There are many people out there that will help you as much as they can.


Thank you, WWAY for a wonderful report. It was excellent in every regard.

Thank you WWAY

This report was wonderful! It was put together, narrated and presented in pure quality fashion. The man you see on this video is a great person who just wants the right thing to happen. Any suggestions or information that anyone can offer will be warmly accepted and appreciated. WWAY, your Marcy Cuevas did a tremendous job on this and I hope it brings her and the station an award. I know she is expecting her own child soon and I wish her and her family the best.

It's really a sad story

The legal system is built totally around the mother. A father has few rights, except the right to pay child support.

If the facts are true in the article above, a fraud has been committed.
A lawsuit should be brought against the mother, and actual and punitive damages sought.

Christian Adoption Services could be facing a lawsuit, as anyone that believes this wasn't a virgin birth, a father had to be involved, and he has presupposed rights which may have been intentionally overlooked.

It would be nice if the law pursued the mother and adoption company with as much energy and zeal as they do for fathers child support.

This is an area of family law that needs scrutiny and changes.
Until all fathers band together, it will not change.

Good luck and keep fighting.

I agree and they need to go

I agree and they need to go after the Notary Public as well.

Notary Public

Why does the public think a notary pulbic is a Lawyer?

I am a notary pulbic and all we are to do is make sure that the person who signs the document is the actual person. We have no right to even know what is on or in the document in most cases. And if information is changed within the document that is no concern of mind. I have put my signature and stamp on many a paper and could not tell you what they are for. All my signature and stamps states is that Person X is Person X and has nothing to do with what is in the papers. And believe me when I do act as notary pulbic I know whoever is signing that piece of paper is who they say they are. I have made people mad because I would not take them at their word, sorry unless you can prove to me you are who you say no signature or stamp from me.

So when people make statements like this they need to know what the job of a Notary Public is "they need to go after the Notary Public as well"

I think they are saying go

I think they are saying go after the notary in this case because the guy's last name was crossed off and something else handwritten in. So obviously it wasn't verified. The guy wasn't even present! I guess not everyone has the integrity that you say you do.