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Goolsby rips NAACP protests as 'Moron Monday'


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Sen. Thom Goolsby has gone on the offensive against a weekly series of NAACP-led protests at the General Assembly. Goolsby referred to the events dubbed "Moral Monday" by organizers as "Moron Monday."

Goolsby's constituents in his all New Hanover County 9th District probably have not seen or heard much of what he had to say, because the comments were part of an op-ed piece in Friday's edition of the Chatham Journal titled "Moron Monday shows radical Left just doesn't get it."

"The circus came to the State Capitol this week, complete with clowns, a carnival barker and a sideshow," Goolsby started off. "The 'Reverend' (William) Barber was decked out like a prelate of the Church of Rome (no insult is meant to Catholics), complete with stole and cassock. All he was missing was a miter and the ensemble would have been complete."

Goolsby goes on to describe the crowd as "mostly white, angry, aged former hippies." Later he questions why such protests were not made a few years ago when Democrats, who controlled state government, "were bankrupting North Carolina?"

The second-term senator writes that Republicans, who have won overwhelming majorities in both houses of the General Assembly in the last two elections along with the governor's office last year, have since been hard at work righting the ship.

"Apparently, even in the light of the overwhelming GOP election victories, (the left) believe(s) that Republicans had no mandate to fix what the Democrats broke," Goolsby wrote. "Somehow, the new leadership is supposed to print money on a magical press and spend our way into prosperity."

Click here to read Goolsby's entire op-ed at

When WWAY spoke with the Senator Monday he said "I am very happy to see them all protest, but my question to them has been and will continue to be, where were you three years ago when North Carolina was on the edge of total bankruptcy? I can't seem to get an answer."

In response to Goolby's article the New Hanover County Democrats issued a release Monday condemning his comments. The group writes "the majority legislators in Raleigh appear to have a single-minded focus on dragging us backward. County Democrats urge New Hanover’s voters to contact their legislators to tell them about their concerns about the attacks on middle class and working families."

Representative Susi Hamilton said “Senator Goolsby’s tone and statements were demeaning to his constituents, and quite beneath the office he holds.”

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Fortune comes from the heart Thom

“Misfortune comes from one's mouth and ruins him, but fortune comes from one's heart and makes him worthy of respect,” a sage says (十字御書). It seems one (Jewish), former Marine, lawyer, NC Senator feels some of us (+200k in New Hanover County) are morons when we share our feelings – engage in civic dialogue. Perhaps we should feel some comfort that our senator does not have the heart of Syrian President, Colonel Bashar al-Assad, or Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan? We are deeply yearning for compassionate, respect worthy leadership of integrity, wisdom, & virtue for all of us.



Cobb goes, the racial fights in NC ends

Cobb is the biggest double-crossing two-faced instigator of all racial protesting in this part of the state and I for one, think his bullying every good Judge, Clerk and Lawyer out of the courthouse and stirring constant racial conflict inside the courthouse NEEDS TO STOP. He truly acts like he's the head master of the plantation and makes all the minorities fight and bow to him. Is it illegal to just spit daily on his windshield when he parks at 3rd & Market? It's worth it to get the citation and jail sentence.

Does anyone know if Goolsby

Does anyone know if Goolsby supports the cut in unemployment benefits?

Do your own research

the answer to your question and many more is readily available online.

I just think it is

I just think it is interesting that several of my friends' comments were deleted from Senator Goolsby's facebook page--and now all commenting has been blocked. Doesn't he want to know wha we think?

White, dawson and price- scum of wilimngton and NC

Tom is right we have our priorioties wrong. Attacks by nAACP are way off base some of the time. They should be called to task when they cross aline- Racism whether white or black should not be tolereated.
Speaking of morons and corruption- lets rememebr- Woody White is a a thug whi has attacked people on the bais of gender and mental health.
He is the kind of polirical dennerate who shoul;d be jailed- and hopefully soon he will be. His days of bullying and lying are over-
alngh with his political pimps dawson and price. Thank heavens their are feds who care about corruption in Wi;lmington.
Woody bulliesothers revealing what a low life he is- soon to get his

woody white a true political thug- he is worse than a moron

Say whay you will about goolby- he means what he says and he has some class. Better tha that political thug Woody white - he has slandered Boozeman, Berger and others. Let us hope someone sues that thug White.
Ctiticize or agree with goolsby- but lets end White, Dawson and Price to prison where they belong.

Guestwit, I know who White

Guestwit, I know who White and Dawson are and that Wolfe was picked for the commission to fill the Catlin vacancy despite the local GOP leadership's nomination of another. Who is Price who you name in your comment?


Ghoulsby is not one bit better than they are.

White the thug is worse than GOULSBY

Goolsby has strong views but is a straight shooter. White is a political thug-- tries to attack and bully his opponents-- he is no more and no less than a viscious unethical politico - having him in office shames our entire community. Lets focus on actions even more than words---Goolsby can speak more clearly- White probably should be in jail-he smears opponents at will, lies when its convenient-hey better yet lets send him to the Senate- he would fit right in.

