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ONLY ON 3: Man arrested for allegedly strangling Chihuahua

READ MORE: Man arrested for allegedly strangling Chihuahua

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -– For many people our pets are like our family and we mourn their loss very difficulty. What would you do if your dog was brutally killed?

Friday, Cory Morgan Gray, 24, allegedly strangled his girlfriend's six-pound Chihuahua while she was in class at Cape Fear Community College.

"I found him there, and I found little Charlie. He just looked like so in pain and so tense, and he just looked so pitiful and helpless," said Jenna Branham, the dog's owner.

Gray was booked on preliminary charges of felony cruelty against animals. After spending one hour in jail Gray was released on a $5,000 secure bond.

"If Charlie had been a person, it would be murder, but it's not. It's animal cruelty," Donna Branham said. "It's not animal cruelty. It's animal murder. He murdered this dog."

The Branham family is trying to raise awareness about animal cruelty cases such as this by starting an online petition to strengthen animal cruelty laws.

Click here for more information on their Charlie's Law.

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Just the start

Animal cruelty ... is this his first time ... getting caught? Isn't this how most of the famous mass murderers started out? Better keep an eye on this guy, you may see him on CNN one day. And I hope he doesn't use the tried and true defense of "I was high" or "I was drunk".

While a very heartbreaking Story,

I've got "neighbors" beside Me that are interested in shooting "cats" with a Air-rifle, killing LOCAL wild-life,(Possom's) because they have "free-range" Chickens right here @ Shipyard & Carolina Beach road...
keeping the "chickens corralled", (free range) with the droppings etc, flowing with each rain into the Charter school area(s) behind the "yard" into the school area(s)...
(Wilmington School of Inquiry)
They ARE ILLEGAL Hispanic People?,Sub-renting/letting whomever from the mid-west, (I seen the license plates), yet THEY and thier chickens have MORE Rights than MY Dog,(whom has shots and vaccenated), whom they threatened to shoot, if it got "near" their chickens...??
IS THERE NOT A City Ordinance about haveing "chickens" in the city?
And SHOOTING people's pets ,(Isn't that a charge of Animal cruelty)? or threating to shoot ANY animal(s); just because they have these "FOWLS" with-in the city Limits? Is this OK?
Along with 10 to 20 people living in a 2 or 3 bedroom home? (Including childern?)Isn't this AGAINST the HEALTH CODE?
Answer Me this Scott Pickens @ WWAY...


What in the hell are you trying to spit out on here. This has nothing to do w/ Hispanics or Americans. Chicken crossing? Just be careful w/ that air'll shoot your eye out kid. This is about CHARLIE!!!

Please use correct grammar,

Please use correct grammar, sentence structure and capitalization in future postings. Seems like you have something important to say, but I highly doubt anyone can understand you. On a positive note, I could make out the word "fowls". Unfortunately this post is about a chihuahua named birds were harmed.

He is not human

....and by that, I mean the accused. To treat an INNOCENT creature that way is unconscionable. He has forfeited his rights as a human, in my opinion. I know the law is not with me on this, but I swear to GOD if he ever laid a finger on my pet, I would GLADLY go to jail for murdering him. Hell, I'd call 9-1-1 myself to report that I had just shot his sorry butt 34 times in the head.

killing a small dog for no reason

i think that they should strangle him to he quites brething and i love animales and it is not right what he did and if his girl friend doesn,t get rid of him then she needes to go go a mdeical doctor that deals with people who have mential problems if i were her i would have him put a way thanks i am sorry but i love animals and it makes me made to hear of things like that sincerley carolyn o haggins and he dosn,t need to be around any more animals if he is like that

Incorrect URL for the petition!

The link above to the petition for charlies law is incorrect. I've copied and pasted the link below. Hopefully this link will work! Thanks for all the support. Our family really appreciates it!


I wanted to sign your petition but the link didn't take me anywhere. I will help and do anything I can.
Thank you and I'm so sorry for you loss.

dog killer

Let us have two clocked minutes with this guy and there will be justice for the little dog.


While being cruel to an animal is bad, it does not rise to the same level as the murder of a person. To make it a felony is also taking it a little far. He should pay a stiff fine that will hurt him, but to take away his right to vote, because that what happens if you are a felon is stupid. Some people give an animal the same place in life as a human, and that is really going to the extreme.

He Should Not Vote

He should not get to do anything. It is a felony for a reason because this sick twisted act could be a catalyst to more. I don't even want him in the county!

I'm sure he is about to realize there are two things you don't mess with....children and animals. It makes people very mad.

A stiff fine?? Are you

A stiff fine?? Are you kidding? That brings back the puppy who did nothing more than be in the same room as this creep. If this guy is willing to do this to an innocent creature- what's next or what has he done before but not been caught doing? What a coward.
The laws need to be improved and this guy should serve some time IMHO.

Deer are innocent but they

Deer are innocent but they get hunted everyday along with other animals. Your saying hunters are our future killers? Wrong

I could not access the

I could not access the petition, I would certainly like to sign. I don't know the applicable charge for "strangling" a person but it should be the same when the victim is a dog, in fact I believe the charge should be more severe with harsher punishment. I mean really what chance does a six pound chihuahua have against a grown man. If Cory Morgan Gray gets away with a slap on the hand for murdering Charlie his next victim will be person.

To find the petition:

To find the petition: Google, "petition charlies law" and it will come up. Sorry for the confusion and thank you for your concern. Sign the petition and forward it to everyone that you know!

Jumping to judge

Let's wait until all the facts are in before he is given his day in court.