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Police: Marine attacks cabbie, flees to mental hospital

READ MORE: Police: Marine attacks cabbie, flees to mental hospital

SURF CITY, NC (WWAY) -- Police say a man who dedicates his life to protecting our country turned against a cab driver early Sunday morning. The only question now is why he brutally assaulted a man who was trying to help him.

One year ago the owner of Island Taxi installed dash cams to improve the safety of his drivers. He never expected it to capture the brutal attack that took place over the weekend.

Police say cab driver Charles Hawkesworth was trying to drive Gunnery Sgt. John Adam Kinosh home early Sunday morning when the Marine turned violent.

"I have been in business for over five years, and this is the first time anything like this has happened," Island Taxi owner Rex Bowen said.

Video shows GySgt. Kinosh pummeling Hawkesworth for close to two minutes. Investigators say it was because Hawkesworth was going to pick up another man to split Kinosh's cab fare and reduce his cost.

"He has five broken bones in his optical socket area," Bowen said about his driver's injuries. "The ER has sent him to a specialist because they don't know what's going to happen once the swelling goes down whether the bones are going to collapse or not."

At one point during the attack, the Marine threatens to kill the driver for making him lose his hat.

"Not in a million years would I have thought that one of my drivers would be almost beat to death just for stupidity," Bowen said.

Police say GySgt. Kinosh left and checked himself into a mental institution in Wilmington. He left his driver in a pool of blood and the owner of Island Taxi wondering how to prevent a situation like this in the future.

"I'm kind of at a point that I don't know where to turn as far as to secure and make my drivers any safer," Bowen said.

Police say GySgt. Kinosh is wanted on three misdemeanor warrants for the beating. Police expect to arrested him when he's released from the mental facility.

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At the rate Wilmington and

At the rate Wilmington and the nearby area is spiraling downward into the abyss, it will soon mirror the armpit of the world; Fayetteville, NC. Each of you should hope and pray, as I do, that the Government closes Camp Lejeune and Fort Bragg to clean up North Carolina.


Cab drivers should be required to carry firearms and seporated from the passengers. To bad the driver coul'ndt have split the atackers brain with a 45.

An emotional but stupid thing to say

If you took the time to watch the video or actually had a brain (either one, you pick if you're capable) you would know that the cabbie never would have had a chance to use it and probably would have been a victim of his own gun as well.

Add to that the concept of cabbies carrying guns in that environment plus the attacker being shot dead for that offense and the sum total of that equation is ...... you're an idiot.

A partition and lockable front doors would have protected him in this case. Too bad he didn't have those options.

I did watch the video and he

I did watch the video and he had plenty of time to pull a gun and end this pathetic POS marine life. O boo who, he may have PTSD though. Give me a break.

what the?

What on earth would be wrong with the attacker being shot dead? Are you crazy?

Actually you are the idiot

You are such a liberal tard. He beat him so bad that it fractured a piece of his skull, he in fact could have very well killed him. So why should he not be able to protect himself and shoot the perpetrator? You are such a little girlie boy. Man up!

Street creds

For a 2 1/2 year period over 20 years ago, before it became a kinder, gentler city, I drove a NYC cab. Drove at night six nights a week, 10-11 hours per night. Never skipped one night of work. Never carried a gun. Found myself in a personally scary situation on more than just one occassion. Now that I'm older, I'm not so sure I would still have the stones to repeat those days. During one of those years four drivers were murdered at night. During my tenure as a driver, I experienced two unsuccessful robbery attempts. Let me repeat that. Unsuccessful.

I would think those street creds give me the right to voice my own opinion on this subject.

You have every right to voice your own opinion as well, but unless you've done that yourself, don't make yourself look stupid trying to sound like Arnold Stupid-nager with the girlie boy stuff. In the context of this discussion, it's appropos of nothing.

Nope it doesn't

You can "Like to think" all you want, you have no street creds. You are still a liberal tard. And yes you are still a girlie boy.

