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Man accused of killing tow truck driver has 8 DWI convictions


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- One man is dead and another behind bars after a hit and run last night on Carolina Beach Road.

Highway Patrol says Anthony Thompson hit tow truck driver John Junior Colville and then took off, driving almost nine miles before he was pulled over.

"I'm at Carolina Beach Road and McQuillian," a caller to 911 told a dispatcher. "We need an ambulance quick. Somebody just got hit by a car. A tow truck driver."

Drivers on Carolina Beach Road frantically called New Hanover County Dispatch for help Sunday after the accident. One driver said the man hit was coming to help her.

"He was getting out of his vehicle to come talk to me, when a truck came by and hit him," she said.

A distressed driver had called AAA to help her with car trouble. As Colville arrived, investigators say Thompson hit him and then drove off.

"I think he's dead. Oh my gosh. They say he's dead. Oh my gosh, he's my tow truck driver," the 911 caller said.

Highway Patrol says Thompson was pulled over almost nine miles away at Legion Stadium.

Colville died from his injuries.

According to Department of Public Safety records, Thompson has been convicted eight times for driving while impaired and has had his license revoked 11 times.

But this time, Thompson’s multiple convictions may catch up with him.

“Laws with respect to habitual impaired driving have toughened considerably over the last several years,” says Ben David, the New Hanover County District Attorney. “I can tell you that we're preceding under that law today.”

Thompson is not new to hit and runs either. According to Department of Public Safety records, he has fled the scene two other times.

David says Thompson's most recent DWI conviction was last November.

“This is a very serious case and if the defendant is convicted of second degree murder he faces several years in prison and what will determine that is not whether he had the intent to kill, that's first degree murder, but whether or not you can show malice,” David says.

David says multiple DWI’s or hit and runs can establish malice in court. If malice is determined in Thompson’s case, he could face many years in prison. His next court date is November 29.

Thompson is charged with second degree murder, driving while impaired, habitual impaired driving, driving while license revoked and hit and run with injury.

Colville worked for Wayne's Towing in Wilmington. Today the company did not want to comment on his death.

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Once convicted, take him out back and a single .45 would solve the problem of him drinking and driving ever again.


It's not the wild west Jethro, you rednecks are amazing.


You have this subject line on your comment and you have the nerve to call someone names? You need to get a dictionary and read the definition of your words. You aren't even close. You need to have some class about yourself and at least try to act like you are somebody.

Sad News: In 3 years from

Sad News:
In 3 years from now, he'll be charged with it, again. We need to lock these creeps up, even if it means feeding them rice, and putting them in 'chicken coops'. It's our fault for letting him walk, eight times.


You may be talking about the wrong guy. Try this one...

Already been answered

This guy has 2 seperate records with the DOC as I mentioned above. My guess is this chronic DWI driver somehow likely gamed the system to get a new DL probably using a fake or 2nd SSN he obtained. Ben David in discussing his record mentioned this indirectly based on the mention of the most recent DWI in Nov plus his 1st DWI back in 1984 which match the most recent record youve brought up and the 1st DWI of the old record. Somebody in the DMV needs to come forward with this info to either explain how he got his DL back or that in fact he did commit fraud and obtained a new DL under a false 2nd SSN (which would also explain how he got a 2nd Dept of Corrections record because the SSN is cross referenced in their conviction reports as they use SSN for criminal background checks)

Men like this is the reason

Men like this is the reason we have those checkpoints that people were complaining about last week. With 8 prior convictions, this man should have been in prison where he couldn't kill anyone with his car. The DWI laws in North Carolina are pathetic and need to be changed to protect people like Mr. Coville.

If his license was revoked

a couple of questions.

Who owned the vehicle he was driving?

If he was the owner, how did he get it registered and insured?

If he has been released on bond, how could that be?

It very well might not have

It very well might not have been registered or insured. There are thousands of such running around. This is why we are required to pay extra for uninsured motorist insurance.

He stole a truck belonging to his employer

There is mention the truck belonged to his employer and that this chronic DWIer took the truck without permission (essentially grand theft auto) If they can charge him with this it automatically becomes 1st degree murder as it was a death that occured in the commission of a felony (Grand Theft)

Really? Stolen. That's what

Really? Stolen. That's what they all say when they don't want to be held accountable. How may times has this reckless man gotten behind the wheel of that same vehicle in the weeks prior? His employer should bear the charges as well.

If I was the employer

I would state he stole the vehicle; took it without permission. In most states, and NC is one of them, the vehicle owner can be charged with criminal offences if he allowed a convicted offender with a revoked or suspended license to drive.



Obviously, this man has

Obviously, this man has absolutely no concern for anyone else. He needs to be put away for the rest of his natural life where he will not harm anybody else. It is certain that if he is not incarcerated, he will continue to drive and hurt and or kill someone else.


What a useless BAS**RD!!!!