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Body of homeless man found off Market Street

New Hanover County Sheriff's deputies are investigating a body found off of Market Street. Investigators say a homeless man was dead for about two days before his body was found Tuesday night. According to the sheriff's office, the property owner allowed the man to stay in a shed behind two vacant homes near Market and Middle Sound Loop Road. Authorities said the man was in his mid-sixties, and was often seen walking up and down that stretch of Market, but had not been seen in several days. That is when the owner checked on his property, and found the body. “It doesn't really appear to be foul play at this point, but obviously we're going to have an investigation and its going to be pending at this point. There is possibly going to be an autopsy to figure out what actually happened,” said Sgt. Craig Bredenbeck of the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office. The name of the victim is being withheld until deputies notify his family.

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I saw a flyer today in the Food Lion at Gordon and Market regarding his passing. There will be a graveside service at St. Phillips Episcopal in Holly Ridge at 6:00pm on Thursday, August 27th. He was such a nice man. He will be truely missed.

I knew Dane before he went homeless

I met Dane in 1968, he was operating a Slicer, in a Bacon Plant, in Holly Ride, I was his Supervisor, we later became neighbors, he move on to other jobs. He was very talented, repair TV's, CB Radios, weild, carpenter, any thing a true Jack of all trades. I thought of him as a Genius, he really amazed me, He customized a van for me would not take pay, only a beer or 2.or 3 or more. I was suprised when I saw him as a homeless person, I knew it was him by the way he walked.


I remember the first time I forgot the "homeless" stigma and bought him a sandwich, the look he gave me made me so proud to share what I could. It didn't stop there, a soda or water made his day, even a "Hey how are you?" To know that someone cared just to say hello. He will be missed. I'll never forget the "Hey, honey how are you?" I don't know the reason he was on the streets but really didn't want to know. All I knew is I could give him something he needed, even just a simple smile. I'll miss seeing his jolly face. RIP Santa

Rest In Peace Dan.... You will not be forgotten!

I live on Middle Sound and my husband and I knew him very well... My husband knew him even better than I. He would feed Dane free breakfast for every morning at Cardinal Lanes North and give him a cup of coffee. The owner of Cardinal Lanes gave him odd jobs like picking up the trash in the parking lot to earn a few dollars. My husband and I always gave him short rides back and forth to the Scotchman if we saw him sitting at the Food Lion store or anywhere we happened to be shopping. Several Christmas's and Thanksgivings our family prepared and brought him a hot homemade meal. He was a very sweet man and he remembered everything you told him! The last story he told me was only two weeks ago. We were having that terrible hot snap. He said that it was so hot outside that day, he thought he was going to die by drowning in his own sweat. He explained that he was sitting under a big old oak tree not moving an inch and was pouring sweat. He also mentioned that day that he was hungry and only had a one penny to his name. Unfortunately I told him I didn't have any money on me.... I really didn't... and besides I knew that he drank allot and I didn't want him buying beer with the money so I offered him my husbands sandwich instead... he declined. Rest in Peace Dane, You will be missed!

My friend Dane

You will be very missed my friend. God bless you! I hope that WWAY will follow - up this story. If there is a place or memorial I would like to attend to pay my respects to this very, very gentle man:( RIP dear Dane.

Yes, please WWAY follow up

Yes, please WWAY follow up on this story, I would love to pay my respects to him also.


Yes I knew this man he was very nice i always said hey when I saw him and chatted a little bit he was very cool and I think its funny that i thought I was the only person that called him santa but app. so did others he will be missed I hope he went in peace It was probley best for him to go hes in a better place now and hope he can read all the nice things you guys have wrote about him RIP buddy George Allen Rongotes III :(


I agree, he was a very nice man. Everytime I talked to him or offered him a little money he always said he didn't want it. It saddens me that he had to die alone. May he rest in peace.

yeah me and my family tried

yeah me and my family tried to help him out everytime we saw him and i bought him lunch one day and left it there where he always sat at everyday

RIP Dane

He was a sweet man,I will miss seeing him around ogden. Saw him a few weeks ago in Food Lion, he said it was his Birthday and he was turning 64. The check out girl made an announcement for him over the loud speaker.. So sad he had to die alone, will miss his presence.RIP Dane


