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West Bladen to play tonight despite player's death


BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- West Bladen junior linebacker Lennon Lacy was found dead at a mobile home park in Bladen County this morning. The cause of his death has not yet been released.

Tonight's home football game against West Columbus will be played as scheduled.

Both teams enter the contest with 1-0 records.

WWAY will be at the game. We'll have a game recap on Friday's 5th Quarter.

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The football players did

The football players did that game in HONOR of Lennon Lacy. Because that's what Lennon would want them to do. It's not disrespectful and to the people who don't like it must have never known Lennon Lacy like us. Lennon will be greatly missed and loved! He will forever be with us. R.I.P. Lennon we love you!


I commend the team and coaches for playing this game. Lennon and his family are my neighbors and thats what he would have wanted them to do. Iwatched him all summer running and getting into shape for football. It's sad to see such a young life gone. He was such a quiet and repectful young man all the kids are going to really niss him playing ball with them including my on son. Please continue to lift his family,teammates,teachers,coaches and friendsup in prayer. Playing that game was in no way disrespectful, that's what he would have wanted. R.P LENNON LACY

West Bladen football played

West Bladen football played in honor of Lennon Lacy. I knew him personally, he would have wanted them to play the game and win. West Bladen won 57-16, after several TD's running backs and receivers were pointing up to honor Lennon. I commend the players of both teams for playing with class and showing respect for Lennon before the game.

So disrespectful of WBHS to

So disrespectful of WBHS to move ahead with tonight's game

i Miss You Lennon

Ok . How is It DISRESPECTFUL For WB to Play That Game ! If ANYONE Knew Lennon , Lennon Would Have Wanted Them To Play They Game ! && Then On Top They Won ! So I Can Careless If You Were His Neighbor, If Your Part Your Part Of WB Staff , I DONT CARE ! Don't Disrespect Him Like That By Saying That Foolishness About What He Wouldn't Want Or What's Disrespectful , Because Truth Be Told You Don't really now Him , You Knew Of Him ! YOUR DISRESPECTFUL FOR SAYING SOME ISH LIKE THAT

I agree!

I agree!

There's not a man alive

That has ever played the sport that would ask his team to not play because of him. I'm glad those boys chose to honor his memory by playing the sport he loved .

Right on man. Don't second

Right on man. Don't second guess those who knew him best. It's what he wanted.