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ONLY ON 3 & THE BIG TALKER FM: Mayor Saffo won't support baseball proposal


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY & THE BIG TALKER FM) -- In an exclusive interview this morning on The Big Talker FM with Chad Adams, Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo says he and other city council members cannot support the baseball stadium proposal pitched to them two weeks ago.

"Based on the proposal that I have seen to date, I'm not satisfied with it, as I believe all of the other council members are also," Saffo said. "I don't think that we're satisfied with the proposal that's been brought forward, so we'll take a look at it and evaluate it and make some decision on it."

Private developers, Mandalay Entertainment and the Atlanta Braves pitched the proposal to privately finance a nearly $40 million baseball stadium. The group would initially build the stadium and then eventually lease it back to the city.

"Pardon the pun here," Saffo said, "but we're putting all of our skin in the game, and they have very little skin in the game."

Coming up on WWAY NewsChannel 3 at 5:30, we'll talk with the StarNews's Shannan Bowen about a recent survey the paper did on public support of a new baseball stadium.

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very few jobs.

The players, coaches, and managers are all employees of the Major League team. No change there.

Normal staff for front office is around 12; and that is seasonal to a degree.

Ticket booth employees, concessionaires, and grounds keepers are all minimu wage; and with only 65 or so home games; not much there.


640 jobs year 1
135-140 jobs year 2 onwards,your figures way-off

Tom, you must have missed the lie-a-thon

They actually had a PowerPoint presentation predicting 645 jobs!

(We will obviously be the first stadium with 500 peanut, hot-dog, and beer vendors.)


Valet parking with a personal valet for each attendee.


let's not forget the street entertainers who will be playing guitars or harmonicas as they approach stadium patrons for hand outs. Let's see, do I throw them a dollar or have their smelly bodies follow me to my car?

let's not forget the springing up of restaurants and bars, where minimum wage employees will stand around while baseball fans are in the stadium; and when they exit, they will either have no cash to spend or will need to get home for work the following morning. I wonder how long those business owners will stay in operation when the fan flow of dollars does not occur?

I guess we should count cab drivers who will be out there to drive folks home who would prefer to avoid a DUI.

Oh, and of course the additional police who will be on duty for traffic control and to control youthful exhuberance after a game.

Oh, let's not forget the radio broadcasts. Maybe they'll hire a local sports celebrity and John Rendleman to do the broadcasts.

I guess if we use imagination, smoke, and mirrors, we can come up with all types of possibilities.

The 645 jobs are the first

The 645 jobs are the first year. All the construction jobs etc.

and if past performance

is any indicator, there will be no significant use of local trade labor.

Where did labor come from on other Mandalay projects in other states?

Construction Jobs

And probably most of the construction workers will be from out of town and undocumented.

Frankly Very Few Jobs

Let's not forget all the businesses that will spring up around the stadium. They will be mostly bars and restaurants. Let's see...waiters and bartenders make below minium wage and depend on tips and everyone else will make close to minimum wage.
When the city is "given" the stadium in 30 years it can decide whether to spend millions to refurbish it or millions to demolish it.

I'm not certain

where your point takes you.

Those restaurants and bars will not spring up overnight. It could well take 3 to 5 years for all of this springing up to occur.

Winston Salem and Greensboro have neat facilities, named for BB&T & New Bridge Bank; and if you've been to either, you know there has been no springing up. And I believe each has been in place more than 5 years.

By then, the uniqueness of the ball team will have worn off; average paid attendance will be under 2,000 per game.

And think about this. Neither has nearby beaches to compete with for fan attendance and dollars.

And least no one forget...

And least no one forget... who is going to be the main recipient of the very lucrative beer and concession profits? Most certainly this field of their dreams will not be selling 2 for $2.00 gas station hot dogs and $2.29 40 once buds...