Body found in Pender Co. confirmed as Elisha Tucker

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Submitted: Mon, 05/12/2014 - 7:39pm
Updated: Tue, 05/13/2014 - 2:08pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say remains found in Pender County last month are a Leland woman missing since last year.

WPD says the Medical Examiner’s Office in Greenville determined the remains found April 29 off Hoover Road near Hampstead are the remains Elisha Marie Tucker, 34.

Tucker’s mother reported her missing on October 21, 2013. She was last seen in the 1500 block of Dawson Street in August of last year. Police are investigating this case as a homicide.

WPD refused to answer any questions regarding the ongoing investigation, including how long Tucker’s body may have been buried.

Police initially believed the remains could have been Shannon Rippy Vannewkirk, who went missing from downtown Wilmington in early April. Police charged James Opelton Bradley with Vannewkirk’s murder. They soon realized they belonged to someone else. Bradley is still charged with the murder, and investigators say he is a person of interest in Tucker’s death.

Lt. Tom Witkowski says the search for Vannewkirk continues.

Anyone with information on this case are asked to call the Wilmington Police Department at (910) 343-3609 or Text-A-Tip information to CRIMES then Type Tip708 then your message.


  • anne russell says:

    yes, you are very right, and I rather suspect the post to which you replied was written by a member of his family. if I were a member of his family, I’d do all I could to provide all information which would clarify all the murders of which he has been convicted and charged and likely to be charged. bad dad.

  • not important says:

    I think freedom of speech is over rated there are ppl like you that just need to stay quiet. This man is guilty as sin Nd its all over his face. Secondly he murdered someone’s child if it was your child or family member you wouldn’t be saying he’s innocent til proven guilty BC in the pit of ones stomach he’s guilty. He should’ve never been released to start with. I not only strongly support the death penalty but I believe murderers should be killed the same way they kill. I hope he rots in hell Nd gets hell from other inmates he deserves everything he gets. Why should tax payers pay for his food his bed his clothes he took lives from ppl and their families will never be the same so why the hell should he get food water etc!?!?!?

  • 2quick2judge says:

    His family IS the family of the child he supposedly murdered. If you read entire articles in the star news it mentions he has another daughter with the mother if the child he supposedly murdered… She’s a grown woman and apparently he was staying with her for a while after he was released. Apparently she’s alive and well and he didn’t kill her too.

  • guesty says:

    Do you know all the details of the case? If not, take your own advice and “shut the hell up.”

  • Bill O'Brien says:

    I am trying to see what the “hate speech” is that you are referring to in the above post. Wishing that murderers would finally get their just punishments is not hate speech. This poor “innocent” man is a convicted murderer that got off way too easy. He definitely got off much easier than his first victim.

    If he is found to be negligent in any of these new cases then people should have to be held accoutnable for creating an atmosphere where someone like him can get back out into the public.

    Your comments make you sound like a bleeding heart liberal. Maybe next time it will be one of your family members murdered and the murderer gets a minor sentence and released. See how you enjoy that.

  • Vladsmom says:

    He was convicted already of killing the child. Why are you saying supposedly killed?!?! Don’t you find it odd that wherever this man is, bodies start turning up? You have to be one of his family members. If I were you, I’d sleep with one eye open!!

  • 2quick2judge says:

    I’m totally a bleeding heart liberal because I think that people who don’t know any details of the case because they not directly involved should shut the hell up for minute before condemning the man to hell for crimes he may not have committed. This man has a family who more than likely are seeing this all over the news and seeing all these comments about the death penalty being spouted for a crime we have not confirmed yet that he’s committed. No one is thinking about how his family may be feeling about this though. They are victims too.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Anne was stating that he should have been given the death penalty for the murder that he was proven to have committed. No matter which way you choose to spin things, he is guilty of murdering that defenseless child. He should have already been put to death.