"santa" has been around for years. he walked the streets around ogden everday. my family would take him food and clothes on many occasions.sometimes we would just stop to say hello and see how he was doing. he wore my brothers shoes and jeans for the past couple of years. i saw him the other day at citco. we talked about how hot it was and he said "yeah, looks like snow". we shared a laugh and a hug. every time i saw him we would hug and he would thank me. i'd always say "no, thank you". some people would look at me funny for hugging the "homeless man" but i never cared. he was more than that..he was a man, a friend. to all that knew him, he was kind, funny, and witty. he was loved. as sad as it is, we must say goodbye. many people (including the kids) will miss driving by and spotting "santa" walking down the street with his scuffed up blue jeans,t-shirt, and backpack on. we hope he will rest in peace. OGDEN WILL MISS YOU "SANTA" !!!

For You Dane

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What a sad way to die.

Homeless man

I think it was a gentleman named "Dan" well that's the name he gave my wife and I one time when we gave him a ride. He was a "gentle man" and had a good heart. May he rest in peace.

Homeless Man Deceased

I truly hope that this was not Dane who frequented the area around Market and Gordon. I spoke with him a few times since I moved here 4 years ago. He was a sweet man. Even down on his luck he always had a nice word to say when my daughter and I saw him. He never asked for a thing which made it such a blessing to give him a warm meal in the winter or a cold water in the summer. If, indeed, this man who died is Dane...God rest your soul. You are in a much better place now. I am so upset to hear about his passing.

Homeless man

i wonder if this is the gentleman that frequented the corner stores on Market and Gordon? my kids thought he looked a lot like the mall Santa. RIP.

Unfortunately, yes it was.

Unfortunately, yes it was. He will be missed by many.

unfortunatly, it is "santa".

unfortunatly, it is "santa". he has been around for years. i think most local kids called him "santa". my family would take him food and clothes on many occasions. he wore my brothers jeans and shoes. he was a very nice man who pretty much kept to himself. i hugged him and talked to him just the other day at citco. we were talking about the weather and he said "looks like snow". we shared a laugh. he thanked me every time we hugged and i always said "no, thank you". some people would look at me like i was crazy for hugging "the homeless man". but i never cared. he needs friends too. to all that knew him, he was friendly, witty, and full of laughter. he was one of a kind. although it's sad, we must say goodbye. we hope he will rest in peace. OGDEN WILL MISS YOU "SANTA".

Homeless Man

Sadly it was...he was a nice person who never bothered anyone. I hope he is at peace now.

That was him!

That was him!


I think it was him. :-(

death of (santa man)

I can only hope he now knows how many people actually cared about him, God rest your soul Dane, we will miss seeing you around

I hope he knows how many

I hope he knows how many lives he touched and how much he will be missed....It always made my day to see him smiling and waving at the Ogden corner...I cannot imagine what it will be like to drive past that way now...It is so nice to hear people with kind words who took the time to actualy SEE him and open their hearts and their minds without judgment...At a time when sometimes it seems as though compassion no longer exists in some, it makes me hopeful for people like Dane and for the people who recognize the impact he had on us all...God bless his sweet soul....may you find peace in heaven old friend...for I know that you are waving and smiling down upon us all....RIP Santa Claus...RIP :)


I have seen santa off and on in the Ogden area over the past year. He use to always take the paper boxes on the side walk between Federal credit union and Rose's tilt them over and have a seat. I am glad that no one ever bothered him. From everything I have read on the comments about him, he was really loved by everyone. I am sorry that it was his time to go, but GOD is taking care of him now, he no longer has to suffer for anything. GOD bless you Santa.


I saw him walk around homeless 4 years. Why? People saw him sleeping in the woods , etc but it just went on. Law enforcement just turned a blind eye. Isn't vagrency against the law here? Are there no missions or programs for all the taxes we pay to cover things like this? In the end it will be he died from either the lifestyle with no medical intervention or someone killed and/or robbed him. Santa or not, great guy or not , why?

Miss him already

Hope he died peacefully. Going to have a beer, cheers Dane!, hope you never minded being called "Santa" ;)