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Wilmington considers donating police cars to NJ town devastated by Sandy


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- One town devastated by Hurricane Sandy is in desperate need of police vehicles, and the City of Wilmington may be able to help.

The town of Union Beach in New Jersey is one of many places still hurting after the storm and one Wilmington man is hard pressed to help his hometown with a very specific need.

“It’s hard to even describe,” says Scott VanPelt, who grew up around Union Bean and now lives in Wilmington. “I mean you live there your whole life and you've never seen anything as bad as what happened.”

Many of VanPelt’s friends lost everything.

“You know you watch it on TV all the time and you can't relate to it, but now it's your home,” he says.

The devastation hit VanPelt hard. He immediately went to work to help his hometown, organizing donations and supplies that he drove up to New Jersey last week. When he got there, VanPelt realized the town's police department needed something he could not give.

“We lost four cars,” he says. “We have four that are so damaged from the salt water and floods, pushing them to the limit that we don't know how long they're going to last. We’re hurting pretty good right now.”

VanPelt contacted Captain Jack Jarvis with the Wilmington Fire Department, who alerted Wilmington City Council about a possible vehicle donation. Council would ultimately need to approve the donation at their next meeting.

“If they can get those cars up there on a donation through the city, I mean that's just one less headache that they have to worry about in getting back to normal,” VanPelt says.

City Councilman Charlie Rivenbark says he is working on getting this on the agenda for next week's meeting. Jarvis says he knows of two used police cruisers that the city could potentially donate.

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I agree

If there are extra cars they need to be sold and the money used for the budget.


FYI...when we experienced devastating storms in the 90's, there were municipalities from all over the country that extended a helping hand to us. Hurricane Sandy could have easily come ashore here.

Re:send Scott back to NC-screw UB

Your comment is heartless. I pray you never experience this type of devastation. What goes around comes around. With your type of attitude, I'd hate to be in the same zip code. Karma is one bad mother bleeper n you'd be left to deal with a tragedy with no one to turn to! Rock on Scott van Pelt n ignore the ignorant!!

Oh snowman...have a heart for mankind,..even yankees!

Ignorance must truly be bliss. What does doing a good deed have to do with being from the North or South or the unions? Live in the present much?
And to further your obvious lack of humanity and knowledge, these are police officers ... CIVIL SERVANTS! And the police cars in question are cars that the City of Wilmington is no longer using. So rather than doing an act of kindness for people suffering such loss/devastation caused by Mother Nature, these cars should just sit in the city garage to rust away? I pray you never find yourself in total and complete devastation and have to reach out to strangers for random acts of kindness...because karma is a witch.

"Deja Vu"

"I pray you never find yourself in total and complete devastation and have to reach out to strangers for random acts of kindness...because karma is a witch." (Unquote)

Fact of the matter is Guest552...a lot of people in this area have been in that situation. Do you remember the stretch of hurricanes we had a few short years ago?
I thought you did.

Deja Vu ... not even close.

Actually I do remember many Hurricanes in the 25+ years I have lived here and I thankfully also remember the outpouring of support from complete strangers near and far. It's a shame we can't all remember when it's not ourselves that are the ones in need.

Police vehicles are public

Police vehicles are public property bought by taxpayers. Who does VanPelt think he is to want to give them away? He needs to pull out his own checkbook.

I think what my dad is doing

I think what my dad is doing is great, for all you haters commenting, do we see y'all's lazy selfs doing something about it,no, so shut your damn mouths, if you had family and friends up there I'm sure you would do the same. And yes I'm talking to you,SNOWMAN and GUEST VADER!

Hey Snowman!

See you in church on Sunday!

His Hometown

He Immediatly went to work to help His,His