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ONLY ON 3: DSS cuts daycare help for hundreds of families

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: DSS cuts daycare help for hundreds of families

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Bad news is waiting in the mailbox for many families in New Hanover County. The Department of Social Services is dropping 288 children from its Childcare Subsidy Program.

Cynthia Boulay got quite a shock when she picked up her kids from daycare Wednesday.

"Literally when I was walking out the door to take my kids home, I found out from the director she had gotten an email that said my daycare would be terminated as of September 30," Boulay said.

Thanks to the New Hanover County Childcare Subsidy Program, Boulay pays just $400 a month for daycare for her twin infants and afterschool care for her son in Pre-K. Once that ends, her cost will go up to more than $300 a week. It's an expense she and her husband can't afford.

"I clear about $500 after taxes and after everything is taken out, so I would wind up losing money to send them to daycare," Boulay said.

DSS Director LaVaughn Nesmith says this is the first time in several years the agency has had to drop families like this, but with the number of families being served, the program will not have enough money to complete the fiscal year.

"We are 30 percent above where we should be, and at the rate we are, it will take a lot to balance between now and May 30," Nesmith said.

The first families dropped are those who were told they would only be eligible to receive benefits for a short period of time, but more will follow.

"We will continue to cut until the budget is balanced, so I don't know how many that will be," Nesmith said.

Leaving parents like Boulay in a difficult situation. She said if she can't get help, she'll have to quit her job to stay home with her kids. Her family's lower total income would then qualify them for more government aid.

DSS asked the state for more money to avoid these cuts, but it was denied.

The next round of cuts will begin next month.

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Hey Common

throw in the underfunded state obligations such as underfunded health plan for state retirees of about $200 Million and underfunded state pension plan, I believe at $500 Million. Those are the top 2 which come to mind. There are others.

Anyone with half a brain should be able to see just how deep the abyss is.

That should be easy

for you because you certainly have the qualifications to see it.

It took longer than I thought

for one of the entitlement seekers to stick his head up from his burrow.

But then I guess that is why you don't get it.


for validating my comment.

Why I am I paying for their irresponsibility ?

With all due respect to the Boulay's. They have twin infants and nothing in the story suggests they have suffered a recent sudden financial crisis. Why are they having children they cannot afford?

Mrs Boulay says that she is "losing money" if she has to pay $300 of her $500 take home pay for daycare. Excuse me, but what is the other $200 for? My wife and I raised two children and put them through college on a teacher's and a carpenter's salary with not a nickle from DSS.

If you can't feed'em, don't breed'em!

Another reason to not have

Another reason to not have children if you can't afford them...

so every poor person should be childless????

so every poor person should be childless????? think about what you are saying. income determines your family size? this world too shall pass....and i cant wait.

You hit it

right on the head.

If they can not afford to feed, clothe or care for them, then do not have children.

Aren't children born into those circumstances more likely to be victims of child abuse; have fewer educational opportunities available; and more likely to continue on that same path into childhood and their own parenthood?

The cycle has to stop somewhere.


Yeah, they should be childless. Why should the rest of us have to pay for their nose miners? Problem is the poor are the ones breeding like rabbits !

can't have it both ways...

Young people in NC get very poor sex education,if any at all.Few young people are utilizing effective birth control.When pregnant they have and keep the child regardless of their financial, emotional or educational status in life. The cycle of poverty begins or is perpetuated with uneducated and uninformed children have it any more morally right to bring a child into brutal poverty with few choices, than it is to prevent the birth in the first place?