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Should Hampstead become incorporated?

As Hampstead grows, so does the cry for the community to become incorporated.

Pender County teacher recognized for helping students master chemistry

Were there some classes you avoided taking in high school? For some students it may be math or chemistry class, but we found a Pender County teacher who has a knack for making difficult subjects understandable for his students.

Hampstead man accused of strangling woman

The Pender County Sheriff's Office has arrested a suspect wanted for assaulting a woman.

Pender County man passes ‘Go’, collects $200,000 Monopoly Frenzy! prize

A Hampstead man tested his luck and won big a scratch-off lottery ticket.

Crash involving tractor trailer causing delays, outages in Hampstead

The Pender County Sheriff's Office says an accident this morning in Hampstead is causing traffic and power outages. 

District by district, storm debris in Pender County is getting a clean sweep

All storm-related vegetative debris and construction debris pick-up by DRC, the county’s contractor, has resumed following the holidays.

Pender teen charged with possessing nude pictures of a minor

An 18-year-old Hampstead man was arrested last week on charges he had nude photos of a minor, according to the Pender County Sheriff’s Office.

As population grows, some Hampstead residents push to become real town

A rapidly growing Pender County community could become a real town if some of its residents have their way. But having more control could mean spending more money.

Cross Creek Celebrates Halloween with Trunk Or Treat

With the help of other organizations and plenty of volunteers, they put together a trunk or treat for the kids in storm ravaged Hampstead.

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