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ACLU: Marijuana arrests in NC racially biased


RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- The American Civil Liberties Union says new figures show arrests for marijuana possession are racially biased in the country and North Carolina, where blacks account for 50 percent of the arrests while comprising 22 percent of the population.

In a report released Tuesday, the ACLU says North Carolina law enforcement officers made nearly 21,000 marijuana arrests in 2010. The report says that's the 10th-highest in the nation. The report says more than 50 percent of all drug arrests in the state that year were for marijuana possession.

The report says blacks were arrested for marijuana possession at nearly 3.5 times the rate of whites in North Carolina despite comparable marijuana usage rates.

The ACLU used federal crime statistics and US Census data for the report.

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they should be more careful

they should be more careful & 50% wouldn't be caught.....duh..

The marijuana arrests may be

The marijuana arrests may be disproportionate to the population, but so are crimes over all.

Pot heads

If you will notice, these "statistics" only refer to arrests. They don't tell you how many of those arrested either were found guilty or plead guilty or how many were repeat offenders.
Remember, you are dealing with the ACLU, a left wing arm of the democrat party. If they are so hep on defending Americans' civil liberties, where is the ACLU in the defense of the Second Amendment. Their targets are selective with a liberal bias.
I guess the cops are supposed to ignore violations in the black community until their stats balance out.


I get it. The arresting officers were not wearing their tinted shades which would have shown all arrestees in the same light>


The law of statistics shows where the weed friendly folks preside.

Sorry 'bout that ACLU....

...but stats don't lie. Just take a big look at the violent crime stats. Then take a bigger look at the prison population stats. Guess what? They all match up.

Do you still have questions?

"Eenie Meenie Miney Mo"

And what are we supposed to do with this information...protest it? The blocks fall where they land.
(Quote) "The report says blacks were arrested for marijuana possession at nearly 3.5 times the rate of whites in North Carolina despite comparable marijuana usage rates." (Unquote to the 10th Power)
Never any mention of arrests made for Hispanics/Orientals/Mid Eastern descent/etc.
What did they do...take arrestees from each ethnic group and say..."eenie meenie miney are it"???
If anything...this report within itself is racially biased!
Wake Up WWAY!!

I agree with above. the

I agree with above. the reporter should be slapped repeatedly for this. How are people going to move on if this crap keeps getting brought up constantly. Its history and let it remain there.