This Is a friend of mine

In this video it's hard to look at what occurred . The behavior was out of control. My condolences go out to Charles. He is a marine of 13yrs with high rank, he's been through more then anyone I know . His actions were terrifying and for the smiley , modest , fun guy I know. Other brothers of our USMC should not be judged for this incident. It's unfortunate. My thoughts go out to all hurt and affected. Heal fast and easy Charles

It looks like he was under

It looks like he was under the influence to me. And apparently some internal rage or instability was brought out that he couldn't contain. Maybe he cannot handle booze? He needs AA like another person suggested, and anger management. Either way, this will damage his career significantly. And now that it is national news, even worse. Everyone loses here.

Cab Driver Didn't Deserve That

This is horrible and I pray for a speedy recovery for that young man. God bless him!I place some of the blame on the Marine Corp itself for not recognizing mental issues or promoting these guys getting help after they have been in war. They go through some rough crap over there, come back home and are expected to go right back to a normal civilian lifestyle. It just isn't possible and the Corp says, " You are a Marine, you can handle it." Well, they can't all handle it. That's just a fact. They create these killing machines and expect them to switch it on and off like a light switch. Some of them just snap, there is no good time, good place or good person for it to happen to but it does happen. It is obvious that he did something horrible but it is also obvious that he has been through something himself. I pray for that Marine also because he has been there to protect my family and all of you too.

Marine attacks cabbie

My dad drives cabs now for last few years & operates few. Thing is most of all the marine should know how much he should drink per hour. I know how much I can drink before I get wasted. True the bars should know and be limited to giving the marines a drinks. They should know when to say when? Not just with them anyone in general. Look at teenagers dying because they are drinking underage. Maybe I should say DUI,or DWI's with teens. Teens these days thinks its cool and awesome cause they see adults drinking or on tv. Must be some awesome? Getting drunk is nothing to wish upon. I did no fun and getting to wasted found out how stupid you look and throwing up in front of people that you don't know. Maybe this is the kind of message you need to send to teenagers make them think about drinking.

NYC Cabs

I want to say that the video of the attack on Charles Hawkesworth is shocking and I hope that he has a speedy and complete recovery.

"I'm kind of at a point that I don't know where to turn as far as to secure and make my drivers any safer," Owen said.

I want to add that nothing gets a New Yorker more angry than the "share a cab" scam that happens all the time in NY if you're not wise to it. The cab drivers will get you to share the cab with 2 or 3 other people (especially at airports) and then charge each passenger FULL FARE. They never let you split the fare and insist that you all pay full price. I would guess that the issue about money was about precisely this, especially if he didn't want to share a cab in the first place. (I am NOT trying to justify anything; I just wanted to make a comment that might help explain what may have triggered the marine's anger.)

Attack is undefendable

It would be different if this Marine attacked a government employee, or a police officer. I hope tthe cab company hires an atty as ruthless as the marine. Sue the hell out of the attacker...


Get well Charles, you didn't deserve that.

A "New Yorker" would NEVER fall for that scam and it most certainly DOES NOT happen all the time. That's just another one of those urban NYC myths. I'm sure there are a few a-holes at the airports that may attempt this but if a passenger waited at the officially sanctioned cab line (regulated) at the airport it doesn't happen because the dispatcher prevents it from happening.

Also, it was reported from another source that the cab driver wasn't attempting to scam anyone but was trying to SPLIT a fare (not verified).

As far as safety goes: In this case if the cab had a partition and the front doors were locked and the passenger was in the back seat this could have been prevented unless the passenger was carrying a gun (those partitions are NOT bullet proof).

Marine will be dealt with quietly

reality is he will get off under temp insanity in civilan court and will likely be DC'd from the Corp as Other then Honorable but you never know. This kid snapped end of story. Im not by any means justifying his actions, they are deplorable but the sad truth is this guy likely has/had major PTSD issues. Theres a reason why SEALS are isolated both prior to and after operations because these guys literally go through a mental change that they need to unwind from. SPEC-OPS guys as a whole have a higher rate of PTSD and related mental illness issues upon discharge then the general miltary population let alone the general US population. These guys go and do the stuff we cant even imagine under circumstances we dont want to consider. As I said Im by no means condoning his behavior but its likely this guy had a pyschotic break and wasnt in his right mind when this all happened.


