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Big drug bust in Wilmington Tuesday morning

A big drug bust took place Tuesday morning by the Wilmington Police Department and State Bureau of Investigation. Ashley Ricks and Kathryn Williams are now facing a number of drug and weapons charges. The two 21-year-old women are being held on $1 million bonds, as is a third suspect, Lamont Stevenson of Bolton. Police found 2,200 tablets of ecstasy, 18 pounds of marijuana, 11 guns, and $28,000 in cash at a home on Lennon Drive.                            

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how very christian of you! I'll bet jesus is spinning in his tomb right now.

Praying for YOU

Apparently, Katy and Ashley arent the only ones who needs prayers tonight. Do you realize how hypocritical you are being now? As a christian, if you are, you should already know that even Katy and Ashley need prayers now more than ever. Satan comes at everyone from all angels, and all we can do as christians is pray for them.

Zero Tolerance

These girls should receive the maximum sentence allowed by law if they are convicted of this crime. An example must be made to show that pretty little white girls are judged the same way as any other "Thug" who gets caught trafficking drugs and in possession of firearms with intent to commit a felony! "What is good for the goose is good for the gander!" My whole family has been in and out of jail for drugs, so I know what it is like! Nobody had any pity on me when I saw my brothers go to prison, so I don't have none for you! I am willing to bet this month's Welfare Check that these little white girls just get a spanking and probation! Where is the Justice?

Known as Drug Dealers

They will be treated just like any other drug dealer-they will be known as "drug dealers" for the rest of their lives [all three of them]...Yeah, they are pretty little girls...but they are still pretty little drug dealers.

Be Reasonable

Someone wrote: "Pray the same prayer that I do for them. That's that they will spend the rest of their natural born life in the custody and care of the NC Department of Corrections." I for one do NOT want to pay to cloth, house, and feed these people for the rest of their lives!! Why is it that the U.S. has the highest percentage of it's population behind bars than ANY other country in the world? We have more people in jail or prison than countries with more people than us like Communist China!! Something is wrong here!!! Yes, CRIMINALS SHOULD BE PUNISHED, but we need to do something different. We need to break this cycle of crime!! We put petty criminals in jail and they just learn to be better criminals. And we throw the book at small time criminals but let the fat-cat, white collar criminals off with a slap on the wrist after stealing millions of dollars. Our jails and prisons are full of people who were convicted of drug related crimes and yet the drugs continue. Our War on Drugs isn't working!! Maybe we need to try something different. Prohibition didn't work with alcohol, we decided to regulate and tax it, maybe that is the answer, I don't know. Maybe we need more prevention and treatment? Maybe we need to teach our children the value of work instead if instant gratification and taking the easy way to a quick dollar? Maybe we need better schools, with a longer school year? We don't use kids on the farm to do labor like we once did and we have one of the shortest school years in the world. Maybe if these kids were in school learning more they'd turn out better? Maybe we need to stress more reading and learning, and less TV and video games? Geez, look at the spelling and grammar a lot of these people who posted use. Locking people up and throwing away the key (except for 1st Degree Murder) is NOT the answer. We can't afford to make (potential) Tax Payers into Tax Burdens!! We need a different answer. Yes, these girls are cute, maybe that's why people are feeling sorry for them? We have a superficial bias towards attractive people in this country. We value outer looks over inner beauty and brains. These "cute" girls have probably been getting away with all kinds of stuff their whole lives just because of how they look.

Typically, if you are going

Typically, if you are going to trash another person's grammar, it is best to make sure that your own is correct. Not that I disagree with you on the point, but if you are going to go there, make sure that you are correct, too.


Let’s do what other country’s do with drug dealers. This would reduce the number of people in the prison system and would be a big deterrent to the sales and possession of drugs. EXECUTION is the punishment in a lot of countries and they have very little problem with drugs..

hypocrites & victims

the poor babies, they should be forgiven, it's not their fault. how can the public be so harsh? they are pretty little white girls.that guy with the unkept hair must have had them under a spell or something. maybe they are just lowlife skanks. where were all you people that are defending them, when they were doing their crimes? i guess no one noticed that they had money and no jobs,. what the hell is wrong with you people, they, all three of them are adults. i guess no one told them that somethings are just wrong to do. and you will end up in jail if and when you are caught. now the thing to do is , when they get out of jail then give them a helping hand. help them make something of their worthless lives, or watch them spin in the porverbial toilet bowel they have made of their lives

Learn to spell, then you can

Learn to spell, then you can trash talk.

HA HA HA! Hilarious!

HA HA HA! Hilarious!

Go to bed with dog's, wake

Go to bed with dog's, wake up with flea's!

we miss nd love ya

we miss and love ya we will all ways keep ya in our prayers our thoughts ,and souls

hypocrites. if you have EVER

hypocrites. if you have EVER done drugs, even one hit of weed, whatever, you can't judge her. just like you can't judge the girl that gets knocked up if you are sexually active. thats being hypocritical. yes, katy and the other two made a mistake, but haven't we all?? we are human. katy is a beautiful, smart, nice caring girl that got caught up in an unhealthy envirmonent and lifestyle. it could happen to any of us. i REALLY wish all of you whitevillians would stop talking about high school... seriously? GET OVER IT!!! what we need to do is take a minute to reflect our lives and the changes we should make and pray for katy and her family, as well as the other two. we love you katy, and the rest of the williams family. you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers everday.