It's nice to see the

It's nice to see the freeloader community get off their butts for something.

Goolsby's Remarks

Typical politician...instead of answering, defending or explaining your incideous deflect with comments like "where were these people 3 years ago when NC was going bankrup"... Tom...NC is still in poor explain where you were when your parties new governor gave state employees a soon as he got in office..or has your short term memory forgotten his remarks about how his staff couldn't live on 100.000 plus a year....while the rest of NC is suffering...for the last 3 years where have you been...while teachers are loosing their homes living right above or close to the poverty level..I know and your party have been pushing for charter and private schools...bringing NC back to the days of segregation...isn't this how Hitler and Fascism started..keep the sheep ignorant...your dangerous..and this party is detremental to public education and the children who live in this state..

So while people are rightfully demonstrating in attempts to get someone to listen. Why don't you explain what your party has done for the majority of North Carolinians the last 3 years...while your at it explain why home forclosures, bankruptcies and unemployment have increased in this state since your party has taken over..what have you done for SE North Carolina...your a rich hypocrite who cares nothing about the suffering of the rest of us..who work for a living...

The truth?

Mr. Goolsby and some of those commenting seem to forget that Perdue, Obama and anyone who was elected five years ago walked into office day one with an economy devastated by the housing/banking crisis. The disastrous failure of the good-intentioned policy of Bush to encourage home ownership for everyone and the deregulation of financial institutions created the perfect storm. The North Carolina economy was not "nearly bankrupted" by Democrats, but by greedy bankers who took what they could as fast as possible in every state. It would be lovely if no regulation on business were needed, but unfortunately it has been proven that does not work as long as dishonesty exists. In other words, forever.

The nasty comments Goolsby made in public are legion. He has insulted and ignored at least half of his own constituents. New Hanover has become home to many retirees, many of whom believe in helping the less fortunate and who belong to the demographic he denigrates. This is an area we want to be retiree-friendly.

For those of you who have not been there, the protests in Raleigh have had hundreds of people attending from all kinds of groups, including college students, veteran's group and many more. The NAACP members are a very small portion of attendees so far. The meetings are extremely civilized, and the media chooses to focus on the arrests. The small number that are arrested are volunteers who are very quiet and just do not leave.

Remember, this country was founded by a minority, a minority who protested against oppressive acts of unconcerned rulers.

Better look again...

Actually, the housing bubble was caused by then Pres. Clinton. Yes, Pres. Bush let it ride and he is as much at fault, but lets not forget to point at the right people and not single out someone that does not fall in to our political beliefs.

I'll go one further

Our crisis was caused by "us". Yep ALL of us.
We wanted a house - go into debt
We wanted that new car - go into debt
We wanted that boat - go into debt
We wanted that bank to get big profits - use that debt to form new investment vehicles that were backed by over leveraged housing mortgages.
The bans then bundled credit cards in with the mortgage debts.

The one main item that's related?
Debt, debt and more debt.
We wanted it, we got it, and the banks developed a way to profit from it (aside from interest charges).
By profiting from it the banks were then "encouraged" by investors to get more debt for bundling.
So the banks just used THEIR greed to encourage OUR GREED which eventually got "called".

There's enough blame to go around for everyone.
You want to eliminate this? get out of debt.
Save a for a big mortgage down payment - then pay it off early.
Save $ for a cash car or pay it off early
Banks will hate you for it.
Thats good enough reason for me to do it


Moronic Mondays

These people are just mad because their party is no longer in control and their free ride, on the backs of us taxpayers, is over. Go get a job...oh that's right.. you can't find one because your President has tanked the economy. Why don't you protest him and HIS policies? Oh yeah that's don't WANT to work...sorry, I forgot that as well.

The NAACP supports that hate

The NAACP supports that hate filled, racist, Jesse Jackson. Locally, they tried to have two good, white police officers, unjustly fired, and stood behind Catherine Moore. Where have all the militant, hate-filled, Black Panthers gone ? It looks like they've taken over a huge segment of the NAACP.

Pot kettle

These comments coming out of the mouth of the man who represents Brian Berger and wears a goofy bow tie?? Really?!?!

Stay Tuned.

Thom Goolsby = Brian Berger, Part 2

After just a few short

After just a few short months in power, Gov. McCrory and General Assembly Republicans have swung North Carolina hard to the right. It’s even being billed as a great ‘Tug-of-War’

Gov. McCrory and Republican legislators in Raleigh are in fact engaging in a war that robs prosperity from all North Carolinians, while handing out lavish tax breaks to big business and the wealthiest among us.

From gutting unemployment benefits, to rejecting Medicaid expansion, to increasing taxes on the poor and middle class, the most vulnerable are getting a raw deal.

They even want to stifle your participation at the ballot box by cutting popular early voting hours and by imposing a poll tax on parents working to put their kids through college.

