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FIRST ON 3: Brian Berger arrested for DWI, colleagues respond


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger was arrested again this morning. This time for driving while impaired.

Wilmington Police arrested berger in downtown Wilmington around 2 a.m. Officers say they pulled Berger over for making "an abrupt left turn" in the 200 block of Market Street.

Other officers were called in to do field sobriety tests. After two breath alcohol tests and a blood test, police arrested Berger and booked him into the New Hanover County Jail around 6:45 a.m. He left at 8 a.m. after James Canoni posted an $800 unsecured bond for Berger.

New Hanover County Commissioners past and present say they thought the distractions were over from Berger.

Commissioner Jonathan Barfield says this may be a sign that the community needs to come together to support Berger.

"I think as a community, at this point, we need to number one lift the man up in prayer and find a way to build a support system around him to help him through whatever he's dealing with," Barfield said.

Beth Dawson says she thought with new commissioners in place things would be different. She hopes this does not distract the new board for the business at hand.

Former commissioners Rick Catlin and Ted Davis are no strangers to Berger's run-ins with the law.

Now a state representative-elect, Catlin says he does not have plans to sponsor any legislation to allow voters to recall Berger.

Davis, also new to the state House, says he is exploring the idea, but he wants to make sure it is the right move for North Carolina and that lawmakers are not opening up Pandora's box.

We have tried to contact Berger by phone, text, and at his home multiple times today, but he has not gotten back to us.

Berger's next court date is January 16.

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I did not hear what Berger's alcohol amount was. I also didn't hear if he was being charged because of a false positive from Tylenol and M&M's.
He has not had his day in court yet. Senator Goolsy has not asked for a change of venue yet. Mr. Berger could be found not guilty.
What was our Mayor pro temp's name, Catherine Moore, the one who left Henry's bar and was arrested for driving while impaired? She was later found to be not guilty. Didn't she sue the city or county? I think she wrote a book and moved to Florida with county hush money. Brian Berger could do the same thing, and it would serve you right if he did. I mean after it comes out that ya'll were harassing him, and he was really innocent. Think about it. Not every bust W.P.D. makes is lawful. The cops do make mistakes, that is the reason for courts. Stop picking on Brian, he has rights....


Let's hear the case first. You know the part about innocent till proven guilty.
If the county commissioners get to pick another great "friend" that they can "work with" on the board of commissioners, the county taxpayers MIGHT need cover.

the guy is in the news in a

the guy is in the news in a negative way every couple months at most. A ridiculous amount of bad behavior no other public official around here in anybody's memory has come close to.
You supporters of Berger are completely delusional. (and yes, I am a Republican that voted for him in his general election.)

He/she didn't say that they

He/she didn't say that they supported Burger, only to be aware of another future appointment based on the latest popularly appointed commissioner

Tweak the "System" PLEASE!!

A system that allows such idiocy from an elected official such as berger needs to be addressed. This has gone on far too long and there must be an inclusion to kick idiots like him to the curb and spare the citizenry such embarrassment!

Damn, don't blame it on the

Damn, don't blame it on the system!


It seems there are other ways of removing him after reading more information. One item that looks like a clear winner is something called an amotion as pointed out on another site.

Amotion - Removal; ousting; especially, the removal of a corporate officer from his office. He could be removed because he is unfit it seems.

So board members.... you tired of looking like fools and want to do something about it? Yea... I thought so....

Afraid you are incorrect

he is an elected official. Elected by the voters. There are currently no provisions for his removal short of his conviction of a felony.

The legislature has dodged the bullet too long in trying to come up with a statute which would allow a recall. Currently not there.

The Council is stuck with him sort of like the Tar Baby in Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit.


hmmm Well I thought the same as well hence my first post but then read on another news site there was that option so I was happy to hope. Thanks Tom.... back to depressed once more!


He obviously wasn't drinking anything if they gave him 2 alcosensor tests, then drew his blood. Must have been on something else...

That's just plain stupid.

Cops are REQUIRED to administer the alcosensor twice, separated by an interval of no less than 5 minutes. And yes, it is entirely possible that he was on something in addition to the alcohol, and that could certainly account for the blood draw.

Please try to learn about something before you speak out on it.

You ungrateful constituents are driving Berger to drink!!

Do you see what you monsters have done! This is the fault of all his critics!

Serious or Sarcasm...?

I believe in free speech, but please let your comment be purely a sarcastic jab and not an opinion of pity.
Either way, I support your right to respond.

Serious Mental Health Risk

I would consider Mr. Berger to be a major risk for the public. He has demonstrated numerous times he has no regard for public trust. If he were a non-elected county employee he would have been terminated several violations ago.

The county commisioners should take all steps necessary, including involving the State's Assembly to hold a recall election and have Mr. Berger removed.

