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ONLY ON 3: Woman chases off suspected robbers with Louisville Slugger

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Teen chases off suspected robbers with Louisville Slugger

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Wilmington woman chases down suspected thieves with a bat after they tried to break into her house.

With her help, police arrested Sean Ray McMahan, 17, and Markyes Deshaun Jones, 18, who are now in jail after admitting to mugging a woman downtown Thursday night around 10 p.m.

The Wilmington Police Department says officers and New Hanover County Sheriff's deputies, part of the Downtown Taskforce, responded to a robbery report at S. 3rd Street and Orange Street.

The victim had beaten and her purse was stolen by two young men, who ran away toward South 2nd Street down Orange Street.

The Downtown Taskforce and Wilmington Police set up a perimeter and called in K9 for a track.

After McMahan and Jones admittedly stole a woman's purse and ran off, that's when Taylor Alexander says they tried to break into her house on Ann St. through the back gate.

“I grabbed my bat, went up stairs and in a bad sense started screaming curse words, swatting and just went at it,” she says.

Alexander's grandma, LaNelle Clontz, walked outside when she heard the police sirens.

“The cops are coming up to me and saying 'your granddaughter is fearless. She chased them with a baseball bat and she delayed them from running away,” Clontz says.

Alexander says she wasn't always that fearless. Six months ago, she was held up at gunpoint and froze. From that point on, she vowed to protect herself.

“I felt like an absolute wimp and I promised myself that if anything should happen again where it involves my life or somebody else's I’m going to do everything I can to stop it,” Alexander says.

She admits the situation could have turned out much worse, but says her mind went blank.

“I’m crazy I guess. You know, it was my first initial reaction. I wasn't thinking, ‘oh I’m gong to go get these guys,” she says.

“That took great courage in my opinion,” Clontz says. “I mean I am so proud of her, it's just not believable.”
Two teenagers are in jail after admitting they mugged a woman and stole her purse last night.

McMahan and Jones were charged with common law robbery, attempted common law robbery, and hinder/delay/obstruct a law enforcement officer. They are each in jail under $100,000 bond.

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This is why you should

This is why you should support your second amendment so they can only do it once.

Too bad she didn't score a

Too bad she didn't score a home run against their skulls with her "Slugger". Maybe next time it will be a .44 Magnum instead of a ball bat. Considering the goings-on in the "hood" the past few days, as well as close to it, sounds like some "thug-thinning" needs to be done. Good job, Taylor!

Beautiful girl. Great job.

Beautiful girl. Great job. It's always good to see the good folks get a good lick in, every once in a while. The bad side of this story is that both these monsters will both be back out in less then a month.

They need to take these two

They need to take these two little idiots and tie them up in a room and let Miss Alexander and the mugging victim spend a couple hours in there with some baseball bats. The fact that a woman cannot walk down the sidewalk without being beaten and robbed and that an girl cannot feel safe in her home speaks volumes that the measures in place to control little pukes like these two are not working. They have no fear of punishment. A few months in jail (if that) means playing basketball and watching tv, thanks to all of the do gooders in this country who are more interested in protecting trash like this than they are in protecting decent hard working people.

Im 20 years old!

Not 18 haha, though this recognition was both unsuspected to the fullest, and absolutely flattering I am indeed, 20!

Stay safe everyone!

You go girl!

You go girl!



Education and Opportunity are the Key to Less of this

Unfortunately these men have made their decisions, and we, and they must live with it. Just like the young men who, in coldblooded, gun down the delivery driver, no amount of prevention will help their victims once the crime is committed; but we have an opportunity to set the conditions so that this thing is increasingly rare. We have a choice, invest in prevention, or invest in incarceration and medical care.

Our taxes have remained low (, maybe it's time we invest a bit more into our schools and a little less (eventually) into our jail.


These punks, and their ilk, have been given preferential treatment in the way of education and opportunity FOR DECADES. Affirmative action, specialized curriculums, government and private grants and scholarships, preferential placement, etc. It has done nothing but enforce the entitlement mindset. They know wrong from right, and have chosen to fall on the side of wrong. No one pushed them there. Conditioning by reward has failed, and it's time to start conditioning by punishment. By the way, we can slow the investment in jail by actually punishing them with hard labor, which pays for itself.

Apprentice thugs today...murderers tomorrow!

These two will be in the mugshot gallery for murder before too long...just like the 4 that are there today!

too bad

The city wants to draw more tourists downtown. What a shame that tourists are unaware of the dangers even in the "nice" parts. Like leading lambs to slaughter. We know the areas to avoid but the thugs aren't staying in those areas any more. Any town where the public housing/low class housing is "downtown" has this issue, when will they learn?

Lighten up!

Lighten up on these two they're working their way up to killing Chinese guys delivering food in the "hood". Everybody has got to start somewhere, you just can't go out and kill somebody without mugging a woman and snatching her purse first. Give'em a break!!

working their way up

How long before they decide that beating takes to long and just decides its easier for them to just shoot their next victim.Make the punishment fit.They beat someones mother,daughter,or sister.We should take are que from china and after they do the standard punishment the system hands down they should be caned.A reminder they will never forget.

Mugging for a Purse

What he-men are these guys who mug women. Let me know when you need volunteers for a firing squad.

John A. Difloure says What

John A. Difloure says What he-men are these guys who mug women. Let me know when you need volunteers for a firing squad.

Yes we do and it is very brave of you to offer to be standing down there while we take our target practice.

Execution for purse

Execution for purse snatching? You sound like a real reasonable person.

No execution for purse

Of course that would not be a suitable punishment. The punishment should be commensurate with the crime. Cutting off their right hands at the wrist would be the way to go here. That's the way it's done in the Islamic world. Allahu Akbar muhfukka !!


Not too many years ago the penalty for robbery on the King's Highway was a long drop and a sudden stop, if you know what I mean. That would be for a anything, ANYTHING taken by force. A wise law, which we should revive.

And mugging some innocent person for a purse

Is reasonable to you?
I fully agree that an exaction may not be the way,
but who stops after mugging/robbing someone and getting away with it?
Its a gateway crime, and those who feel comfortable mugging and beating a FEMALE, yet alone a human period, deserve a strong book to be thrown at them by a judge!

Exactly.........before the

Exactly.........before the kill somebody, which they surely will do sooner or later. Nothing but useless, good-for-nothing trash.


People are always asking parents, "Do you know where your child is tonight?" With young people growing up doing many of the things they are doing today, I'm more inclined to ask, "Do you know where the parents of these two boys are?"


It's sad but what u expect the Jones boy mother is a criminal herself what you expect he comes from a home of abuse and no love but I'm not saying its an accuse


you donot judge a book by the cover the jones boy mother is not a criminal she have did the best she new raising her kids and really markeyes Jones has problems donot know what he is doing at times he is a kid that needs to be watched at all times he is really a good person but has no control over what he does his mother trys to help him takes him to Dr.he is 18 but really is like a 7 or 8 yr old his mother has had quite a bit to deal with I have kept markeyes I know what it is like it was to much I had to send him home to his mother. now I tell myself if I had kept him maybe it would not had happen. Iam sorry for what he did and he is to Iam sure. but donot judge his mom she try. I am Markeyes grandmother Iknow he really needs help now and Iam happy no one got hurt.and his mom is very sad it happened .