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A North Carolina appeals court says Gov. Pat McCrory can't swat away a lawsuit by media organizations and advocacy groups contending the Republican's administration has a pattern of delaying public records requests. Photo: WTVD

RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Gov. Pat McCrory says North Carolina state Secretary of Public Safety Frank Perry is in contact with the Department of Homeland Security assessing what help the state may be able to provide in wake of the Florida nightclub shooting.

Police say a gunman opened fire killing at least 50 people in the worst mass shooting in American history. Authorities are investigating it as an act of terrorism.

McCrory issued a statement Sunday calling the shooting a tragedy that should never happen in America. He says those killed were “innocent victims of an inexcusable act of violence.”

McCrory says his prayers go out to the families, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and the people of Orlando.

He says he’s contacted Florida Governor Rick Scott offering any assistance North Carolina can provide.

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  • DeAnne Carroll

    as far as i am concerned he had a hand in this loss of life….

  • Kiersten

    This lame duck governor can help by taking the lead in the total repeal of HB2!!
    It won’t save his office but it may allow him to recapture a slive of his reputation and legacy.. at least his one term legacy..

  • Mark Rosen

    A tepid satement from one of the most hateful Governors in the United States. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has been at war with the LGBT community for decades. Pat McCrory is more of a allie of ISIS that he would like to admit. Disgusted !

    • McCrory isn’t at war with the LBGT community at all. As an elected Governor of this fine state, he supports what the VAST MAJORITY of his constituents want, not the few…like you. He still has morals, not like the few…like you.
      The hatred you spew by accusing McCrory of being an “ally” of ISIS is typical of your left winged-bent brained beliefs. You don’t have a clue as to the difference between “opinions” and what you call “hatred”.
      “The hate haters hate much more than those they say hate. Now, that’s just pure hatred!”

      • Raoul ZamDup

        A majority of constituents were in favor of segregated marriages and the crimininalization of interracial marriages all across different states not too long ago in our history . Human rights violations are human rights violations, no matter how widespread a culture of fear, hatred, and ignorance is.

      • Well, you can call it “Hate”, you can call it “Fear” and you can call it “Ignorance” if you fell that validates your stance, but myself being raised as a Christian and studying the Bible, I call it “simply disagreeing with immoral behavior and lifestyles”, but you go ahead and call it “Hate” if that makes you feel better.
        BTW, it was only a few years before gay marriage mandated by the Supreme court that it was put up for vote to the “People of NC”. 61% of the people voted against it! That’s a landslide vote of epic proportions!!! It was known as “Ammendment 1”.

      • Jack

        If you imply part of the bible to justify your actions you then have to use all of the bible even the part you don’t like or believe in.

      • Jack

        So I guess you will not be voting for Trump? He did commit one of “god”s top 10 sins adultery. That is about as much of an “immoral behavior and lifestyle” as you can get.

      • Who I vote for is my bidness, preach!

      • guest45

        well Jack, you voted for both Bill clinton and Obama, to of the biggest Liars and civilian killers in the history of this country, bill had the Arkansas state POlice hauling his women into him for illicit affairs, and you are talking about trump while seperated having consensual sex? you are a hypocrit!

      • CeeCee

        Keep hiding behind that book. Comes in handy when you disagree with others lifestyles.

      • Oh, I’m not hiding behind “a book”. I simply stand up for and beside what I believe in IN THE WIDE OPEN, even in front of you. So what book do you live your life by? “The Anarchist’s Cookbook”? “Mein Kampf”? or perhaps “Quotations from
        Chairman Mao Tse-tung (“Little Red Book”)”? You’re quite the avid reader!

      • CeeCee

        Book of reality. Try it sometime.

      • Vog46

        There is a reason why voters aren’t allowed to vote on specific laws its called “mob rule”. Read up on it in the Federalist Papers and you’ll see why your argument falls flat. Also try reading about the checks and balance provided by our three branches of government and you will see how and why the SCOTUS was able to render this decision.
        Finally,Christianity does not hold ANY more sway over this country then any other religion.
        The Constitution is a wonderful thing and guarantees rights for all.
        Not just the majority of voters in NC. Rights cannot be taken away by mob rule.

        Deal with it……

        Unaffiliated, undecided and darned proud of it

      • CeeCee

        34% voter turn out on that vote. The amendment was found unconstitutional in federal court on October 10, 2014.

      • Vog46

        So Chris–98% of climate scientists voted on man contributing to global warming that’s a landslide of even MORE epic proportions!!!!!!!

        Unaffiliated undecided and darned proud of it

      • Raoul ZamDup

        Immorality is the pride of thinking that by virtue of having sexual relationships with someone of the opposite sex, that that makes your relationships more “righteous” in the eyes of God. The bible also says eating shellfish is an abomination, so I guess you don’t eat shrimp either because it should go against your moral compass. As far as the popularity of Ammendment 1, racism and homophobia may be popular in a certain region. But popularity does not determine what’s right for all citizens that live there. And if you feel that I am being hateful, I assure you I only wish you the best in life, as I do all that act against me and my people. I learned that from Jesus Christ. Remain blessed :)

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