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Berger's drug case continued until January


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger's court case on a drug charge has been continued until next year.

Berger was due in court today for his charge of possession of schedule II drugs, but his attorney Buddy Allard says the case was continued until Jan. 16.

Berger was charged with the possession charge, as well as DWI, Dec. 6 after Wilmington Police say Berger was found passed out in the driver's seat of a car in the middle of Masonboro Loop Road. Berger is scheduled for court on the DWI and another traffic infraction from the incident Feb. 20.

The drug possession charge is a felony. If convicted, Berger would lose his seat on the county commission under state law.

Berger is also slated for a Jan. 29 trial on a DWI charge from Dec. 2012.

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Brian Burger Was A Good Old Man

Brian Burger didn't do nothin wrong, he's just turning his life around and has been hanging around the wrong crowd, i mean who doesn't like to party a little bit at christmas time, it hasn't interrupted his duty's as a politician and he's the best politicker this county has seen in a long time, three cheer's for big baby burger, him's my kind of folks!


This is the reaction you would expect from a teabagger.

Brian Berger

I feel we should put politics aside and get this man some much needed help. He is a fine example that none of us are immune to personal disaster. I never voted for him but that does not make him less of a human being.

Augh yeah folks

Listen up toots, im teabaggyer than the Lipton factory! :DDD


You make less sense than Berger.

just watch

Just watch this jack leg get out of this. The 2014 election will happen and hopefully he will be voted out. The election will happen before he gets convicted (hopefully, maybe). This is all very sad. I hope he gets the much needed help he so desperately needs. Just watch.


the first of about 3 continuances (standard).
Berger finally gets convicted of a felony about a month or two before he gets voted out of office..............


why the delay?

Why are Berger's court dates continually postponed? Is this a judge's ruling and if so why won't he/she hear the case? There's no reason to keep pushing this back that we can see. Does someone stand to gain??? by doing this? This is a waste of time for the courts, the bailiffs and attorneys. Get this done and over with.

It has become standard

It has become standard operating procedure. At the third setting they will typically set a trial date if a plea agreement has not been made.

Any Decent Lawyer

Will have the case continued and continued. If your lawyer cannot do that for you you have the wrong lawyer.

Biggest threat to Brian

Was himself. He is his own worst enemy.