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Battle lines are drawn as City Council approves annexation

READ MORE: Battle lines are drawn as City Council approves annexation
Council chambers were packed with residents in red who oppose the forced annexation of Monkey Junction. All but one council member voted to move forward with the annexation process. Council member, Kristi Tomey, voted against it. "It is not going to solve the sales tax revenue distribution which is truly the problem which is why the city has to go out and do annexations." It was not until after the council's vote that the public could speak up. There was a mix of opinions, including support of annexing about 1,000 acres and 4,000 residents. "Are my neighbors aware than 85 percent of retail sales are made in the city? The city only retains 20 percent of that tax. The county gets 80 percent," said annexation supporter, Owen Wexler. Those who are against it didn't hesitate to speak up, either. Russ Hauptman said, "All of these problems will not be solved by annexation. You annex, there's still problems." "The current economic circumstance the country finds itself in, this is hardly the time to add to anybody's tax burden," added Joan Frenson. But the process is now moving forward; the battle lines have been drawn. Tuesday night's vote established the date for a public information session in March and public hearing in April. A final annexation vote in scheduled for May.

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So, you believe everything you see and hear? There are jokes about Polish People, people from West Virginia, blondes...etc. Your argument isn't even worth writing. If you don't have the self esteem to believe you are not all of those steretypes then perhaps you should see someone about that. And if you think that southerners are the only group of people made fun of you, then you are sorely mistaken.

Take down your confederate

Take down your confederate flag and GET OVER it already!!! P.S. I am from the south just in case your wondering


Who said the war is over? :)

Bingo, we have a winner. I

Bingo, we have a winner. I totally agree with this. Yankees are always telling us poor, dumb Southerners to "Get Over It" but it's kind of difficult whenever you are constantly reminded who lost the war and the way we are depicted in movies and television. As far as the comment pertaining to Yankees contributing to our economy, I guess Yankees define progress as higher taxes and congestion. As far as Yankees moving down here and starting businesses, I used to work for a large manufacturing company on South College Rd years ago and when I confronted the head of HR about why I wasn't promoted to a position that I was 100% qualified for she informed me(behind closed doors)that I had no chance in H*** because I was from the South. If I would've had a tape recorder on me then I would be a rich man right now. It's no wonder these devices were forbidden on their property. So you Yankees need to get over it. Instead of judging someone because of our accents or where we were born and raised how about judge a person on his/her actions and/or merits.

North vs. South????

I just can't believe everyone is arguing about North vs. South. Last time I checked, I lived in the United States, and there are men and women FIGHTING AND DYING for my right to live here, whether it's up north or down south. Do you think our enemies overseas care if a soldier is from the north or south before they are killed? Every one of you should be ashamed. My mother is southern and my dad was a northerner. I suppose that makes me a half-breed to some of you. Too darn bad. Now get over yourselves. There are more important issues in this world today.


Apparently you haven't seen Gone With The depicts a pretty bleak picture of "Northern Aggression" against the poor southerners.

You have issues

You have issues


I agree with the comment about the Yankees....there the ones that are coming down here and making this place over populated (south). They are the ones that want to change stuff down here and they have been down here for about a year or so....I've been in Wilm all my life....I can't stand to see a New Jersey plate or an Ohio plate or a New York plate!


If it wasn't for us "YANKEES" coming to live in the south..this place would be one huge dump!!! Get over the "WAR" y'all!!!! We


You are absolutely right. I couldn't agree with you more, because I know you obviously know what you are talking about. I mean you probably had a first hand look at places like New York and New Jersey. The Dumping places of America.

Southerners need their diapers changed

You RARELY come on here and read someone from the north mentioning problems associated with southerners. It is always someone from the south squawking over "Yankees". It's time you changed your diapers, honestly. Continually whining over a war you were never a part of to begin with. Should blondes come on here and whine too? Now go brush your teeth, remove the broken down car out of your front lawn, and open a dictionary.


AMEN to that. LMAO!!!!


Since you dislike the Yankees coming down here so much, I would suggest that you stop sending your people up North to market your lovely area. There are people who on a routine basis hold shows in various hotels up North promoting the Wilmington and Brunswick County area. They pay for such "Yankees" to come down and visit and then try to sell them real estate. Southern Hospitality is the biggest farce, I've ever had the pleasure to deal with and you are a perfect example of it!

Southern Hospitality

Gotta love that southern hospitality...


Uhh, the ones you see with the plates are only visiting, they leave.

Seems to me

Seems to me that you have hung around...


The City of Wilmington will annex whether the people like it or not. They've always done it no matter who is in office. Until the law is changed to eliminate forced annexation it will happen. I'm just waiting for Ogden to be annexed then that's when I'll probably sell my house & move, just like I had to move from Carolina Beach because it was becoming to expensive to live there, taxes & insurance is outrageous. Let the people review the budget & the people decide what "pork" to eliminate then maybe it will bring Wilmington closer to solving their financial problems instead of forced annexation.

Annex Everyone

I was annexed so I say annex everybody. Hopefully they will get a street light for doubling their taxes like I did. The elected officials here are clowns. As far as puppet Tomey voting against it, it was all a sham. She cares about one thing and that is herself so don't let her fool you. . Honestly I don't know how she is surviving on council without her DEAR CLOSE FRIEND Jason gone. I'm sure she consults with him behind closed doors.