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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The North Carolina Department of Transportation is moving forward with plans for the highly-debated Military Cutoff Extension and Hampstead Bypass in Pender and New Hanover County.

The DOT will extend Military Cutoff road to the US 17 Wilmington Bypass, cutting through Ogden Park and some residential areas.

The Hampstead Bypass will cut from the Wilmington Bypass across Sidbury Road dumping out just north of South Topsail Elementary School.

The DOT says because of the amount of traffic, the decision will help the community move forward.

“We’re planning on about 50,000 cars a day, so that’s a lot of traffic,” the DOT’s Jackson Provost said. “So hopefully it will give you some relief in the Porters Neck area and provide an alternative way from Wrightsville Beach to get in and out of town.”

The DOT says residents and businesses in the community have known about the possibility of the corridor for years, so the decision should not come as a shock.

“I think there was a corridor protection plan that’s been in place many years, which has kind of given the public and idea that there is a project coming through, so it shouldn’t be a surprise,” Provost said.

Instead, residents say they want the plan to move faster. They’re worried if the timeline stays how it is, the project may get push down the list of priorities.

“After 17 years, a whole lot of people have been working on this,” said Al Freimark, a Pender County resident who has long been one of those people working on the plan. “We don’t want to see it go to 2017 and then something else take its place and bump it off.”

Work is scheduled to begin on Military Cutoff in 2016. Construction for the the Hampstead Bypass should start in 2020.

The DOT will hold another public hearing August 28 to discuss plans on how the corridor will look.

Visit the project website for more information.

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  • Guest7969

    make a bypass go through like FOUR FAMILY NEIGHBORHOODS!!! What a GREAT job government does!

  • RSimmons

    Those cracker boxes in Ogden Park have deprecated to the point where many are worth 2/3rds of what they were purchased for.

  • Office Fan

    I worked in the Ogden area for years and spoke with many residents in those neighborhoods. The developers knew full well the DOT had a long term plan to build the extension through that area, and yet they chose to move forward with building those neighborhoods anyway. This isn’t a case of the DOT coming out and dropping a bombshell on these people, the extension has been in the planning stages for nearly a decade. If I remember correctly, there was even a moratorium on many of the planned developments in that area due to concerns over right of way issues relating to this extension, yet as soon as that moratorium expired building started right back up in full force. This is a perfect example of irresponsible developers who decided to build cookie cutter neighborhoods and sell them quickly knowing they were smack-dab in the proposed path of the future Military Cutoff extension.

    A lot of the people I have spoken to over the years have told me they built or bought homes in that area betting against the extension ever being built. They assumed that even though the planned route has always been through that area, push-back from residents and business would force a route change or delay the project so long it would never happen. Looks like the DOT called their bluff and the residents in that area gambled and lost.

  • where?

    Does this effect Murraysville Rd. at all?

  • SurfCityTom

    the Cape Fear River Bridge remains one of the most unsafe in operation. But the state has no funds to permanently fix it or replace it.

    That certainly makes sense.

  • Vog46

    Not to worry Tom. NCDOT will shut the bridge down completely for two weekends this fall to replace the old lift cables. Problem solved.
    That is, until the center section breaks in the middle due to steel fatigue and the new cables are left holding the now broken sections up out of the water…….
    the DOT has the thankless task of maintaining bridges that should be replaced and their maintenance funds are subject to cuts……
    The 140 bypass bridge is new. What they NEED is a few connectors to the bypass to make it easier to use the bypass to get in and out of Wilmington – but then its no longer a bypass per se.

    Best Regards

  • Guesttofferson

    What does that have to do with the planned extension? What is deprecated?

  • taxpayer

    “i” “i” Captain.

  • Guest7969

    First of all..only a SHORT stretch of homes will have problems with this…second…I think you are speaking of MOST of NHC’s homes as far as loss of worth since 2008. MOST neighborhoods have lost at LEAST half their worth. If you have money right now to spend…BUY..you can make some cash on the back end later…

  • RSimmons

    especially when it is incorrect ;)

  • Guest343

    Agree. This project has been in the works for a long time. Going back earlier than many of the homes in the area. I don’t feel sorry for anyone who didn’t do their research before buying. The property records map on New Hanover County’s website has shown the proposed path through those Ogden neighborhoods for as a long as I can remember. Bow Hunter Dr and Needlefish Ct are two examples of fairly new construction. A few minutes on the internet would have shown them that this thing is going run right up against their backyards.

    Even if you skipped the internet search there are red flags that should have raised suspicions. Why are there no homes on Mass Ave? Why is there a landing strip looking break in the homes between Bow Hunter and Needlefish? These cookie cutter developments need to squeeze in as many homes as possible for profit, the fact that these areas were left alone should have been a warning.

  • GuestH

    All of you speaking on behalf of us “cookie cutter” home owners thanks but unless you live in the area no one needs to hear your inane thoughts. Some of us bought after the initial sell from the developers and were never told about a proposed bypass. I for one did a search before buying but as my “home” is not on the proposed path nothing came up. As for red flags of no houses on Mass? My mailbox if off Mass and there is nothing but a dead end on either side. If I’m not mistaken wasn’t/isn’t the housing market stalled? Why would any of your so called red flags have made any difference in the current and at the time economy? It is wonderful to hear all the heartfelt concern for others in this area. Hopefully the bypass will get diverted and will show up in your back yard. Maybe then you might have some compassion for others.

  • Guest Reply

    What about the Skyway Bridge??? That was supposed to solve everything from hither to yonder…and back again.
    Forgot about that bridge huh?

  • Guest Reply

    Now they are looking at building the “Waterway Toll Tunnel”…or WTT.
    That idea will die out with the Skyway Bridge/Ball field/Successful Convention Center (with or without a hotel)/Paving our roads/Cutting back on taxes.

  • SurfCityTom

    unless the White House Occupant is coming to NC. Look for me to worry in September.

    I am waiting for a couple of sections to drop out and cars to test their floatation ability as they head toward Southport.

  • Will

    The bottom line is the majority of people who purchased homes in that area including myself had no knowledge of this road being built. That being said this was a longterm plan that the county commisioners knew about as well as the city of Wilmington, they never should have granted building permits to build homes when they fully knew this was gonna happen. Those are the people who are responsible for this and they should lose their positions in the county government because of it. I regret ever moving to Wilmington, I have lived in several states because of prior military service and I will say by far they do some of the most underhanded backroom deals I have ever seen down here. This county, city and state truely are a joke they way they run things, none of these people should hold office positions.


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