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Film crews react to grant plan


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Film incentives have been the talk of the town for years, but with the most recent change, concern for the future has set in.
'Under the Dome' assistant location manager, Chris Allen, says the state's plan to trade tax incentives for a smaller grant program will impact more than just folks in the film industry.

"We hired everyone from police officers to fire rescue to traffic control people," Allen said. "Everything you can possible imagine, we're affecting. We pay schools, different property owners, business owners, everything else, the impact here is much larger than what you see from the 200 people of each film crew."

Allen says North Carolina needs proper film incentives to stay competitive in the industry.
He and others are worried what lies ahead with the grant program.

"It's a hard thing to say what is going to happen. I know I am good through the rest of the year, but I don't know what's going to happen next year. It's sad," said Allen.

Bo Webb is a camera operator for 'Under the Dome,' which is shooting its second season. He says the new program would turn away those interested in filming in Wilmington.

"It's basically just bad news right. If it's not the complete death of the industry, it will be a heavy blow," Webb said.

Webb hoped legislators would continue the state's current film incentives package, which has kept the industry booming in Wilmington and other parts of the state.

While some are disappointed, many remain optimistic that changes can still be made.

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Great news for GEORGIA

NC has lost furniture, textiles and NOW is voluntarily kicking out the film industry. Georgia has an even higher incentive, and recognizes it gets a greater return on the investment, and doesn't scream about losing money because they aren't. And now, what was planned for CHARLOTTE a few years ago, will be built outside of Atlanta:

In a few years, folks will look back at these last two NCGA sessions and wonder "WHAT were they thinking?!"

The North Carolina GOP has

The North Carolina GOP has gone quite berserk. Shifting more and more costs of government onto the workers and onto the poor. We now pay taxes on service work even though Guv McCrory calls it a "fee". Well, Guv, the film industry will opt out of North Carolina, leaving fewer jobs and less revenue. WTF?

im a good republican we

im a good republican we dont want them in nc. now leave

They are welcome to stay, just...

Any business can stay in Wilmington, NC, where ever they want, just NO TAX INCENTIVES!

If you want to give them incentives, why don't you raise funds privately and just hand it over to them?

Your constant trolling ...

... under a variety of names got old some time ago and contributes nothing to the conversation. Get a life.