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Man accused of killing tow truck driver has 8 DWI convictions


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- One man is dead and another behind bars after a hit and run last night on Carolina Beach Road.

Highway Patrol says Anthony Thompson hit tow truck driver John Junior Colville and then took off, driving almost nine miles before he was pulled over.

"I'm at Carolina Beach Road and McQuillian," a caller to 911 told a dispatcher. "We need an ambulance quick. Somebody just got hit by a car. A tow truck driver."

Drivers on Carolina Beach Road frantically called New Hanover County Dispatch for help Sunday after the accident. One driver said the man hit was coming to help her.

"He was getting out of his vehicle to come talk to me, when a truck came by and hit him," she said.

A distressed driver had called AAA to help her with car trouble. As Colville arrived, investigators say Thompson hit him and then drove off.

"I think he's dead. Oh my gosh. They say he's dead. Oh my gosh, he's my tow truck driver," the 911 caller said.

Highway Patrol says Thompson was pulled over almost nine miles away at Legion Stadium.

Colville died from his injuries.

According to Department of Public Safety records, Thompson has been convicted eight times for driving while impaired and has had his license revoked 11 times.

But this time, Thompson’s multiple convictions may catch up with him.

“Laws with respect to habitual impaired driving have toughened considerably over the last several years,” says Ben David, the New Hanover County District Attorney. “I can tell you that we're preceding under that law today.”

Thompson is not new to hit and runs either. According to Department of Public Safety records, he has fled the scene two other times.

David says Thompson's most recent DWI conviction was last November.

“This is a very serious case and if the defendant is convicted of second degree murder he faces several years in prison and what will determine that is not whether he had the intent to kill, that's first degree murder, but whether or not you can show malice,” David says.

David says multiple DWI’s or hit and runs can establish malice in court. If malice is determined in Thompson’s case, he could face many years in prison. His next court date is November 29.

Thompson is charged with second degree murder, driving while impaired, habitual impaired driving, driving while license revoked and hit and run with injury.

Colville worked for Wayne's Towing in Wilmington. Today the company did not want to comment on his death.

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Samantha, Hi, How are you. I


Hi, How are you. I am very sorry for your loss. I am sorry you did not have a close relationship with your father. I am his sister and can not believe its been a year already. If there is anything I can do for you, please contact me.

Love ,

My wife was the woman in the

My wife was the woman in the need for AAA when a tire blew. She was a yard from john wheh he was hit by this drunk driver. She has been in shock ever since thi happened. To top things off ( someting not mentioned in any news on this matter) my children were in the car when this happen. They too saw the whole thing!! If this man was taken off the road like he should have been I would not have my wife, 11 year son, and 5 year old daughter in total shock of this accident and a man would have gone home to his faimly!!

My prayer's go out to his

My prayer's go out to his family and friends. He rescued me from the side of the road several times in "the truck". He was such a nice guy, and this is such a senseless tragedy. This should have never been allowed to happen. : (

Tragic lose!!

Thompson is charged with second degree murder, driving while impaired, habitual impaired driving, driving while license revoked and hit and run with injury.


You can thank attorneys for this.
They write the laws (most elected officials are attorneys).
They make the deals that allow this kind of horrible outcome.
And they profit from it.
There's no money in it if the client is in prison.
They should be charged as an accessory.

Tragic lose!!

At the time of the incident, was Mr. Thompson under the influence?


Anthony Thompson, 50, is charged with second degree murder after hitting John Junior Colville, 55, and then driving away from the accident. Thompson is also charged with driving while impaired, habitual impaired driving, driving while license revoked and hit and run with injury.

Where is?

Where is the outrage at this situation? A man is dead at the hands of a drunk driver with 8 DUIs. This is sickening! I want the names of the attorney's who defended him and the names of the judges who put him back on the road.

When you get behind the wheel of a high powered vehicle and you are under the influence and you kill someone, you are guilty of murder just as if you had picked up a gun and shot them.

