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BREAKING FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: What's causing these booms?!?!


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) - Phone calls have poured in from across the Cape Fear reporting loud booms strong enough to shake the earth Friday afternoon around 3:00pm and Saturday morning around 10:15am. So, what's causing these mysterious booms? No one is claiming them.

So far, the US Geological Survey isn't reporting any earthquakes in the area.

The Marine Corps in Jacksonville says it's not playing war games out in the ocean.

Sunny Point isn't claiming anything.

We've checked with GE in Castle Hayne - no reports of anything there.

The nuclear power plant is Brunswick County says its not responsible.

We've also checked with the tower at ILM and they have no reports of any planes creating sonic booms.

The Sheriff's Departments in New Hanover, Pender and Brunswick Counties are also getting reports of shaking, but don't know yet what the cause was.

An explanation that many are now suggesting is the legend of the "Seneca Guns." Some believe the ghosts of the Seneca Indians are getting revenge by using the guns that Europeans used on them so many years ago.

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Sonic Booms!

We just felt the sonic booms at 10:15 or around that time, we thought it was my neighbor next door but no one was home! We felt it yesterday to at around 2:00!

It shook my house again

At 10:12 am something shook the house again today.

Saturday 10:11 am

WOW, just happened again, anyone feel that? Sounds more like the's happened here for years.

In the past

If I remember correctly, the last time this happened it turned out to be military training off our coast. Marine Corps in Jacksonville denied having any training going on last time too. About a month after the incident they said they did have jets flying off our coast and one may have come in too close delivering a sonic boom to SE NC.

Guessing maybe the same thing happened again. Obviously if training is still going on the Marine Corps can't fess up until this specific training is over.

I felt it at work. It def

I felt it at work. It def was not normal. The windows in my job almost burst from the shaking.

Seneca Boom!!!

It was just the Seneca Booms, AKA: Seneca Guns. Happens nearly every year in the spring and fall as the weather starts to change. This atmospheric anomaly has been occurring in Southeastern NC for as long as I can reminder. Some say it is caused when large methane gas bubbles escaping from the ocean floor create something similar to a sonic boom. You can read more about it at the link below.

I heard a rumble like

I heard a rumble like thunder close to my house in the Ash/Shallotte area. A good 3/4 times. My friend heard it at her house about 15 miles from here and said it sounded like an airplane flying to low right over her house and felt a vibration. I would like to know what is going on (and this all happened about 40 mins to an hour ago)

shaking houses

Those of us who have lived here all out lives call it the Seneca Guns. Look it up.

Quake or Shake???

For those of you NEW to the area, there is something called Seneca Guns. For example: If a sea wall collapse's, in the ocean, it can create the feeling of an earthquake! learn or move on!!!!!

big booms at Oak Island

Around 2:15pm on 11/5/10 there were 2 big booms that shook our house and windows, and shortly afterwards I heard 2 jet planes flying out over the ocean. We hear and feel these booms often, and always hear a jet in less than a minute. My husband said they're pirates fighting off the coast over mermaids on Mermaid Point on the West end of Oak Island. You be the judge!

noise and shaking on Friday afternoon

We live off of River Road in NHC. I was on my front porch. There was a loud noise and the doors and windows of our house rattled. Dogs in the area started barking. Did anyone check with Sunny point or the port?


My boyfriend and I both felt it shake my house in Pine Valley around 2:15 pm. I was worried it was an explosion, but obviously we didn't see anything. As far as the Seneca Gun theory, I've heard and read a little about them. The "Seneca Guns" are supposed to be heard off the coast, specifically near Fort Fisher and Southport. They are described as a cross between and "earthquake and a sonic boom." Although I doubt the Seneca Guns are supernatural, it is also improbable its the continental shelf breaking off, as the slope is gradual there. So in essence, I'm as dumbfounded as everyone else.

"Marine CORPS" (with the

"Marine CORPS" (with the "s") - Maybe the Seneca Guns?

Shaking sound this afternoon

Did anyone ever stop to think that it's the continental shelf? All it is is small peices of the continental shelf breaking off. It happens every so often around here & it's nothing to worry about. No bombs, no military, no secret anything. Just nature at work.

My windows shook then my ears were ringing

I was inside my house on Wooddale Dr. (28403) and heard a faint crash, as if someone dropped a piece of lumber across the street or something, immediately followed by my whole house shaking and my windows rattling. Afterwards, my ears were ringing. I thought it was a local incident until I googled it and found this update here. Aliens????

Building Moved

We felt our brick building shake near 430 Eastwood Rd in Wilm.

I felt it

I was in class at UNCW and it felt/sounded like someone jumped and fell on the floor on the next floor. It was enough to shake the overhead projector screen from side to side and stop class for a brief second. It was definitely noticeable, though.

I didn't think twice about it until my friends from around town kept asking each other if they felt a shake / boom earlier... so it wasn't just me!

I forgot something, I live

I forgot something, I live in Holden Beach,NC


Why is everyone going nuts?

Why is everyone going nuts? It's just our great military pilots doing what pilots do, blowing the sut out of them bad boys. F-15's-16'S- 18's ETC. I say go for it ,I love the sound of BOOM.



It could have been an angels trumpet. I understand they will shake the earth.

Another rumble??

I felt another rumble/quake this morning (Sat. 11/11) about 10:30 AM at my house near downtown Wilmington. Anyone else have a repeat performance?

i'm still here. couldn't

i'm still here. couldn't have been Jesus.


was over on Shipyard and College and felt it...right around the time all those officers were going to the bank at Monkey Junction...thought it was a bomb at first...of course...there is a SECRET USAF space craft in orbit that is being tracked by the amateur telescope community and has been causing a stir...might have been it coming back in for a landing.

I thought someone hit our

I thought someone hit our house, but didnt see anything. It didnt make me feel dizzy like a earthquake does.

Getting too dizzy

Perhaps you've been in one or two too many earthquakes....

It was a loud bang

I live in Carolina Place in Southport and it was a very loud sound. I thought some hit the side of my house !! It sounded like it came from the ocean. I hope they figure out what it was

Loud sounds near Southport

I think what you're hearing and feeling are sonic booms from the fighter aircraft on training exercises


the more I hear the more I think it WAS the USAF craft coming in...sounded and felt the same way as when the shuttle comes back....not as loud as when your in FL...but still the same.


My whole family didn;t feel the earthquaters.We be out side working.

PS.Thanks Jerry jackson for this nice weather today&cold weather to.


What the @#$% are you trying to say???

No clue what you are talking about.