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Former DA Gore, assistant indicted; Gore issues statement

READ MORE: Former DA Gore, assistant indicted; Gore issues statement

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A Brunswick County Grand Jury has indicted former District Attorney Rex Gore for allegedly signing off on false expense reports for an assistant district attorney while in office.

According to the indictment, Gore, who served Brunswick, Columbus and Bladen Counties signed off on ADA Elaine Kelley’s expense reports claiming gas money in excess of $14,000 that was not eligible for reimbursement. Gore allegedly told Kelley to claim travel that never took place.

Gore is charged with felonious conspiracy to obtain property by false pretenses.

The Grand Jury also indicted Kelley for obtaining property by false pretense and felonious conspiracy to obtain property by false pretenses. According to court documents, Kelley filed reports falsely claiming she drove from Elizabethtown to Bolivia at least once a week for five years for work.

Kelley has not yet returned a phone message seeking comment.

In a statement, Gore said: "In the spring of 2005 I hired Elaine Kelly to supervise prosecutions in the Bladen County unit of the District Attorney's office. Because she was going to be commuting 500-plus miles per week, I included a travel component in her compensation package. It was a choice that I felt I could make because of the broad discretion the elected District Attorney has in handling compensation issues. I had several options available. In the end, I chose a travel mileage plan that limited her to 125 miles for commuting. I have no reason to doubt that each week she claimed that mileage; she consistently traveled at least that many miles. Shortly after I left office at the end of 2010, my authority to approve that compensation package came into question. Eighteen months later my decision has resulted in this charge. I had no intent to overstep my authority.

"While I am disappointed and disagree with the decision to prosecute, I am a strong believer that our jury system is designed in such a way that we ultimately reach right decisions. I am anxious to get this controversy resolved.

"Even though we have entered this current phase, I still take comfort in three things: I received no monetary benefit from my choice; Ms. Kelly received no more money than she would have had I chosen a different compensation package method; and Bladen County had one of the most aggressive, effective prosecutors in the state when she was there.

"I hope that this issue over one of my administrative decisions does not cast a shadow over the great work that prosecutors and staff in the office of the District Attorney have done over the years and continue to do now."

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A wonderful man

I respect that everyone has their opinion, but I certainly don't have to agree with your opinion. Rex Gore for years jumped through hoops for a former NC state senator. What the senator wanted, he got. How then can you tell me Rex Gore is such a wonderful man? Go to the courthouse in Columbus County and look up the court records of one notorious, young felon who by the way is back court this week, and look at the multiple charges that were dismissed against him. Witnesses not showing up to testify in case after case would be proof to a wise and prudent person that something underhanded was going on.

As for Jon David, he's a disappointment too. I thought we had a good DA now but boy was I fooled.

If he is so wonderful why is

If he is so wonderful why is his family not on here, like they are on his side?? I will tell you, they don't like him either!!


Read Out With Three concerning my sister and then tell me how wonderful Gore is. From our dealings with him, humble and loyal are the last words I would use to describe him. Apparently he was different when acting within his 'office.' Many, many people in this district know what he really is, so save your words. What goes on in the dark, comes to the light.

The only mention of Judge

The only mention of Judge Lewis on this page has come from you.


Keep digging - this is only the tip of a big, ugly iceberg.

Hopefully, they will dig

Hopefully, they will dig deep enough to find out why Devina Buff-Jones's murder was covered opinion. The good 'ol boys are dropping like flies. Maybe a new era has opened up for Bruswick County, NC.


Maybe there will be some justice now. If you are from Brunswick County, "in" with the right family and people, you literally can get away with any crime, if the Feds or SBI are not involved. I've seen one person get 2 DWI's in 6 weeks, wreck their vehicle in both instances, and walk out of court, start their vehicle, and drive home. Just last year. Anywhere else this would not be tolerated. Same thing happened in Columbus this year. Habitual drunk diver (my neighbor who's driving career will eventually end in tragedy) walked out of court, drove home, and bragged for 2 weeks about it. Don't think so? Read the Court section of the Brunswick Beacon. Regulary. Then vote, or things will never change here.

No justice in Brunswick County

It's amazing how people in Brunsick County came get multiple DWI's and get in no trouble.They go around bragging how they have connections at Bolivia and can get out of them.There is a person in County that just got 2 DWI's within less than 30 days. 1st DWI license was taken for 30 days before 30 days was up they got a 2nd DWI while driving on a revoke license.Within that 30 days they filed a claim that their vehicle had been stolen and wrecked. Yeah right they were drunk again and wrecked it and run and repoted stolen so they wouldn't get 3rd DWI. While being charged with 2 DWI's and driving on revoked license and charged with open container and 2- 30 days of civil revacation.Since then they have already been called and warned of a road block so they wouldn't get another DWI.After that they got stopped again and charged with open container.Now they are going around bragging how they have connections at Bolivia and will be able to get out of all of this.Sounds like there are still somemore of the good ole boys at Bolivia that are still doing favors.If this person gets out of all of this I think the judge that let them walk and anyone who helped them get out of this should be fired and exsposed like the rest that are doing all theses favors at Bolivia.If they do get out of this and someone gets killed over doing this Drunk A favor everyone involved in helping this person get out of all this should all be charged and go to prison.Is this what the tax payers are paying these judges and DA's to do is give these people these kind of favors.I sure hope not.Better look out because this person was able to collect insurance money from reporting vehicle being stolen and is getting it fixed so anybody could be next victim this person runs into drunk and kills.If this is how the court system works in Brunswick well they just as well shut down the court house and get rid of all those corrupt workers up there and maybe we could save some on our taxes by not having to give this bunch a pay check anymore.So quit doing all these favors for these people getting DWI's. If you want to do a favor help the Ms.Divina Jones family with these favors you'll are handing out up there in Bolivia.

exactly !!!!

The house of cards have begun to crumble... I hope the Jones family finally gets the truth regarding Devina's death..

maybe they will get rc soles before he dies...

hte good ole boys are crumbling...

Are the new boys so good!

Are the new boys so good! Looks like the new era covers up the crime of his own investigator AND his neighbor. If a cop wants to get accused of crimes and admit to driving drunk and keep his job go work for Jon David.

The Just Us Boy

Wonderful you say? Tell that to the family of a poor little girl who was repeatedly raped by her father. Rex kept the criminal issue out of the court so that the father could use custody to threaten the mom. There are many in Columbus County who will tell you about Rex's many years of selective prosecution and how only a few had access to the justice system. If you were part of Rex's political support team or a friend of someone's family you got a shot at the Just-Us program, Gore style. The only problem I see here is that a few more of Rex's pals aren't yet charged. But I hear it may be coming. The retired judge should be next and if Mr. David will dig a little deeper he will most likely find more on Rex. Justice served.


Thanks Red: I am beginning to fear we may never get the help we need. People are too quick to say bad things about Jon David and he is the only help we have. As many things as has been done through the old DA's office, Jon can't hold a candle to what dirty deeds were done. Good old boy supporters of the old DA way of doing things need to shut up and go away. My sister was murdered and then her name was smeared by those in office and/or people with money and power in this county. THAT IS the truth.

absolute control

The same families who have controlled and ran both city and county police departments and district attorney's offices in New Hanover and Pender County have been in charge since the court was formed in the 60's and even before that. They are connected to the most powerful generations of senators and judges in the entire state for a century. Their family owns large property tracts in Brunswick County and they do plan to take over there too.