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Brunswick Co. man arrested for crimes against nature involving chihuahua


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A Brunswick County man is in jail charged with crimes against nature involving a dog.

Investigators arrested the man around 12:41 Monday morning.

According to a warrant, investigators say some time in March Jeffrey Edward Bynner, 24, of Ash, "unlawfully, willfully and feloniously did commit the abominable and detestable crime against nature with a chihuahua dog."

A Brunswick County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman did not immediately have any more information.

The jail's website shows Bynner was booked in last night and is still in jail this afternoon under $10,000 bond.

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Men like him needs to be

Men like him needs to be euthanised !!!!

Bail Question

To be honest. The whole question of bail is dependent on who is setting it. You get a Judge or Magistrate who is hard core, you get a higher bail. I have personally seen someone get $5000 secured bond for a Driving without a License, and someone else get $2500 suspend bond for a Felony Embezzlement charge the next week with a different Judge. And the Guy who violated the dog, he deserves every bit of what he gets. The poor animal can't be more than 8 pounds, and can't defend itself. Heck, I am still having problems figuring out the whole dynamics of it physically!!

not a good look for future employment.

What 's reeeally goin on in those trailor parks???

Lock this nasty, sick

Lock this nasty, sick bastard up. What are they putting in the water of these trailor parks these days?

trailor park

I lived in a trailor park my whole life and I am not that nasty so don't be stereotyping people that lives in trailor parks what are people putting in house water these days makes you wonder with all of these teen pragnacy

Stupid trash!

Shame on WWAY for even reporting this will never be on in my house again! Now, to make matters worse, you stupidly allow vulgar, ignorant posts! These stupid folks here can't even spell trailer. What in the world does a trailer park have to do with it? There are some sickos that live in mansions! This kind of reporting is guttural. As you can see by the other posts, it only makes for more vulgar comments! You owe the decent folks of Brunswick County an apology for your stupidity!

Is yours a "Franklin" , "Ride-Rite"or...

some other brand of trailer, I'm sorry... "Mobile Home"? Does it have underpinning or do you prefer "free-flow" ventilation with optional dog-space?

Brunswick County has many nice folks, but as you can see from this report, there's a few "cracked cans" in the case as well. Don't fret's all good! Relax! Breeeeeeath summa that Green Swamp air!

The irony in this comment is

The irony in this comment is hilarious.


Wow what a sick soul first we have to keep our children safe from predators now we have to keep our animals safe. Whats this world coming to.

Had he been caught with...

a $20 hooker with no teeth...the bond would have been lower.

Man committed act against nature with dog

This is to the person who made the comment comparing this crime to the $20 hooker---the hooker is consenting!!!!!!

Sick individual


what is exactly did this guy

what is exactly did this guy do? is it a sexual act or did he hurt a dog what is exactly is a crime against nature?

It is a sick sexual act.

A crime against nature in this case is have some kind of sexual act with the dog! Sick Sick people around here....Hope someone commits a crime against him in jail!

Don't get out very often?

Try using Google, they'll tell you.

That's "G-O-O-G-L-E". Type in "crimes against nature". You can probably omit any reference to Chihuahuas.

If you still can't figure it out, you may have larger problems than just this.

There must be something in the water

But on a serious note, as hard as it is to read this and be serious, how does he merit a $10,000 Bond for a doggy incident but the former Police Officer, who was soliciting a 17 year old, gets off with an unsecured $5,000 Bond?

Somehow there seems to be a conflict in priority.

3 Things

I could come up with three answers on that. However, WWAY would not print them. So, I would say the dog had more value :)

Tom, probably because as a

Tom, probably because as a cop in Brunswick County, he has done favors for a lot of people who can get him out of this jam. This other poor stiff is seen as somebody that the system can soak for every cent he has in lawyer fees, court costs and everything else they can come up with. Just part of the "good ol' boy" system that has been here forever.

even if

Even if Hayes has done favors for people in Brunswick County, the SBI is the charging agency in his case and that won't just go away.

Good Ole Boy system

I'm one of the Good Ole Boys, while up North they have bait cars, down South we either use a prostitute or a small illegal dog brought in across the border. Either way pretty clever of us, to trap theses criminals so that we can implement our "Good Ole Boy" decoder rings and brandish our backroom cigars and big daddy hats, all the while having wayward sexual fantasies about Elizabeth Taylor and hot summer days on the plantation. I bet if you go back 30 years, you will not find that name in a yearbook from Ash...

Good ole boy sysrem

Ba ha ha ha ha..................thank you for that belly busting laugh this morning. I get so tired of "others" perceptions of who we are. Your satire is refreshing. Not even in LA....for those "others"....Lower Ash.