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Beach perceptions leave some visitors with salty taste


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY)- "I consider Wrightsville Beach a very welcoming beach," said Wrightsville Beach Mayor David Cignotti. "It's a great place to live and visit and I think our residents take pride in welcoming people to our community."

But with a recent increase in parking fees and a ban on smoking at the beach under consideration many of our viewers say that can't be further from the truth.

WB wrote,"Come on, they are trying to drive everyone away from "THEIR BEACH". You know they only want locals there. I am sure they will allow the locals to smoke where they want to. It is like parking there."

With parking spaces already in high demand, town officials voted to raise the price to two dollars per hour, just a few months ago. But Cignotti says the increase was necessary to help meet the demand when the Wrightsville Beach population grows from 2,500 to 25,000 during the summer months.

"That effort was made to try to bring in the money to try to provide the services that not only visitors, but everybody expects."

LA 46 wrote, "The residents dont want you over there, unless you are a rich tourist whose gonna rent an expensive place for the weekend. If you are a local, they don't want you there. The beaches belong to all of us."

But Mayor Cignotti says residents realize how important tourists are to the local economy, and agrees everyone should share the beaches.

"Wrightsville Beach considers itself a family beach. If you ever go around the loop and look at all the moms and their children walking it you know that it's a place that we take pride in having families here."

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WB is a great beach

Wrightsville Beach is a great beach. It has very limited parking. Alot problems exist when day tripper come. They throw trash in residents yards, trespass, cause damage, fight, drinking in public, and many other things. The people bitching are the ones that dont care about the laws. When they come to the beach they "always" forget about the laws they live under at home. Let them go to Carolina Beach if they cant abide the rules. I dont live there, but understand what the residents go through.

Don't send your trash down here!!!

We here at CB are doing just fine, so don't send your WB trash down here. People here have rights too, we don't try to take them away, we don't charge much for parking and we have TWICE the fun and twice the beach, plus we have Britts Doughnuts.

We welcome anyone to come here and smoke on our beaches, but do request that you put your butts in the same receptacle the rest of your trash goes in. We DO fine you for littering, but do not descriminate between ciggie trash, kiddie trash, doggie trash or just plain sandwhale trash.

better than thou attitude

The people who live at Wrightsville Beach do not want "visitors" or tourists for that matter. Being one of the minority of local residents left in this area, I can vouch that Wrightsville Beach has always presented itself as "better than thou". I, along with many others, quit patronizing WB more than 20 years ago for that reason. I don't appreciate your comment to send everyone to Carolina Beach if they can't abide by the rules. Obviously, you haven't been to Carolina Beach lately - I'm sure because you think you're too good for it. God doesn't love you any more or any less than he loves me so get over yourselves.

Wrightsville Beach

Your comment from "rant" this morning just shows the lack of knowledge of what we as residents have to live with after vistors leave the beach. Our mayor says we take pride in having families here. That is true. As a long time resident, I am the first to let a family use my water hose to wash the sand off their children before getting in the car. I will put a quarter in the meter in front of my house if I see someone's time getting ready to run out...I could go on. What we don't want are those who come here, drink too much on the beach, become disruptive. What we want is for you to pick up your trash. Clean up behind yourself and your pet. It costs more money for us to clean up behind you than any revenue you could generate while visiting. I walk the loop everyday. The amount of trash between on Lumina Avenue is shocking. Whole McDonald and Bojangle bags, cups, beer cans, diaper...yes diapers. All within 10 feet of a trash can. I invite WWAY to come by here early in the morning and look at what is left behind after a busy day here. We love for people to come to this beach and have fun. That is what it is for. But, it is simple. Be respecful. Clean up behind yourself and clean up behind your pet.


I am sure not one from WB would disguard trash. Why do you think it is people visiting you wonderful beach..

That's more like it!!!

Well now, finally someone is being truthful and realistic...THANK YOU!

It isn't just the smokers, it's the eaters drinkers, sitters, surfers, sunbathers, kids and punks too.

Now...does WB really want to ban all of these activites as well or are they just persecuting a personal habit that they don't like? I don't like smoking either, so I don't do it, but it surely isn't hurting me for them to smoke on the beach.

If not, that's SMOKER PROFILING! Right?

"Hang them by their toes until blood runs from their eyesockets!" Sounds a bit like Ol' Adolf, doesn't it?

Wb losers

2 dollars is a rip off, that's why i either sun in my back yard or hit Carolina beach north end. It is fun to drive the boob loop now and then:-)

sounds like they want

sounds like they want everbody to spend there money there but nobody on the beach just send them your money and stay away and they will be happy

Trash is the issue

I grew up here and love this area. I do agree that the parking is getting out of hand. I do not agree with the increases and feel there needs to be more areas that are "no fee" parking. I do not live at the beach and do not like the "this is our beach" attitude some of these people have. The issue with the smoking is the freaking trash. I volunteer for a group that walks the beach and we pick up trash. You would not believe the amount of trash on a one mile part of the beach EVERYDAY. It is disgusting. They need to take the money from parking and pay a trash patrol to issue fines to all the pigs that leave trash every where. I see cars pull up in a space and dump all the butts on the ground, light another one and head out to the beach. Come here, have fun but take all of your trash with you, I don't care if you live in a mobile home or a castle.