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Baby has toes chewed off by pit bull

An Onslow County couple is charged with child abuse after their 4-month old child had his toes chewed off by a dog. Deputies say Robie Lynn Jenkins and Tremayne Spillman were dog-sitting for their friend's pit bull overnight. Jenkins told authorities she was on medication, and didn't hear the baby cry out in the night, even though she was sleeping in the same room as him. She said she discovered his injuries when she was changing his diaper in the morning. The baby was taken to the hospital, where he may have to have his foot amputated. Jenkins and Spillman are now facing charges of felony child abuse.

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This story is old but I know

This story is old but I know everyone involved here. I know the mother and the foster parent if you wanna call her that. The little boy and his brothers are in a very unfit home now with these foster parents. They are very mistreated and I do not understand how DSS sits on their asses and lets all these things go on. Yea this is a horrible thing that has happened but the mother and father were charged and the mother has turned her life around. She wants her babies back and I truely feel this would be the best place for them. These kids are in a home rite now with 3 dogs and 4 cats. These dogs are not very friendly either. So how is it ok for him to be in a house now with dogs that are allowed to do whatever, and when I say whatever I mean whatever. Never let out to go potty, so we all know what that means...Yes!!!! Disgusting!!!!! I hope these kids are taken out of the foster parents house soon before someting like this happens again. These boys are very mistreated......

What medication????

What will make you sleep through the cries of a baby that is getting their toes chewed off!!!!! In the SAME ROOM! IN a TRAILER! You are definitely a sick individual, and there is no medication that will help you. This is disturbing beyond belief. If this person does not get some serious criminal charges against them, it will be another sad day in our legal system. The dog will probably get worse treatment. The legal system should think about who is euthanized. Please don't start saying it is a pit bull. These poor dogs are just a product of the pitiful neglect of people. Who really is the animal in this scenario?


Man, people just don't care about their kids anymore. This is horrible.. I hope this dog doesn't suffer for this at all. The parents are the one's to blame. How can you not hear your baby screaming in pain, maybe cause you were high and drunk... Not hard to figure out. Stupid people. Hope you get what you deserve...

Powerful medication....

This is heartbreaking!! Ms. Jenkins must have been on some powerful "medication" if she didn't hear a baby cry when he was having his toes chewed off by a dog. I pray that this child will recover and will not have to have his foot amputated. My prayers are with him and his family.


this makes me feel sick!!the child needs to be taken away from these people and the dog put to sleep,its tasted human blood.

Things like this make you

Things like this make you sick to your stomach. People honestly should not be allowed to have children

Seriously how can you not

Seriously how can you not hear the cries of a child who is getting its toes chewed off by a dog. Pitbulls get a bad rap because of idiots who dont raise them properly. Why would you leave a baby in the same room as a pitbull anyways


Regardless of whatever excuses these parents are offering, fact is that the dog shouldn't have even been able to get to that child in the middle of the night. Period. The child shoulda been safely in a crib and the dog kenneled for the night or the door to the parent's bedroom secured with the child in that room as well.


What kind of stupid person doesn't hear their child scream in pain? There is no way that child didn't not scream at the top of his lungs it is not like the dog was nibbling his toes he chewed them off and to be in the same room with the parent and they don't hear him. I wonder if they took more then medication. That poor little baby. The parents should be punished as well as the dog.

babie's toes