Put him behind bars for a long time. He has proved over and over that nothing will stop him from driving and drinking.

Now a family has lost their loved one and their lives are changed forever. The attornies and judges owe them an explanation and an apology.

Dont' blame the attorneys...

Sounds like you might need a good one to keep you out of the nut house one day.

Settle down, this is a

Settle down, this is a tragedy but no need for knee jerk reactions. Let the courts due process, justice will be served and don't be blowing MADD's horn, That program needs to go away.

Guest CB

"Settle down, this is a tragedy but no need for knee jerk reactions. Let the courts due process, justice will be served and don't be blowing MADD's horn, That program needs to go". . .

You sound like a person who drives drunk, yourself, and you've got to be drinking when you wrote this because . . . Lord, I can't think of a word to say about this.

Read the article. What you are waiting on the courts to do is exactly what we are outraged about. It hasn't been done in 8 DUI arrests. READ THE ARTICLE.

As for MADD. . you have got to have had negative experience with them to have any problem with them, at all.

dwi drivers

wow. this person who thinks someone is blowing a horn for MADD because they are upset a man with 8 DWI charges finally drove drunk and killed a man only tells perhaps they have had DWI's? why else are they so defensive people are upset over a drunk driver killing a person? It is very annoying that there are courts that let habitual drunk drivers walk out of the court house! How many times have we seen on the news where a habitual drunk driver has caused a death while driving drunk. I can think of many times.

My condolences to the family of the man killed. I feel so sad for them.

sorry for the family of the drunk also, I hope he gets many years in prison. perhaps he will be cell mates with the habitual drunk driver who is finally in prison for killing my child!

It doesn't bring our loved one back. People with DWI's need to at the least be put in jail for a month or so after their 2nd offense
. Maybe they'd hate it enough to just stay in their homes while drink rather then being out here endangering the rest of us. But we know that is not how the court system works. 8 DWI charges and still free to drive proves that.


Are kidding me

"Let the courts due process, justice will be served"

Right, just like it did the last 8 times. If someone is convicted of a DUI their car should be taken away and thrown in jail for at least a yr. We live in a too politically correct and soft society.

Are you a detective? I did

Are you a detective? I did not defend the drunk and it is very tragic. I believe in the court systems and police, not raging flaming comments on the internet.


"Are you a detective? I did not defend the drunk and it is very tragic. I believe in the court systems and police, not raging flaming comments on the internet.". . . . .

Please go away before the family reads some of your mumblings.

Repeated drinking and

Repeated drinking and driving should automatically be considered malicious. When the laws for something so selfish change to consider this maybe people would begin to wake up.

Courtroom monitoring...

I do not know if this area has an active MADD Chapter. If so, MADD does courtroom monitoring where representatives from MADD go to these trials or any DUI case and sit in the front row monitoring the actions and penalties that the judges enforce or do not enforce. They monitor the District Attorneys as well. It has been proven that courts where MADD has conducted this monitoring the convictions and penalties are more in line with what they should be and the plea agreemants even have stiffer penalties. Basically, you have watching eyes monitoring what is and is not being done with DUI cases. It is truly ridiculous that this man was even on the streets more less behind a wheel.


The NC MADD organization does not have a presence in Cape Fear, I believe it is due to a lack of participation. At one time Justice in Motion handled this locally, unfortunately we haven't seen her recently, Yes, her(1 person). Even after the last few years of tragedy upon tragedy in New Hanover County involving Impaired Driving there still hasn't been much interest in volunteering, activism, etc. So, as usual it is left up to local Law Enforcement(with dwindling resources, budgets, etc). Please, if this story shocks you or otherwise makes you wonder how it would feel to suffer by such an act of callousness, maybe it's time to step up and do something. Tell your ELECTED officials, to include Commissioners, Council Members and JUDGES that this is no longer going to be tolerated here. Just maybe someone will listen. I'm in the legal system and have lost someone to a drunk, this state is a long ways away from being "tough" on DWI's compared to other states. You can tell by the ridiculous procedural rules dictated by "case law" (judges/attorneys)to create loopholes and resistance to bringing a DWI driver to a court. It's just a shame. My sympathies to Mr. Colville's family for they are the ones to suffer and he is in a better place. From someone who does know just how horrible it is.

