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ONLY ON 3: McIntyre says he'll support Pelosi opposition if reelected

READ MORE: Candidate Profile: Rep. Mike McIntyre says he'll support Pelosi opposition if reelected

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Mike McIntyre has represented the 7th Congressional District in southeastern North Carolina for more than a decade. The Democrat is up for reelection again, but the road to keep his seat has become a 24-hour task, campaigning to fend off the challenger Ilario Pantano.

"This is home, and we want to help our home, and as long as God gives us the strength and people give us the opportunity, then that's what we would like to do is serve," McIntyre said.

McIntyre is a familiar face among voters. The Democrat from Robeson County was first elected to serve back in 1996. He says representing his home is one of the most fulfilling jobs he's ever had.

"Southeastern North Carolina has always been my home," McIntyre said. "I grew up in Lumberton. My family has been here for over 200 years. In fact some of my ancestors landed at the Port of Wilmington."

McIntyre believes being from this area has helped him be a successful Congressman; understanding where his constituents are coming from.

"We know the people. We know the issues. This has been home for us all these years," he said.

In his time away from work, McIntyre enjoys working out and spending time with his sons on the golf course.

"Once every seven to eight weeks, if I get a couple of hours. Sometimes three to four hours with one of my boys to go play golf. We have beautiful golf courses in this area," McIntyre said.

Out of all the races this election season, McIntyre has one of the most talked about and controversial.

"It's horrible when you have given your heart and soul to an area you love to have your record and your reputation distorted and almost virtually destroyed by half truths and outright deceptive advertising," he said. "I have to be straight forward about that, because people who know me know that I have always worked with people on both sides of the aisle. I work with people on the issue not whether it's a republican or democratic issue but what is the issue. I don't think our beaches are only open to Democrats or Republicans, and I know our health clinics and hospitals are not, and I know our military bases are not."

Despite all the activity, McIntyre says he's focused on the task at hand: keeping his seat in Congress. But many voters want to know about his support for controversial House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. During a live interview on WWAY NewsChannel 3 at 5:30 Thursday, McIntyre, a moderate Blue Dog Democrat, says he won't support her to be Speaker again if reelected.

"From what we're hearing, she's probably not going to run for Speaker again. And if she does, I'm confident she's going to have opposition, and I look forward to supporting that opposition," McIntyre said. "We want to have a more moderate type of alternative for leadership, and I'm confident we're gonna have that alternative. You know, when she had opposition before, I voted for her opposition, not for her. And we're expecting her to have opposition this time."

Next week we'll sit down with Pantano to find out more about him and his campaign to win McIntyre's seat in Washington.

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Go Mike! Pantano is a carpetbagging nut!


Do you know the real meaning of carpetbagging. This is truly a term a Southern would use. Are you jealous that someone from out of your circle is trying to make changes. Get a grip on life, stop thinking this is the 18th century. Why is it always a North Vs. South issue.

Did you or Mike fight for our Freedom, did you or Mike serve two tours in Iraq, I don't think so.

Just remember who won.

Sempa Fi


Did Mike use 2 clips to shoot men in the back ? Did Mike get away with murder???


No, but Mike has got away with raping district 7. The only time he gives a darn is when election time rolls around. Mike is just like a politician: say what you need to get elected, but do what you want to do until the next election.

can always tell

It is always easy to tell somebody that has never been in the military or in law enforcement. Clips are in a woman’s hair, magazines hold rounds for a weapon. Chances are you couldn't make it through the training.


Clips hold bullets. Some guns dont use magazines they only use spring clips. So you dont really know it all.... BTW one doesn't have to be military or LE to know what a murder is.

Give it up

It's past time for a change. It's not personal - - it's business!!

Is that all you have to say?

Is that all you have to say? A website from the NC Democratic Party that personally attacks Pantano and his family? Really? This web site is nothing but slander and dirty politics at its best. It's kinda funny though; just like you, the democratic party (and Mike) can't argue any issues so they resort to this childish attempt at winning votes. It gives me a picture of a bunch of kids sticking their tongues out! If Mike was the "good guy" that you would have us believe, he would publicly denounce the web site and the democratic party. He has been silent which tells me he's on board with it. You and your buddies are pathetic. All of you are bailing in a sinking ship.

Yup, go check out the

Yup, go check out the "factsabout" site... you will see that comments are closed on EVERY manipulated point made against candidate Pantano...

...and they totally ignore the autopsy report...

...that took place a year later, was not part of the Article 32 investigation, and cleared Pantano.

That website should be called ""

Of course, it's paid for by the NC Democrat Party, so why should we be surprised by lies?

So called blue dog

Mike is a so called blue dog that claimed years ago he would self term limit. Instead he has becaome a career politician with a very shaky voting record especially over the last 6 years. If Mike is elected again we deserve the government we get. All career politicians need to go, even Mike they have created the mess we are all in.
Time for a change,if Pantano can't get the job done the we'll get someone else in '12.

Now I'll be sure and vote

Now I'll be sure and vote for him. Thanks for the link, you commie.