Either that or he was drunk........

there is no excuse for it.

there is no excuse for it. He didn't get laid that night and he took it out on the cabby...end of story.

You are right, he was not

You are right, he was not "in his right mind" when he attacked that driver, But he alone chose to get so drunk he was a walking time bomb to anyone around him. I am guessing that is why he was catching a ride home by himself. The horror of PTSD from these wars will haunt many families and innoccent people for years to come.

I no way do I

I no way do I condone what this Marine did, but we train these Guys to be
killers and don't "decompress" them properly after deployment and we civilians
Wonder why this happens. Thus I beg our USMC.....who I do a better job
At this. HOWEVER....this is one Mariner from thousands and still not the norm.

Back in the day I drove a

Back in the day I drove a cab inbetween regular jobs to make ends meet. Had I been the cabby that night the assailant would likely have been one dead SOB. I carried a handgun every evening dispite company policy.
I feel very soory for Mr. Owen and hope he makes a full recovery. I hope local LE and the Marines do the right thing and throw the book at this thug. People like that eventually end up killing som,ebody or dead themselves. Perhaps some prison time will straighten him out?

Bad idea

I'm all for CCW but if you pull a gun on a special ops marine then you are not going to win. I'm glad you like to sound like a bad ass but this guy would hurt you.

I hope the cab driver recovers and the marine/ hero gets the help he needs and deserves.

Simper fi

Hero? Not hardly.

It amazes me that a person can still regard this guy as a hero. He is the aggressor. I have worked both for and with tyrants like Gunnery Sergeant Kinosh. He may have some accomplishments under his belt, but cocky tyrannical sons of bitches usually do. I say burn him, he is a big racing stripe across everything our beloved Corps stands for.

Wrong !

A formidable opponent could of easily took that jerk out quick. HERO ?? Not that one.


This is not the movies, if I pull a gun on ANYONE I can assure you I will in fact win. Special ops Marines do not receive the same training as Remo Williams.

Forgot to mention as an ex

Forgot to mention as an ex Army Ranger I also know a thing or two about hand to hand combat and handling a handgun or knife. I'll say it again...he'd be one dead SOB had I been the cabby ;-). That POS is a discrace to the uniform.

Shut your mouth you

Shut your mouth you chairborne ranger Army puke. Thats a brother-in-arms that needs serious mental help, not a "POS" who is a "disgrace to the uniform". It's obvious that what he did is undeniably WRONG and out of line. I seriously hope that the cabbie injured recovers swiftly and with full help. But like many other people have mentioned, you, nor I, nor the media site publishing the story was there. Also, for a patriotic "ex Army Ranger", I seriously doubt your validity for someone who is so quick to turn on a brother-in-arms, and a combat veteran no less.

Wrong answer cupcake

He is in fact a POS. A massive pile of steaming %$#@!!!! I don't care if he is a brother-in-arms, should be impressed? He has a serious mental issue alright, he is a immature little punk.

Drunk Marine and Cab Driver

I can not believe this guy had to go and take out his own warrants with the video that he provided. The drunk Marine should have been charged with at least 3 felonies. 1)Common Law Robbery (It is evident that the drunk Marine took his keys). 2)Attempted Kidnapping (He tried to force the guy to drive him). 3)Assault with a deadly weapon. (That's tight even though he is a POS he is trained in Lethal Combat. If Mike Tyson punched you out would it be simple assault?) Surf City you guys need to relook at the video. Come on Shanahan do your job or are you gonna let another New Yorker get away with this.

jarhead jail jumpers

The owner of the company got the warrants. The victim of the beating --done by the USMC employee, went straight to Onslow Medical. After a simple transaction that the USMC employee could not handle, he evaded justice by checking himself into the Mental institution.