Well then I can judge her. And I'll also judge you, for being a half-wit blind enabler (that's someone who, perhaps without knowing, continues to feed someone's addiction or problem when they think they are helping). And YOU are exactly the reason why problems like the ones these fools have will continue. You can't put the blame on someone or something else, and neither can they. You need to learn that we all must hold ourselves accountable for our own decisions, because the law sure will. Come on, a mistake is an accident. What they did was not an accident. They all screwed up, stop trying to justify it for them. And no, we haven't all made the "mistake" of "accidentally" acquring 2,200 tablets of ecstasy and 18 pounds of marijuana, and a stock of deadly weapons.

Why should I "pray for Katy?"

What happens to Katy now has absolutely no impact on my life whatsoever. She chose her own course of action. She got caught. She faces the consequences. Fly with the crows, get shot with the crows. (She must not have been too smart if she fell into that lifestyle.)

oh yea

she was real smart....hahaha, i DID NOT KNOW smart people end up in jail, is that whats wrong with our economy? All the smart ones are locked up? Give me a break!

Yes there are smart people

Yes there are smart people in the DOC. I worked there for years and came across many many smart people as you want to call them. Just because people are in the DOC/JAIL does not make them dumb. It just means somewhere along the way they picked the wrong path. None of us know what was going on with her that made her pick the path she did. Before you want to be the first one to cast a stone. Be smart not "dumb" and think. It could have just as easily been you or someone you love dearly.

Not me

I've got to argue with your last sentence, DB. It couldn't just as easily been me because I DON'T deal drugs, DON'T use drugs and DON'T hang out with people that do. All choices I have made.


Why is it that both the girls look like they are high. Could they be high off their own supply?

Can u tell the difference

What the difference between this and celeb drug addicts, or the legal drug dealers {Dr.} who fill perscription after perscription just to get you out their office and charge your HMO $250 for the 5min it took to write the script for you to get high. Whats the difference between being an alcholic and going to the bar when we still have one dry state left in the USA? Whats the difference between this and racial hatered that is fed into childrens minds by their parents. Why ask why? Do you know the difference?

The Difference is they Got Busted

What are you talking about...they don't have anything to do with Drs. that over prescribe...they don't have anything to do with celebrities...they are drug dealers who were arrested for possession of drugs and guns. That's the difference.

boo hoo!!!! 420 no more



"THINK OF THE THOUSANDS OF LIVES THAT ARE DESTROYED BECAUSE OF DRUGS" and if THOSE THOUSANDS weren't out looking for drugs....drug dealing would be a loosing business and people wouldn't sell it...BLAME is on BOTH the users AND dealers! Are you Julia Boseman trying to reward the parents of users because they are victims?

blah blah blah she dealt

blah blah blah she dealt drugs, you reap what you sow, everyone quit feeling sorry, you are the reason we have idiots doing this anyways b/c you have sympathy for them! cry me a river she has to go to jail bc she was ran with a bunch of thugs, hmmm isnt that was our judicial system is for? to repremand goons like this? i am from whiteville and this is an awesome way to be represented! for all you idiots that is sarcasm

I personally knew a few of

I personally knew a few of the players, and its just so frustrating seeing more causalities of the useless drug war...These girls and that man are only criminal in the warped hypocritical system that need to point the find at someone to blame. Im not supporting what they did....its there right, it just sad that one simple lapse in judgment will effect these women forever...

If She were a He

Too many people look at these two WOMEN who were drug dealers and say: Oh these poor girls. They were misguided and made a mistake. " I wonder if your "sympathy and concern" would be as great as you claim if the "girls" were say 40? Or if the "girls" were fat, ugly or had a disfigured face? If they were men would you be as sympathetic? I think NOT! 2,200 ecstasy pills, 18 pounds of marijuana, guns and some of you claim this was a "mistake". Are you kidding? I think those oh so sympathetic posters are family members and friends drumming up support in an attempt to decriminalize the activities of these two ADULTS in the minds of the public and any potential jurors. Do I blame the parents? NO WAY! These two selfish women wanted what they wanted and didn't care how they got it. They CHOSE to do what they did; deal drugs and take the easy way.They assumed their youth and looks would hide their drug dealing. Make no mistake they are nothing more than common drug dealers.

You are exactly right ... we

You are exactly right ... we are family and friends who love katy and ashley and will be here to pick them up after you have beat them down. yes, they chose to do some very bad things, and they are in jail because of it. That doesnt make them any less our loved ones. If you were in our situation, and if you have a heart at all, you would be here for your loved one too.


This is so sad. I feel really bad for Katy. I do. But she got involved with the wrong people and now has to pay the consequences. I hope she gets the help she needs. She was never that nice to me in high school, and she did look down on people, but that doesnt mean she deserves this.I dont think people should judge her for what she did in high school, or judge her period. She has made a pretty big mistake and now has to pay for it. I only hope that she will change and learn from this.We werent friends and she did some pretty mean things to me, but i wouldnt wish this on anyone. I'm praying for you Katy.

capitalism is base on the

capitalism is base on the production transportation and distribution of products, goods and services, to illegalize any of these acts for any product is a direct violation of the very ideal of capitalism and shows the decay of american values, these people did nothing different than any retail store does or more closely pharmaceutical retailer does on a daily bases.


Hey Economics101, since when did American values extend to the production, transportation, and distribution of ANY products, goods, and services? By your logic, child porn, extortion, and hit-men are just part of good-old American values. But then maybe you just haven't yet been caught...