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Big drug bust in Wilmington Tuesday morning

A big drug bust took place Tuesday morning by the Wilmington Police Department and State Bureau of Investigation. Ashley Ricks and Kathryn Williams are now facing a number of drug and weapons charges. The two 21-year-old women are being held on $1 million bonds, as is a third suspect, Lamont Stevenson of Bolton. Police found 2,200 tablets of ecstasy, 18 pounds of marijuana, 11 guns, and $28,000 in cash at a home on Lennon Drive.                            

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I think your missing the point. The PLEASURE comes from knowing that more stupid ass drugs dealers off the streets WHERE CHILDREN RESIDE. Get it? If a judge says opps, they all just made mistakes whee do you think this world would be?

Mmm, not so much...

"Kathryn" didn't just 'make a mistake'. A mistake is an "oops incident." She didn't just come across 2,200 tablets of Ecstacy over night, or 18 pounds of marijuana, or a stock of guns. This is something deliberate that was done over time, and at no point did she decide to learn from, or make good on her ongoing "mistake". So, NO, TSK TSK TO YOU! For standing up for people who know they're doing wrong and choose to continue their mistakes. YOU are most definitely part of the problem.

pleasure from problems?

I dont get pleasure from someone else's problems. My pleasure comes from knowing that a problem has been solved.


I hate what she's become but this is what she deserved... she was a jerk to everyone she deemed "beneath" her. Some jail time may just humble the little princess... maybe...

Sooo Sad

It's such a shame that Katy has wasted what intelligence God gave her and is now well on her way to a life I'm sure she never thought would happen to her. Sometimes the writing is on the wall way before it actually happens, like early high school. I know she has devastated her family.

This one looks like its

This one looks like its going federal. All those pills plus the guns equals big trouble and I am sure that the girls are spilling their guts. Possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime is five years consecutive to the drug sentence. Uh-Oh.

Stop Snitching

all drug dealers arent bad people.. who are they to blame when the government put the drugs here in the first place.. its not their fault the people who bought the drugs wanted to get high in such ways... think about it you guys on here that talk down on them dont know them personally so who are you to jude one ???

Not their fault?

Let me guess - it's not a burglar's fault if he breaks into your big, fancy house, it's your fault for having a big fancy house, right? Were your parents related by blood prior to being related by marriage? A drug dealer is just as big a dirtbag as the clientel he serves. In fact, he is worse because the customers may be addicted. The dealer is making a conscious decision to be a criminal. I'm all in favor of legalizing most drugs. Until that happens, the dealer is a criminal and needs to go to jail.


Have they checked Lamonts hair? I bet he has a couple of pounds of marijuana up there. Filling up the jails once again with the mighty drug offenders. There is a solution folks.....

about time

its about time that they got busted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to bad they couldn't get all the other stuff they delt prior to the bust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope the goverment gets all the other dealers

about time you be quiet

First of all, they are innocent until proven guilty. Second of all you need to know facts & the law. You sound like you have hate in your blood. Maybe some annomocity even. What happened Katy didn't show you know love. You probalbly wasn't dark enough for her.


If your going to get all 'high and mighty' on someone, please at least use correct grammar. "You probalbly wasn't dark enough..." should be "You probably weren't dark enough." Go back to school.


Proven: busted with drugs. The law: illegal drugs, against the law. Who are you kidding?


What in the WORLD was going thru these two girls minds to be involved with this CLOWN? Guy looks like Bozo! At least ONE of them has lost their college education because of it!


What a bunch of losers and fools. I hope they rot in jail and hell for all the hurt they brought to the families who were affected by their drug sales. Good job law enforcement.

Judge and be not Judged

The bible says, judge not lest we be judged. God is the only one who can judge a persons heart. The physical, earthly body will be judged by the judge and 12 people. No one is perfect, and we have all made dumb mistakes in our time, being it small or big. When you are caught up in drugs, it does things to the mind, and makes you not care about the real world. Been there, done that. But, God puts things in your path to bring you back to reality. These people got caught, and now they have to face the punishment. But no one, I mean no one has the right to pass any judgement on them. You who are without sin, cast the first stone. Sin is sin, no matter how big or small. Remember, on the cross a thief and murderer asked Jesus to remember him when He went to heaven. Jesus replied, "This day you will be with Me in paradise." Anyone can be saved!!! If you have a problem with that, take it up with the Lord. He can deal with it. Thru God, all things are possible!!!

be careful

I admire the concern for the families who were affected by the drug sales of these 3. But before we get too excited about the possibility that they might "rot in jail and hell," give a thought to their families, too. Regardless of what these 3 deserve for their crimes, their loved ones don't deserve to be subjected to comments like these.

very fly, guy

I love that hair!

What's that old line...

...from Johnny Rivers' "Secret Agent Man?" "A pretty face can hide an evil mind" I guess they can hide a totally empty cranial vault, too. Nothing as cool as being young, beautiful, and well on your way to destroying your whole life, right?


My question is what are they teaching these kids in school. I have never seen such mistakes in spelling and grammar. We should pray for their teachers


Just laughs....I am sure my comment will not be posted, again.....I donot know these people. If they were selling drugs, well they deserve whatever...From the posts I have read, seems some are jealous.....Is it because she is pretty?....smh...To the one about going to bed with dogs....look in the mirror.......Katy did whatever, but just because she is pretty doesn't mean she deserves more than anyone else that has done the same......

She doesn't deserve to be in

She doesn't deserve to be in jail because she's pretty. DUH. She deserves to be in jail because she was a snooty little snot rag as a teenager, and a drug dealer as an adult. Thats why she deserves to be in jail.

Haha ... she must have hurt

Haha ... she must have hurt your feelings or something ... or you were jealous or intimidated. something to cause so much hate in your heart for her. katy was not anything like you say.