All the while, Democrats have been standing up against this GOP-led onslaught.

Goolsby again shows the

Goolsby again shows the serious flaws with his "style" of representation. He is not interested in the reason for protest and goes off the deep end with hotheaded remarks.
Pitting Republicans against Democrats is NOT the way to get the job done. We are all North Carolinians and this is something Goolsby obviously doesn't get.
You work for all the N.C. citizens, whether you like them or not.

Thom you on the mark

THOM, keep up the good work and we will put you back in office. We need some one to tell it like it is for once.This is my 2nd try,i wonder if WWAY can print this one? Thanks Thom for all you are doing.

Tom you are spot on, "truth

Tom you are spot on, "truth hurts" time we all belly up and share some responsibility, there is a law against extortion until it's convenient, glad to see we have finally elected someone that represents the values that it is going to take to turn NC around.


Thom asked where I was at three years ago?
I was at work, doing my job, paying my taxes,
getting my pay cut by the GOP, benefits cut and
insurance rates raised, working conditions not kept up
to safety standards. Other than that, just listing to
people like you. I am a moron, and I vote, and I will
not forget.

He Speaks the Truth

Senator Goolsby is only commenting on what is the truth. Those demonstrators are ex hippies, left leaning activist whose ideas of a Democracy are actually Socialism. They want those who have worked, earned an education and succeeded in life to support those who have dropped out of school, got pregnant early, rejected hard word or any work. They cannot stand that Republicans want a voter ID to be able to vote and want no appeal for a death penalty just because you are black. I cannot stand that minorities are voting numerous and under fake names to keep their welfare check coming. Democrats get their bread and butter by catering to these people at the expense of those who have gone out and made success for themselves. Change is coming hippies and it is not the change you champion. So sad, boo hoo.

Thom Goolsby's Reprehensible statements

Although I have been appalled by Senator Goolsby's ill-conceived and reprehensible statements directed at North Carolina citizens exercising their protest rights at the Legislature on Moral Mondays, I had not intended to join this group in Raleigh. But I shall certainly be there next Monday. I note that I have been married to a Wake County legislator, and I served as press liaison for the NC House of Representatives. Goolsby had me fooled for awhile, but he has now shown his colors.

ann russell

why would you want to do go out there and make a ass of yourself too? just wait for the next election the democrats will give you a pint of wiskey and $20 to vote for them.

The more I read about this...

The more I read the more upset I become.
First - it has nothing to do with the NAACP. Everyone has an opinion of them and I happen to agree that what they did during the fiasco at Duke was wrong. Fortunately "justice" prevailed - the truth was found out and the right people were vindicated.
Thom's attitude, and the tone and timbre of his statements seem to indicate someone who has become too comfortable with his position and used this as a sounding board against hippies, Catholics, NAACP, stupid people, circus performers and the like. He was swinging at everyone it appears and sparing no one.
I don't "get" this. He's an attorney and knows how to use words which is even more disturbing to me.
So, how else were these folks supposed to act? Like the DEMs before them the GOP has shut out all opposing views. Are they surprised by the demonstrations? Or is the REAL problem here the fact that during the DEM reign the GOP couldn't get people to do this exact same thing? Is Goolsby trying to fire up the GOP?
There is no doubt in my mind that some demonstrators are out of hand - the arrest records indicate this. But if the correct way is to go before your Representative and talk but they refuse to allow this then what did you expect?
It seems to me that both parties have lost a lot of the civility that marked the great politicians of the past. DEMs for their part were smirkey, complacent, and all to eager to tax and spend. Today's GOP however seems arrogant, condescending and all to eager to please corporate interests above all others.
Both attitudes are wrong IMHO.
But a good politician seems to know when to let loose with those attitudes and when to keep them to himself.
Goolsby just proved he's not a good politician I think


PS - Thom? Why the Chatham Journal? Why a newspaper far outside your own district?
Makes me wonder

Vog, a couple things. The

Vog, a couple things. The Wiki bio of Sen. Goolsby indicates that he is Catholic. That may be wrong but I find it interesting. Goolsby's op ed said that Rev. Barber was wearing a cassock and stoles and all he was missing was a Bishop's miter. When checking the many videos of this event, Barber was wearing a red ordinary clerical shirt with a white collar tab and he was wearing a red preacher's stole over a black suit. Anyone who was raised anywhere near a Catholic church knows how a priest dresses.... Methinks that Thom was trying to arouse some kind of anti-foreign or anti Catholic sentiment despite his being a member of the Catholic Church.

I wrongly thought that Goolsby was pandering to his base with some of his far right rhetoric. Unfortunately, this screed he wrote firmly establishes him as a "true believer".... He's no better than the coterie of idiots and paranoids leading the NHC GOP.

My personal apologies to you for the times I challenged you in your assessment of this clown. I wish I could wave an ultrasound wand and make him go away.