  • CCRES says:

    Who cares what his family thinks? He should have thought about that before he destroyed someone else’s family. Some of you people are warped in your brains if you even have one.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Whatever this man’s family is suffering, it is all on him for the choices he made. The family that deserves anyone’s compassion is the family of that child that he murdered. If he didn’t want his family to suffer because of his crimes, then he shouldn’t have murdered that child.

  • Guest2020 says:

    If he didn’t want his family so suffer from publicity, then he shouldn’t have murdered that child. Their pain and suffering rests solely on his shoulders and not on the shoulders of the people who talk about what he did.

  • not important says:

    Hey totally are you a liberal or posing as one BC you are the same kind of person Bradley is? You still haven’t said what you would say, do, or think if it were your mom, sister, daughter, etc? Is that BC you wouldn’t care? Of course you wouldn’t care. I feel sorry for the ones who think you love them. If you want to defend this man then why not agree to be in the same cell as him knowing he’s a murderer? Would you lay next to this man? If you’re such a devout liberal then prove it Nd go stay in his cell w him!

  • Lumbee62 says:

    I’m going to clear it up for you .I came down with Cancer in 2010 and by the grace of God I”m still here but it was a hard batter and yes sorry to say I was not able to take care of the horses as they needed I was doing my best at the time and it hurt me to see them slip like they did but God knows it was not on purpose and the way some of you out there talk about people how can you look in a morrow and say your a child of God. I got an infection one day working with them during my treatments and almost lost my life over it. When the day comes and the book of life is open and God is reading your file will it be perfect. My point is only God can judge man . You can bad mouth me all you want I got my life right with God when I got cancer and yes it took cancer for me to see the big picture. I forgive those who trespass against me .

  • anne Russell says:

    This is why I strongly support the death penalty. Had Bradley been put to death following conviction for killing and dumping his 8-year-old stepdaughter, these two women, and possibly others, would still be alive.

  • 2quick2judge says:

    Anne, you have got to be the most hateful person on Earth. All you have ever said on any of these news castes regarding this man are give him the death penalty. Shut up already with your hate speech. The man isn’t guilty til he’s proven guilty. Shannon isn’t proven to be dead or alive yet yet and they haven’t even charged him with the murder of this woman yet. Can we wait til we actually are given some sort of evidence that he actually commuted a crime in these two cases before we try to hang him out to dry? Jeez.

  • SnarkmeisterGeneral says:

    Edward, first please accept my sincere condolences at the loss of your friend. I regret that you and Elisha’s friends, family and loved ones have had to suffer from the vicious words that some folks feel compelled to say. May she rest in peace.

  • Edward Oxendine says:

    My God I just can not believe some of the views I read in here It doesn’t matter what Elisha Tucker did or didn’t do for a living . Where any of you there so even in her final moments she could have ask The Lord to welcome her home. There seems to be a lot of all mightier than The Lord only he and only he gets to say who is worthy to enter the right side of the Goth . It hurts me how People can talk trash about someone but has no idea of what led them to that point in there life. I knew Elisha for years and I know for a fact she was a kind person with a big heart Yes she had problems but don’t we all . The problems she was dealing with was the kind you need help to get it done and sadly to say it’s not always easy to get. So Please before you go talking bad about someone or judging them look in a mirror I’m sure your not as holy as you think. There will come a day when we all have to stand before The Lord to be judged so with that in mind try helping one another rather be in such a hurry to judge others

  • electrohead says:

    Prostitution is a dangerous job. I feel sorry for her family for losing someone they probably actually cared about. I know they didn’t care about animals. Recall the malnourished horse incident.
    The whole lot of them are pretty pathetic.

  • SMH says:

    I was thinking the same thing. It is a shame the way her life ended but you pay to play.
    The whole family are not exactly upstanding citizens.

  • lonetraveler says:

    Earlier reporting stated that Elisha Tucker lived in the Hillcrest housing development, why is it that now she was living in Leland?

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