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Daycare under fire after infant seen propped up by 3 boppy pillows

A Leland daycare is under fire after some shocking photos of a baby surface on social media.

Police find 26 children behind false wall at Colorado daycare

Police say they executed a welfare check at a Colorado daycare that led them to the owner’s nearby house, where they found a “false wall” and 26 children under the age of 3 in the basement.

Daycare owner charged in 6-month-old’s death

A six-month-old baby is dead and her day care provider is charged with manslaughter. Now, the baby's family is speaking out with a warning for other parents.

North Carolina closes daycare where infant was dropped

State officials have closed a North Carolina daycare where a worker is accused of intentionally dropping an 11-month-old boy last month.

Daycare workers charged over video of toddler scared of doll

Two Kentucky daycare workers have been charged over an online video that shows one of them scaring a toddler with a doll.

New Leland drop-in childcare includes special staff, room for kids with sensory challenges

If you are a parent and need to run some errands or just want a Saturday night out to dinner, a new drop-in childcare facility in Leland might be able to help. But it also has a unique offering for some families.

Mom sues after video shows toddlers in ‘fight club’ at daycare

A disturbing video taken at a St. Louis daycare shows toddlers punching each other in a ring as the adults in the room encourage the violent fighting.

Women rescue boy left in hot daycare bus

A twist of fate may have saved a young boy's life. Three women went to a restaurant that they rarely go to, nearby Fitzy's Diner, and they just happened to see a child in distress.

Video shows daycare workers laughing at child pinned under storage container

Parents are outraged after a video surfaced on social media, which appears to show a crying toddler pinned under a storage container at a Des Moines-area daycare while employees laugh nearby.

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