When is this going to stop?

As a young resident of Wilmington, I see countless people my age get their first, second, and even more DUIs and shrug it off. One of my best friends was killed by a drunk driver in January a few years ago and I can attest to the pain this family has to be feeling today. The question is how many of these are going to have to happen before we put our foot down and say enough is enough? This man has not 1 or 2 DUI convictions, he has 8? Why isnt he in jail? If he is ignorant enough to not learn his lesson after the first one, he should be put in jail with the rest of the grime of this state. His blatant disregard for the law has killed a man, a husband, a father. Stick him under the jail for all I care...he is a menace to society and doesnt deserve the joys of breathing free air. I am nothing short of uphauled by the fact that he was allowed to drive.

I would like to kow why

I would like to kow why after EIGHT convictions this man was still on the road!!! The justice systeneeds to take some responsiblity for this man still being out on the streets.

Unfortunately, one doesn't

Unfortunately, one doesn't need a license to drive. Anybody who can reach the controls can get into a vehicle and operate it. Thompson's DOC record indicates that even with so many convictions he has NOT been to prison. County jail + probation. Not much of a deterrent. But then, those hellbent on driving will continue to drink and to drive until such time as it's physically impossible for them to do either. Like dead, or behind bars.

DWI degenerate

HOW many people have to die before we get tougher on these losers? They're bound to kill somebody at some point. They have no regard for anyone! This makes me so mad. 8 convictions? Licence revoked 11 times? Why wasn't he in a cage where he belongs? Ugggh

Answer to your question....

"HOW many people have to die before we get tougher on these losers?"

The answer is:
As soon as a Judge has one of his or her family members killed this way, and see's where the convicted has several infractions sitting in their files.
There's your answer!


If there was ever a reason to put a drunk driver in prison for life this is it!!!!


This is a reason for the death penalty to be used. I knew John and he didn't deserve this. He also was a military vet from serving in the Navy.

An eye for an eye. I am not

An eye for an eye. I am not going to pay to house and feed that POS! He don't care, we don't care.

Ben David just confirmed what I suspected

'The most recent conviction was in Nov 2011" which is cited on the DOC website for the 2nd record for Anthony C Thompson who has 2 convictions of DWI on that DOC website offender ID 0487399. Mr Thompson was on 3 yrs probation which he clearly violated. There is a second charge for DWI under that offender ID and a charge of driving while revoked. Mr Thompsons 8 other DWIs are shown under offender ID 0407352.. Mr Thompson is indeed both of these individuals based on the verification of Ben David of the most recent conviction and the laundry list of the original DOC records list. I hope the hammer comes down on this guy and he never gets out. Based on his record he is beyond guilty of depraved indifference based on his repeated convictions for DWI/DUI and driving while revoked and leaving the scene of an accidents.

Just wondering

Just wondering Mr Ben David ,how much have the laws changed then since his last dwi in november,or is th death of a working man and the 8th DWI the max you can getaway with before something has to be done.Again just wondering.

death of Tow Truck Driver

Can we please take Mr Thompson out on CB RD and simply run over his worthless drunken ass??? Enough of judicial time/effort/ and money has been spent on this man who seemed utterly determined to kill an innocent man.
RIP Mr Coville....RIP

what does it take

What is it going to take to get the attention of the judges and defense attorneys? What is it going to take to make them understand the repeat offenders need to be in jail? This is a senseless death and if this drunk was where he should have been the tow truck driver would be at home with his family tonight. When are people going to go into an uproar over drinking like they have over smoking? How many people have to die?