Mr. Berger cannot conduct himself in a manner to manage his own life, let alone any decision that remotely involves the public and its tax payer funds. Allowing him to continue is a discrace to the citizens of New Hanover County and North Carolina.

Brian, if you are reading these comments, I suggest you seek medical assistance. You truly are a sick individual and need to step down from public office immediatley.

controlled substance

so it sounds like berger may not have been drinking but was under the influence of something else. wasn't there a rumor that he's a pretty big stoner?

Filthy dirty controlled substances...

Like marijuana? No one cares anymore. It's like saying he likes to drink a lot of lipton tea or uses a lot of dial soap. No one cares. Posting repeated or made up accusations is also a lot like me saying i heard from a very reliable source that SouthEastNC is a child molester... now knock it off.


“This type of behavior reflects very poorly on all of us. We don’t have all the facts yet, so I hesitate to say much more. But as elected officials, we are held to a higher standard,” White said.

Really?, He is in the news on a regular basis for being arrested, trying to hurt his girlfriend, or to try to kill himself......Take a few clues, he needs HELP, get him off the road, take his weapons, and get him help, he may not say it, but to me his actions speak loud and clear.

Best Picture!

Every picture you see of Berger seems to capture him with a stupid expression on his face. It took a mugshot to finally capture a normal expression from him. Maybe he should stay drunk and run for Carolina Beach Mayor.

Berger has been a Total Embarrassment to NHC too Long!!!

Does anyone else want to deal with this two more years? Double hell no! He must go!

Brian, please resign.

Enough is enough.

Brian, not only can you not be on time or in some instances appear for your the obligations that we have elected you to address on our behalf as our County Commissioner, but you have now been apprehended endangering lives of citizens that elected you to office.

Please put the interests of the citizens ahead of your own. Kindly resign and let us elect another individual who will better serve our County.


SHOCKER!!! I bet the poor man was set up. :( It's not so much even about the DWI, its everything

Dear County Commissioners,
PLEASE PLEASE make it so that Brian Berger has to resign. If he can't drive he will be late to every meeting and he will have a hard time stalking his ex. If he does not resign, I think that Commissioner Barfield should be his Designated Driver. At least begin drafting some rules and regulations so next time we get conned into voting in someone who has mental and substance abuse issues, they can be taken off the board and REAL issues can be dealt with. We have spent way too long talking about this man, and not talking about issues.
Thank you

I was one of the people who voted for Mr. Berger. HUGE mistake, but I learned a lesson. I was hoping he was getting his junk together and his life straight. He is on a downward spiral, let's pray he gets some help.

Proof that NC is a worthless

Proof that NC is a worthless state, voters should have the power to recall an elected official! The next headline will be his suicide, mark my words.

hope you are wrong, Guest JZ

I certainly hope you are mistaken. I hope the next headline is that he has checked himself into a hospital for help in the mental health and/or drug issue program.

You will be pleased to know that Berger is one of your fellow

transplants from the utopia known as Up North. That's why he won in 2010. Y'utes guys from the, ahem, "superior" states wanted to get one of "ours" on the board. Well, you got it.

So you're saying that

there's more voters from up North voting here than voters that actually grew up here? Perhaps you just meant that people who grew up here just aren't capable of voting? No wonder you feel, shall we say "inadequate". What a dumb thing to say.

Thank goodness that the vast majority of voters who grew up here are considerably brighter than that, just like in the rest of our fair country.

In point of fact, as of 2006, 46.7% of NHC residents were born

out of state. So yeah, six years later, I'd venture that the number of out of state migrants are either greater than or equal to natives. For Pete's sake, just go out, walk around and listen to accents as an anecdotal bit of evidence.

NC is not a worthless state.

NC is not a worthless state. It's not perfect, but right now, it appears that NO place on this earth is either. And on your part to predict someone is going to committ suicide, is WRONG! He should have to answer for his actions, and he should be made to step down. But your choice of words were unexceptable and just plain wrong!


First of all he doesn't have something called humility. Secondly, pack your stuff and go back to your state. You will not be missed. Just because something doesn't go our way, doesn't mean we get to throw temper tantrums and blame an entire state for Brian Berger. Just wondering of the thought level you're actually on and it hurts to ponder the depths.

Mark my words....

Help clean up the state of NC by getting your pointless hind parts out of it. If we are as worthless as you claim, GET OUT. Now. Why wait another day? And if you're NOT presently living in NC, why the heck are you reading our news websites? If we're so worthless, why would you care enough to read about what is happening here?

Mark my words...even better headline would read "Jackass Finally Leaves", accompanied by photos of countless North Carolinians rejoicing for yet another idiot - you - being removed from our presence.


Just a tad confused ..... Ya mean those who caint count or those who dont count or mebee those who wont count ... Just askin ya .....

FYI: Ya know dont ya, that hind points are always rounded, never pointed, dont ya? Kinda one a them redundented thangs ta call em pointless.