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ONLY ON 3: Witness says Leland cops looked for fights

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Witness says Leland cops looked for fights

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Two Leland police officers are off the clock tonight after a fight in downtown Wilmington this weekend. Wilmington Police cited the officers with misdemeanor affray.

One witness, who served as a military police officer, says the officers were asking for trouble.

Eric Glocke is a bouncer at a bar downtown. He says he saw Leland police officers Brandon Crain and Andrew Correll seek out multiple fights early Saturday morning. The first was with a group of Marines that Glocke says wanted nothing to do with the drama.

"A group of Marines actually tried to stop and talk and say, 'Hey, nothing's wrong. We're walking away. Calm down. Let's all have a good night,' etc, etc., and they still pressed on actually walking up the street to sidebar trying to confront them," Glocke said.

Later, Glocke says he saw the officers and other men again trying to start a fight with another group.

"We see three of the guys from the group prior going across the street yelling. Not at each other; across the street just eyes fixed going straight beeline," Glocke said.

Glocke says the group did not stop fighting until Wilmington Police broke it up. He says that is no way to represent our community.

"Not only are you misrepresenting your station, being a total embarrassment to the human race, you're going to go out with a bigger group and pick on people that are smaller than you and are trying to walk away from the fight?" Glocke said. "Well done. Way to represent."

Glocke says a bouncer at City Limits said the officers were kicked out of that bar earlier in the night for trying to start a fight.

Both Correll and Crain, who were hired last year, have been suspended without pay while the Leland Police Department investigates what happened.

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Your point??

Are you going to tell on me?????? Sniff Sniff, Make sure you get my name right. I don't want anyone else getting credit for all my hard work!!!!Say's who!? Say's Kblue!!!


Richard, have you gone to another department since you were canned @ Northwest?

Deputy 25 Who is "we" ?

If it wasn't for him "ratting", the abuse of a woman, and the kneecapping of several good officers, it would have been swept under the rug. Deputy25, you sound like some bully thug, just the opposite of K BLUE.

No wonder "we" hate Lewis, Foss, and Bost. They were honest cops, who stood up, and told the truth. LPD had a few bully thugs, but it also had several good officers, who bravely stuck out their necks, and stood against the corruption.

You may have chosen to sell yourself out, and become part of this "we" click, but they did not.


Will you be my new BFF? Say's who!? Say's Kblue!!!

You think you know?

But you really don't know because KBLUE is still a working LEO in Brunswick county. You sound like one of Jain's Gang. To bad so sad! By the way KBLUE never spoke with the SBI, FBI or Marc Benson. If you are gonna comment then know your facts.

I don't know who Kblue is. I

I don't know who Kblue is. I do know that he was saying a lot of things during the Jayne "reign" that turned out to be true. If Kblue is the man that got the dirty cops out of Leland, then he is to be lauded, not put down. There is no room in a proper society for dirty cops or for other officers who turn a blind eye to the doings of dirty cops. I applaud any law enforcement officer who crosses the blue line to rid our municipalities of dirty cops.


That was nice of you. Thanks......Say's who!? Say's Kblue!!!

Bullies with a Badge, I Mean Without a Badge :)

Are we supposed to be scared? Not so easy to bully without the badge, is it? It's going to be even harder behind bars! Sounds like K Blue did the right thing and isn't going to be one of the many former officers that will be charged with obstruction of justice and so much more! Says who, NOT K Blue!


Thanks, Love the headline......Say's who!? Say's Kblue!!!


"......... that said something to the EFFECT of "do better background checks"

Wilmington Observer

Will u?

I fired my last spell checker!!! Your the the new one. In my defense I am taking a new medication. Side "EFFECTS" include being massively AWESOME!!!!!!!Say's who!? Say's Kblue!!!


Good way for Leland officers to put a good face on the department.


Officer Correll has already totaled a police cruiser and been investigated for conspiracy to commit felony larceny. I would say it is time to go. Wait, he helped cover cover up for the Jayne Boys so he will just get a 30 day writ and back on the streets. Business as usual in Leland.