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Bladen County standoff has deadly end

READ MORE: Bladen County standoff has deadly end
It's not how these things are supposed to end. The standoff started at mid-morning off Center Road near Butler Mill Road. The sheriff says an agitated 63-year-old Thomas Adams ran his wife out of the house. She ran to a neighbor's house and called police while he holed up inside with at least one gun. Steve Ludlum tried to talk his brother-in-law out to no avail. Police continued to gather and tighten the perimeter. The State Bureau of Investigation Special Response Team moved in. Ludlam says police made him leave; "They said once they got the perimeter secured they'd come back and get me to get the negotiators in to negotiate with him. The next I heard about ten minutes later, everything broke loose. They shot him down like a dog." Bladen County Sheriff Stephen Bunn says officers had no choice but to open fire on Thomas Adams. "Around five o'clock he came out of the house with a gun. Officers in the woods tried to negotiate with him but instead he shot in the direction and they returned fire, striking him. He was transported to southeastern general hospital." Family members were understandably upset with the fatal outcome. Ludlam says it could have been prevented. "He's not been on his medication for about a week. They just went overboard today. All this was unnecessary." Its handling will be investigated. Crime scene techs started working the area shortly after the standoff had ended.

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That's not by design, however

Yes, they wound more than they kill, but that's because police officers are among the WORST shots you will ever encounter. That's especially true of officers in large Northeastern and Western metropolitan areas, who grow up without firearms and are often never exposed until they go to the academy. They exist in such numbers that they skew the statistics. The bottom line is that one or two days a year on the range doesn't cut it. If officers practiced and requalified quarterly, you'd see far better police marksmanship. As for the number of shots fired, blame the conversion from revolvers to semi-autos that took place in the early Nineties. in revolver days, the average officer fired only 3.4 rounds in any "gunfight." Once we went to high capacity autos, the average jumped to nearly 12 shots per engagement.

Ok. The family knew he

Ok. The family knew he wasn't taking his medication for a whole week,he had access to a firearm,fired at the police and the family is mad? This time I have to say "What the....?"

.. this is a tough time

.. this is a tough time right now and it is our firm belief that the measures that were taken yesterday were highly uncalled for.. yes tommy shot at the cops but killing him? that is a sad day in the justice system for anyone. We have every right in the world to be upset when the police are called in to take control of a situation, to make things better, and sort them out but then they end up killing someone? They took the easy way out by killing Tommy when all they really had to do was take the time to help. i understand they took precautionaries at this time to eliminate hurting anyone and may have thought this was best but i disagree in every way.. "What the..." is what many people are thinking now in how the law enforcement agencies could be so careful to mess up so much.


"Yes he SHOT AT THE POLICE but they didn't need to kill him, a slap on the wrist or a stern talking to would have worked." Get real. This is YOUR FAULT for letting it get this far.

At The End Of The Day...

When our local police enforcers get up in the morning and put on their uniform they have no idea what their day is going to entail. These individuals have family and loved ones as well, and at the end of the day I am sure they want to go home "in one piece" to their loved ones. It is so easy to judge when we as a "society" have no idea what it is truly like to stand in the shoes of these officers that did what we probably would have done if faced with the same situation. We call the police and they come. When we call and they don't respond, what would we have to say then? However tragic this incident was and continues to be...I am sure that at the end of the day each officer is thanking God that they were able to return home unharmed. It takes a great deal more than putting on a uniform and try to retain justice in this world(one must do what they have to do in order to survive). There are times when quick decisions have to be made and this was such a time. We as a society depend on the police to help us when they are called. So who are we to judge when the outcome is not as expected. It's time to move on and let the healing begin...not only for the family that lost their father, husband, brother, and friend...but also to the one's that are wondering "did we do the right thing". God Speed to You All! Ms. Mansfield

If he shot at you, you would

If he shot at you, you would have the right to defend yourself as do Law enforcement officials. These men and women dont get paid enough to be targets


I'm sorry for the loss, but if you shoot at law enforcement, they will shoot they should

Uncle Tommy

Uncle Tommy was a great & wonderful man! I feel that the way he is being spoken about on here is unfair. It's easy for people to say these things because truely they didn't know him. He's being talked about as if he was an awful person, some mad man on the loose. The way that my family is being spoken about is uncalled for. I feel that all is said & done & everybody should not say these rude comments about the family members. The family did try to help him. You don't take a gun from a hunter. Any man that hunts knows how close they keep their guns. He's never been a threat before & if he couldn't help you, then he would just leave you alone. He needed some room & time to just calm down. I think that if I were an officer in that situation I would have backed off & allowed a family member with a professional to talk to him. I do feel that things could've been handled differently. I totally understand that the officers were trying to help because they were called out to be there. Then they had to do as they are trained, I don't feel that every situation is the same. If they really want to help, then they should listen. They should listen to the family & what they are trying to say. They know the subject far closer than any other person. The family tried to tell the officers that he was upset because of their presence. That should have raised a red flag. He was shooting to try to get them to leave? I don't feel that any officer is trained in a way that would allow someone to shoot at them & not fire back without the intent to kill. That's commen sense in my opinion. But if someone is upset because of your presence, then back off. There's no need for those kind of rude comments that people are leaving on here. I just feel that perhaps he could have been shot in the arm that was holding the gun. I feel that one officer could have done that & he would not have been able to harm anyone, the gun would've been out of his hands, & that would have given them time to get to him to put him into custody. I feel that sometimes people are not thinking clearly & things get out of hand. He didn't mean any harm in my opinion. I was not there, I live down south & Friday I have to drive up to North Carolina to say goodbye to my Uncle Tommy & to be there for my family through this sad time. I would like for people to remember that there are family members out here that are reading comments. Remember what you're saying & remember that our family was totally upset with all of this happening & felt as if things were handled wrongly because a lot of our family watched a loved one get shot at so many times. If it was your own family member that this had happened to would you appreciate these comments? A wife is now without her husband or a home. Her house is so messed up & with what has happened there, how could any wife return? What does she have left? Why would anyone say anything about a wife wanting to call for help for her husband? Why would anyone be that cold to comment like that? My Aunt is a very loving person & she goes out of her way to help people & to do good. She does not deserve to be talked about as if she did this or didn't try to help him. How was she to know what was going through Uncle Tommy's mind? He was off of his medicine & everybody that knew him knows why. I feel that this has gotten out of hand. He is no longer here & that saddens me to no end. I am horrified to vision the shots being fired at him. So many... There is a reason for everything. He was sick without his medication & that's no doubt. I just feel that people should keep the rude comments about the family & Uncle Tommy to themselves. The family didn't know what was going through his mind. GIVE THE LUDLUM FAMILY A BREAK! PLEASE! We are all going through enough right now. Bladenboro is a small town with lots of gossip. Everybody that's ever lived there knows that. The people all have a right to their own opinion, but it's so sad the things that I'm reading on here. My family is good, they all are. They would all try to help oneanother during a time of need. Truth be known, they would try to help out many others at their time of need. I love my Uncle Tommy & I love my family. I pray that with God's help we will all be able to get through this hard time. I just wish that people with the rude comments would stop. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! With all my love always to my family!